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Anonymous 78227

I really really hate having ADHD. I know your not suppose to blame your mental illness blah blah. But I feel like if I was just normal my bf would treat me better and not call me annoying all the time. Maybe he wouldn’t belittle everything I say, because I wouldn’t talk so much. He would actually wanna be around me. Maybe I would have friends because I wouldn’t be so anxious about over talking or being weird. It’s not fair because I see these couples on tiktok who have a SO with adhd and their so kind and loving to them. My boyfriend just tells me I need to grow up for just acting like a normally do. If I cry I feel stupid because he tells me I’m just crying for attention and that I don’t cry like a normal person. I feel like everyone sees me this way and I don’t wanna go outside anymore. If I’m not normal soon I’m just gonna kill my self. Sorry for the long post <3

Anonymous 78230

You already know what i’m gonna say… dump him

Anonymous 78231

your bf doesnt care ab you. why are you with him?

Anonymous 78252

what the fuck are all of you people with these dogshit bfs? fucking dump his ass, christ

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