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Anonymous 78342

>finally fall in love with a guy
>he’s gay
why? why are all the good ones fags?

Anonymous 78343

Because fags take care of themselves and are more sensible, the game was rigged from the start

Anonymous 78344


Didn't you notice his hat? Anyway, maybe you could ask him for tips on getting a bf lol

Anonymous 78346

>why are all the good ones fags?
because gays are more similar to women, duh

Anonymous 78356

What qualities did you fall in love with?

Anonymous 78389

how could you not tell hes gay? you can usually tell a mile away if a man likes other men even if hes bi
would never date a bi man - just imagining his penis in another man's butthole is gross

Anonymous 78491

What about imaging his penis in another woman's butthole?
Would that make it hot?

Anonymous 78669

Butthole is not for sex at all

Anonymous 78709

tell me about it. not only irl but most of my celebrity crushes are gay. is he a total flamer or could pass as straight op?

Anonymous 78823

Because straight guys are more into toxic masculinity and that what makes them mostly repulsive

Anonymous 78988

the bro culture is just extremely repulsive to me.

Anonymous 79539


dont put gay moids on a pedestal just bcs they’re gay and are generally perceived as more “sensitive” all of that is just an act, they are still moids

Anonymous 79540

forreal, i always see people defending gay men even when they use women as beards without their knowledge. worst part is seeing the poor cheated on woman always get torn apart if she speaks up for "outing him". well if he didn't wanna be outed maybe he shouldn't have wasted a woman's time, played with her emotions nor cheated on her with men thus exposing her to potentially incurable/deadly stds. men really think we're unfeeling objects whether they wanna stick their dicks in us or not

Anonymous 79666

Truly the thread we all needed but didn't deserve, there's no way this fitted the vent thread

Anonymous 79671

If you like gays so much why not get with a lesbian?

Anonymous 79673

this is probably a troll but god i wish i could

Anonymous 79839

>What about imaging his penis in another woman's butthole?


yeah, unfortunately a lot of straight men are like this now.

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