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Anonymous 78323

How do I take what people (especially men) say less seriously?

It always feels like when I'm having an argument with someone it wasn't actually an argument, I just get worked up over words easily and i don't know what to say to the person so they'll shut up, when they think I'm being playful

Anonymous 78336

Are you asking how to initiate arguments less often or how to make the arguments you do get into more calm/rational

Anonymous 78337

Just act like they didn't say anything and continue talking about whatever you wanted to hear. Men always want their words to be heard and taken seriously so when you act like you didn't even register it, it really pisses them off. Also forget their names and call them the wrong name on purpose.

Anonymous 78352

try reminding yourself before you get into an argument that the other person probably doesn't actually care about what's true and what isn't, but rather whether or not they can "win" the argument (this applies doubly so with males due to their inherent desire to compete with everyone and everything). as such, anything you say to try to convince them will ultimately fall on deaf ears, meaning any arguments you may have will ultimately be pointless. if you decide to argue with someone regardless of this fact, however, then you should probably find books or something like that on rhetoric and logic to make your arguments more convincing.

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