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Tall girls feels (tgf) thread Anonymous 78646

A thread for all the tgf
>clothes don't fit right
>don't actually look like a model unless I have a BMI below 16
>never get asked out by guys
>see all my petite friends get asked out all the time
>height is always a target for bullying
>cannot wear sneakers or high heels without looking like an NBA player
>automatically get chosen for sports teams, which I don't like

Anonymous 78647

Honestly don't mind being tall. I get stared at by foreigners, but that's all I have to complain about.

Anonymous 78648

How tall are you? Do guys ask you out

Anonymous 78649

Not at a tall girl, quite the contrary actually, but I'm a little jealous of you. I think tall girls look awesome and you never look like children. If you're short and flat you're gonna look like a child and if you're tall and flat you're still either gonna look regal and elegant or have a cute tomboyish look
Guess grass is always greener on the other sidev

Anonymous 78654

6'0 and a few have

Anonymous 78657

Any tips on dressing? Do you wear sneakers/high heels? And what kind of guys were they?

Anonymous 78662

Thanks, but it's not all that's cracked up to be. At best guys will ignore your height, but no guy ever said they wanted a tall girl. Looking good - models are already naturally very pretty. In reality a tall girl with an average face looks more masc than if she was petite.

Anonymous 78668

Nta but there are a lot of men who are into tall girls or even prefer them. Some are fetishists and into submission so I get if that's not your thing, but others have a more "wholesome" interest in tall women as well. They also say it would give them tall children which seems very important to them. I've seen guys say they would not marry or have kids with a short woman because they don't want to have short kids.
I think times are changing in terms of preferences and there is someone for everyone way more than before.
Also, I'm not bashing on short girls here. I'm short myself.
I don't doubt you have your problems too as a tall girl though nona and I didn't mean to derail your vent thread, just to put this out there to make someone's day a bit better.

Anonymous 78677

I don't really make myself available to men by dressing to show off my legs or keeping to flats. I pretty much always wear sneakers with a good deal of lift and tend to wear men's clothes for work. A couple of men have just asked me out while on the street, so I assume they're the kind of 'shotgun approach' guys desperate for interaction with women, but I don't think any others have been weird fetishists or anything.

Anonymous 78688

>guys have asked me out
Were they bottom of the barrel types or very tall (taller than you) and attractive? Were any of them good?

Anonymous 80354

5'9 so taller than average.
Still, girls who are 6'+ have it better than they realize.
As a moid friend put it:" Tall females are the one group that are universally belittled by people who are jealous of them."

Anonymous 81966

just found this manga the other day I thought it was really cute. It reminded me of this thread

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