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How not to fuck up Anonymous 78652

Nonas, I need some help.
I think I found a guy exactly my type, we've been talking for a while, everything is great. But I have this paralysing fear that I'm gonna do something stupid or run out of topics to talk. It's very bad, it makes me anxious to even talk to him. How to stop, how to keep it going? I really want a bf, never had one, so I'd be delighted if it worked out.

Anonymous 78653

Men are horny and will f*ck the easiest available option. Does he have other options? How tall/good looking is he?

Anonymous 78655

He's tall and imo good looking, but chubby and inexperienced in dating. And I don't know if he talks to other women.

Anonymous 78656

What are his interests and personality like?

Anonymous 78658

Pretty normie stuff tbh, movies, music, nothing that special. But that's good, at least I know he's not some degenerate. He's kinda laid back and a bit formal, but jokes as well and can actually carry a conversation, which is rare in most moids I've met

Anonymous 78659

I'll be frank, if he's tall and good looking there's going to be girls going after him. If you aren't small and attractive, best you can do is hope you're unusually interesting to him or he's a sperg who doesn't talk to other women.

Anonymous 78660

Well, he said that he never even went on a date, so there must be something wrong with him. Or he's lying for some reason.

Anonymous 78661

It is suspicious that he's tall and attractive, can talk very well, is laid back, (sounds) confident and claims he has never went on a date. Is he some shut in or something?

Anonymous 78663

Not a NEET, has a job. I guess social anxiety

Anonymous 78664

How old is he?
if he's not in his early 20's, he might be gay.

Anonymous 78665

We are both 23, so I guess we still have plenty time to get experience etc. etc.

Anonymous 78666

Think loosely about what topics to bring up before talking with him. You won't be able to rehearse the whole convo of course, but it helps.
If he really doesn't have any experience, he's as nervous about messing things up as you are, so don't worry too much about it. He has to impress you just as much as you feel like you have to.

Anonymous 78667

Thank you nona <3

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