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Anonymous 78375

YWN have two cute boys fight over you so what’s the point

Anonymous 78379

Whos this dude i don’t remember him

Anonymous 78383

Wouldn't want this if both boys were about as good tbh, one would have to be a winner and the other a loser which would make me feel a bit guilty lol

The anime is Hyouka

Anonymous 78386

I'd just rather have one cute boy, another one would just be a hassle

Anonymous 78392

Screen Shot 2022-0…

I want 12 cute boys to fight for my love gladiator style to an epic soundtrack while I eat fruit and watch.

Anonymous 78406

I know the anime is hyouka but whos the dude on the right

Anonymous 78408

I agree somebody explain. Was there a movie or a s2?

Anonymous 78414


I don't want two cute boys to fight over me, I honestly just want all three of us to make out and do it. ESPECIALLY if both guys take turns using me up or do it together inside of me.
I think actively wanting to see two people be mad at each other over you is disgusting and overly self-centered.

I would only not see it that way if I actually like one of them and don't give a shit about the other, and then I secretly root for the one I like while they fight, and then go to his side whether he wins or loses.

Anonymous 78428

im usually not even into tall guys the one on the right looming over left is arousing and i would pick him.

Anonymous 78429


tfw you get two cute boys to fight over you but they start making out

Anonymous 78433

Now this thread's going places.

Anonymous 78472

The guy on the right is Masashi Toogaito.

Anonymous 79667

Trash thread

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