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why was genetics so mean to me?? Anonymous 78440

Ever since I remember i have been dieting, my pediatrician was obsessed with my weight and would put me on diets constantly, and this obsessing also transferred to my mother and uncles (because of course shes my medic, so she is the one who knows the best). And ever since that has been my life, i dont know other thing that excising and cheeking how many calories everything i eat has, and most convos with my family members end up about my weight (it has lessened lots with time, but it was terrible when i was a teen).
I have always been on the chubby side, but lucky never obese or harmful for my health (according to the medical papers at least) and i know i need to stay healthy, but i still think the way my pediatrician treated me was excessive, who makes a 4yo fast??? and even after all the different diets she gave me i never managed to be truly thin anyways, they help to lose weight, but i dont think i will be able to weight less than i do now even if i keep all the effort

And my sister? the only times she has ever moved was on the obligatory PE class when she was little, she eats sweets DAILY and never gains a ounce of weight!! She was and is all thin, she doesnt care about anything, makes no effort and always has a perfect body…..

This is not a hate post directed at her or anything, i'm just jealous. I wish i too could live without caring how fat everything will make me and spending my time on hobbies instead of running; I dont remember the last time i ate without guilt (and i 100% eat just because i still live with my parents, the second i start living alone i know i will stop eating or just eat the bare minimum to stay awake), it must be nice to live without caring about all that…
Even now that I'm at a normal weight I'm still like this because the second i stop measuring everything I eat or stop exercising im sure i will get overweight again, why is my body like this…
I know i need to stay healthy, but i wish i could be free of all that for at least a week and turn all that effort on something that makes me happy (and honestly, i dont even think im healthy now, crying almost every time you have lunch or dinner doesn't seem ideal…)

Anonymous 78442

Coming from a chubby person with poor self-control, your sister isn't magically gifted with thinness. It's truly just calories in, calories out (CICO). Even if she eats sweets every day, she isn't going over her daily calorie limit. If I ate 1200cal of chocolate every day, I'd lose weight. But I get how you feel. I'm also overweight but not obese. I fucking hate my body.

Anonymous 78446

Genetics isn't the reason you are overweight. I guarantee if you started exercising more while eating the same amount you would lose weight.

Anonymous 78456

as i said, i exercise almost daily , control and i eat & i lost weight! im 65kg currently and maintained it for pretty long, so thats cool.
what im fussy about is that i have to do all that to maintain my weight while most other people just sit all day or dont control what they eat and keep being thin..
also im sick of exercising actually, i wish my friends could move their butts and go to the gym too so it would be less boring at least…

Anonymous 78457

It's pretty much because these people's bodies are used to eating less and have developed their rhythm around it while you have to force your body to adapt to it after "mistreating" it so long.

Anonymous 78458

Being inactive for anyone isn't healthy. Your envy at not being able to be lazy is misplaced. If they're thin, it's because they're eating less.

Anonymous 78459

>Genetics isn't the reason you are overweight.
>If they're thin, it's because they're eating less.
Exactly. If it were genetic, then it wouldn't make sense for her own sister to be different than her.

Anonymous 78478

counting calories is overrated. just eat foods that are naturally low-calorie and filling, like anything with lots of fiber, and avoid foods that are high-calorie and non-filling, like sugar and seed oils (i.e. processed junk food).

if you can, another healthy thing is limiting food intake to 8 hours a day so you’re basically fasting 16 hours a day (including sleep). I find these habits are easier to maintain than counting calories, and I still eat what I want in moderation.

Anonymous 78506

>"I hate my genes"
>"my sister eats sweets every day and stays skinny"

do you know what genes are nona

Anonymous 78511

metabolism is genetic, and traits can differ between siblings.

that being said, metabolism only deals with how easy it is for you to put on weight, or lose it. it doesn't make it impossible, it just requires more effort for some people than others.

at the end of the day, diet is king. the average person cannot out exercise a bad diet.

chances are your calorie requirements are lower than your sister's due to genetics. how many do you give yourself a day? staying around 1,000-1,2000 per day for a few weeks should get the ball rolling on even the slowest metabolism, just don't go lower than that.

Anonymous 78518

Genetics were also cruel to me, not because of weight but because of a number of chronic health issues that I'll have to live with forever.

Anonymous 78519

Oh and I'm also completely subhuman looking and ugly too so there's that.

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