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Never been attracted to a man irl Anonymous 78676

Does any other anon have this problem? I have never found a single guy I met irl attractive, they're almost all super repulsive to me.
Even the guys I was involved with romantically were only ok in my book and it was their personality that drew me in but I don't want to tolerate that anymore. The only men I'm attracted to are bishies and pretty boy models with soft features and nice hair. Some actors too before they start looking like gremlins from all the coke (pic rel).
Meanwhile even if I do find a guy with a pretty face he's ALWAYS fucking balding and I can't deal with that, it's like a goddamn curse. I remember the last guy I was with and even before things got bad I was still dissatisfied because he didn't visually live up to my expectations and it felt awful. Seeing ugly men makes me angry, opening a dating app never ceases to make me seethe. And when I see ugly moids with decent/good looking girlfriends? The rage which falls on me is indescribable.
How do I cope with that? besides looking at plastic kpop boys and cute models

Anonymous 78679

You sound incredibly shallow and honestly, a terrible partner. No one looks good forever, including you. Even if you didn't find a boy, you're really just using him as eye candy until he spoils.

Anonymous 78681

Thank you for your input but the question remains.
How do I cope with being repulsed by 99% men?

Anonymous 78682

Scrote or pickme

Anonymous 78683

You have 3 choices anon:
>date women
>date no one
>date men very selectively

Anonymous 78686

I'd say try to appreciate things beyond physical attractiveness like gentleness, kindness and compassion. Or as the other nona suggested, date a female.
It's a hard truth, but looking for soft boy bishie type as a partner purely for looks is a disaster. Men don't "age like wine", especially soft boy types. If appearances is your primary concern, you don't want a partner, you want a boy toy.

Anonymous 78689

Moids can't be a "partner" they're subhuman scum that should be killed
At best I can tolerate them being toys for other women but ideally they should be killed asap theyre dangerous animals always looking to kill or rape

Anonymous 78691


I might consider dating women, I am attracted to some of them although my country is very homophobic.
However, I wouldn't want to come across as seeking women as an "alternative" that would be evil.
I think men can be look good when they age, or rather I think I can turn a blind eye to a moid looking worse with age. I would at least like to enjoy my youth with someone I find physically attractive though, especially when I take care of myself.
Is it really so hard for scrotes to get a nice flattering haircut, dress in cute clothes and not get really fat? Well, the answer is obviosuly no, we all know that already. I think I value kindess in moids quite a lot since it's so rare. I think a gentle, kind and caring moid would be nice. But why is it that once you find one like that he looks like your uncle who diddled children? Or is it a cultural thing? Anyway.
The so called intelligent scrotes can suck a dick because they almost always overestimate their abilities and think they're the shit plus they're libertarian and hate women. Or they don't wash their ass but that's the gamble you take with every man you see, perhaps they're just more arrogant and don't notice the smell.
I don't mind being single of course. In fact I think it's pretty cool and comfortable but I do get lovesick every now and then, as everyone does I imagine.
But if I'm not attracted to someone physically then I might as well stay in a platonic relationship unless their brain is somehow reaaally hot which isn't likely to tell the truth.
But then on the other hand friendships with moids barely ever last. On the other (other) hand I support my right to objectifying men and demanding they don't look repulsive as women are expected to. I mean come on. Buy a conditioner. Shave your pube beard, go for a walk. Dress NICELY, wear a turtleneck or a suit. More men should wear suits, sweats are disgusting I don't want to see your limp chicken dick.
Anyway. I think bangs should come back in style, they help hide the male pattern baldness which I already mentioned I hate.

Anonymous 78693


It's more common in East Asia (although I still think its uncommon there). I've been told they even shower carefully before sex because it's rude to not do so. The bishie type is much more the standard of attractiveness there. They're also less rapey and violent, but they are also less forward and more polite.

Also wow he looks so cute, like Noctis but cuter.

Anonymous 78696


I'm not sure if I can believe that but again, thank you for your input, soldier.

Anonymous 78697

>I've been told they even shower carefully before sex because it's rude to not do so.
This is true

Anonymous 78698

Im in the same boat, i never found a man attractive.

Anonymous 78700

Same. Literally never seen a guy irl I thought was hot.

Anonymous 78712

Good luck ever nurturing a healthy relationship with that attitude. I feel for you though. It sucks to feel like you won't have anyone.
>T. Doesn't have anyone.

Anonymous 78730

>less rapey and violent, but they are also less forward and more polite
Who's going to tell her?

Anonymous 78736

This is my life story. There were three that I liked but I also didn't want to get tied down. The first guy I liked in high school was a dream we went to the dance but I didn't know how to communicate I liked him because we were so different and I our classes never matched up. I was too nervous that young. Dancing with him was unbelievable I we looked so good. Holy fuck I was blown away by how much I was infatuated by that guy. I never really felt that way again accept in college but I was too busy so I didn't really care to follow through. Yeah those kinds of feelings hardly dominated at all in my life so I hardly ever paid attention to them. I also see love as more of a chemical reaction and that's it. It's nice while it's there but I'm not gonna die if I don't have it whatever.

Anonymous 78740

I've been to East Asia a few times for work (largely Singapore and Japan) and I can tell you its a HUGE difference. I've never felt threatened even walking the streets alone at night. Murder is so rare that it makes the front page news when it happens. Rape - officially it may be suppressed or I didn't experience it because I didn't know anyone (most rapes are by people you know - but I've never had any kind of random sexual harassment eg catcalling, men asking me to smile, making comments about my body etc.

Anonymous 78742

I was sexually harassed more in Japan than I have been anywhere else, excluding the US. Young blonde women are basically fetishized there and you're not really seen as human.

It does feel safer walking at night though.

Anonymous 78745

The prettyboys in these Chinese dramas are always so hot. The wigs suck though. How hard is it to grow some hair?

Anonymous 78746

>comparing Japan to the rest of Asia
Come on dude, everyone knows Japanese men are all gross perverts.

Anonymous 78753

I'm in the same boat nona. Where are all the cute bishies?
I honestly dont see whats wrong with "using a guy as
eye candy" these are scrotes we're talking about. i just want a hot piece of ass i can put a ring on.

Anonymous 78756

It gets worse the older you get, sadly. Im in my 30s and most men are uglier, completely bald or damn near close, fatter, worse style, and horrible skin. I don't think you're being shallow like >>78679 is saying, because you seem to want someone you're attracted to in both looks and personality together, and you're not able to find anyone that fits.

Anonymous 78758

Getting angry at seeing men you don't find attractive is not even shallow, it's just really hateful. You don't have to date them but that's just mean.

You can choose a guy because he's really hot. But don't expect a rose to last forever. Before long it'll wilt and you'll end up with a wrinkly, dried up thing. What are you go to do then?

Anonymous 78759


It would take years to grow the waist length hair the script requires.

Anonymous 78761

They do it to us and have always done it to us my god

Anonymous 78771


That's because rape is seen as an extremely shameful thing and in Korea for example you can get sued for defamation for talking about your rapist even if it was proven in court that he did in fact rape you.
Speaking of which, EA has a huge mole cam and human trafficking problem. Anyway.
Read about the nth room case or any Japanese true crime video. Moids are moids, it's just not talked about due to the cultural differences, nona.

Anonymous 78774

It's telling that the nth room case made national news in Korea. In the US blackmail porn/unauthorised amateur porn is so commonplace that there are entire sites about it and everyone just takes it as the norm.

All countries have a rape reporting problem, but in EA countries sexual assault is much less common. In anonymous surveys, women in the US 84% of women reported having experienced sexual assault, versus 38% in Japan. I'm not sure of the figures for South Korea or Singapore.

Anonymous 78775

It makes the ladies especially angry because they are filthy degenerates towards us and hypercritical, being demanding of the way women look, while they are often completely revolting to look at, and inspire no feeling. PLUS on the side they make it their thing to often beat us, rape us, murder us, diminish us, control us, are generally sadistic towards us. Why do WE have to walk around numb and empty while they dont? We should strive to get the same satisfaction/confidence they do. Its pretty unthinkably gross not to.
But how in the FUCK do you not just arrive there on your own? Holy lol

Tell me why some people wouldn't want to gouge their eyes out and torch them with lighter fluid?

Anonymous 78776

Thats because nobody wants to report it. Have you heard of what happens to a woman in japan if she tries to report rape????

Anonymous 78777

In the US reported rapes are also not included in statistics, most rape reports go unproven. Both rates are unreliable. Using anonymous surveys, which removes the issues with reporting and backlash, we see Japan has considerably less sexual harassment. And this is not just rape but includes groping, unwanted advances and other non physical harassment. The US suffers to much rape that relatively speaking, the US is to EA countries what Africa is to the US.

Anonymous 78782

I'm confused. So if you saw dark academia pre crack ezra miller on the streets irl would you be attracted to him? Sounds like you have some sort of a genderswapped coomer problem but instead of porn it's anime/popular media that's given you unrealistic expectations.

Anonymous 78787

sounds like an effing moid or a tradlarper her to forcefeed us "proper attraction for ladies" "bara or gtfo"

Realistic expectations? Or men just stop being fucking lazy while punishing women relentlessly for even slight imperfection. You think SHE has unrealistic expectations? Were you born yesterday have you seen porn? Women like her are a godsend, because they don't shill out to balding coomers for once. She's a breath of fresh air, we all win with women like her around. Refusing to settle for the degenerate crumbs.

And who said anything about crack addicts or ezra miller? Moiding hard right now aren't you

Anonymous 78788

I honestly respect the OP so much for being honest, and saying what I wish more women would say. I feel it too. The hypocrisy is just plain gross and we all have to live with it.

Anonymous 78789

Most men don't even want traits that are attractive to women. What they really want is the power to force women who find them ugly to be with them anyway.

Anonymous 78790

If she specifically has never met a single man IRL that she finds nice looking ofc I'm going to suspect tv and the internet. I wouldn't mind being forever alone either but op seems to still want a relationship. So I say, don't expect perfection in a partner, because it's impossible, that's just the standard advice.
ezra miller is picrel I believe. This fucking website sometimes. Tbh you guys are being moidish too with how much you're pushing shallowness

Anonymous 78792


Thank you ladies, I salute you!
Exactly, he was angelic. I don't think comparing it to coomerism is fair or similar though. I don't get off to men being sexually abused and dehumanized I just like pretty boys.
As I said in previous posts, If I don't end up being attracted to a man I will simply just not date a moid. Of course I have seen non hideous men irl, such as conventionally attractive chads, a few dilfs (coomer term, yes, I do not actually want to fuck them however) here and there but I wasn't attracted to them. If you're a straight or bi woman it shouldn't bother you that I'm not attracted to moids or find them repulsive.
Anyway. As I said, in the past I dated men whose personality I liked and who didn't repulse but the lack of physical attraction bothered me and I didn't feel like kissing and getting sexually involved with men who I didn't feel physical attraction towards and as you may have guessed they were not willing to either settle for a non sexual relationship or consider my preferences (which I did not try to force on them). In the end it was too taxing for me, I just felt bad.
If having preferences makes me shallow so be it, I don't need to be in a relationship to cultivate meaningful friendships with women who understand me.
Do I like boy toys? Yes! Do I like looking at beautiful men in photoshoots! Yes! Yes! Yes! Now, have a picture of young Henry Cavill before he roided out and started grooming teenagers

Anonymous 78793

Okay okay, you do you, I myself am comfy being single so I have no issue. I can relate with the physical, sexual involvement part too, I dated a guy in high school because I thought it'd help with my self esteem, but it was gross and I regret it a fair bit. Anyhow I'm just perplexed by your anger at ugly men, I can at least understand pity or cringe, but they're just minding their own business existing.
Maybe one day you'll find a guy you're attracted to, and maybe you won't, I guess. I appreciate this pic of young Henry Cavill, it is unfortunate he grooms teenagers I was not aware of that

Anonymous 78794


>he was angelic
His jaw is too thick and square for me. The bottom half of his face looks like it belongs to a quarterback.

Anonymous 78795

Harsh reality is the Internet/social media has presented the top 1% of people with such frequency that everyone is unsatisfied with what they have. It caters to everything from young pretty boys to muscular older men. Same for moids.

Anonymous 78796

>Anyway. As I said, in the past I dated men whose personality I liked and who didn't repulse but the lack of physical attraction bothered me and I didn't feel like kissing and getting sexually involved with men who I didn't feel physical attraction towards and as you may have guessed they were not willing to either settle for a non sexual relationship or consider my preferences (which I did not try to force on them).
I was like this too and I did try to have a normal sexual relationship with them but I guess the inner repulsion was strong as I ended up never wanting to have sex with them, which then caused them to resent me and call me frigid and whatnot. No dude, you're just ugly.

I ended up getting a lot pickier with who I dated and eventually I did get myself a hottie with soft facial features. He told me he once had a girl graffiti his home with "[name] I love you" because he was so cute in high school.

My advice to you would be to try and lookmax and personalitymax as much as possible to increase the chances that when you find a guy like this that he will like you back. Then try and meet as many guys as you can until you find a good one. It really is just a numbers game. Don't be tempted to give in to a not cute guy because you feel lonely, you have to be content being alone because it will take time to find a good one.

Anonymous 78797


I am a bit hateful in nature.
I don't have a response I just want to show you this video of Ezra past his peak because it's funny

Anonymous 78799

EXACTLY! Holy fuck that's essentially their life mission and they'll call you a "pedo" or a "predator" if you actively shun them when you can tell or have a bish you happen to like

As if they don't wear the "right" to selectively lust after underage looking women on, on their sleeves, as if they don't look at violent porn and have fucktons of sadistic porn made for them and marketed to them no matter who gets trafficked or becomes victim of that seedy business.

Anonymous 78804

The hypocrisy is too much for me.i don't push shallowness, and actually I'm really open minded and the opposite shallow. Tbf I think thinking this way is the opposite of shallow too. It requires you to stop selling yourself short, requires more from them, it is the opposite of degrading yourself to me, where most moids make me feel degraded. So it is absolutely not shallow.

I'm just not gonna give myself to complete and utter hypocrisy of it. Most of them are too seedy to NOT raise the bar. I think having the decency requires a certain kinda personality that isn't obsessed with keeping women in their place in a sly onesided psychological way. I really think obsession with power masculinity is all about that .

You're crazy or very lucky if you don't run into that ' sly effort to keep women in their place' absolutely everywhere

Anonymous 78827

>numbers game

All terms that could have been taken from a Redpill subreddit. I agree with >>78795, the internet has broken many people's perception of beauty. I'm average looking and my past relationships have been with average looking men (am single now), and they went just fine. Anyways, wish the best for all of you and hope you all get what you want in life.

Anonymous 78829

You're not wrong but I took it from FDS and this:

Anonymous 78831

low estrogen and immature. this non-threatening boy look is what most girls are temporarily attracted to when they just start to develop a sexuality. I assume you're of age so it seems your development was stunted somehow. that's unfortunate. if you don't grow out of it you'll just have to settle for lesbians.

Anonymous 78833

seething scrote detected

Anonymous 78834

what? it's like if somebody on 4chan whined about women aging past 20. what the hell other response do you want? basically only teenagers look like the ideal she describes. she might as well be attracted to cartoon characters. you want to encourage that out of a false sense of politeness? I genuinely hope for her sake that she grows out of it. that's her only hope imo.

Anonymous 78836

>what? it's like if somebody on 4chan whined about women aging past 20
Literally all men do that though lol. And not just incels.

Anonymous 78837

everyone is attracted to cute guys, older women just settle for ugly bloated old men because their hag panic sets in. what the fuck are you on about anyway? gross ugly moids need to leave the genepool. the less women decide they deserve that the better.

Anonymous 78841

but the non-cels accept reality and settle for women over 20. OP is doing what incels do, living in a fantasy where they're the victims for having absurd expectations.

Anonymous 78843

The thing I wonder about when I see people post this is will your own sons be cute boys or will they be ugly moids?

Anonymous 78847

Exactly but they do it EN MASSE, and they use you and trash you as you get older. I'm not going to even list all the insane ways men violently abuse women here, you should get that unless you live in a cave

Anonymous 78850

Either way you sound like an angry scrote, what's your point. It doesn't really matter, sure.its a.let down if they are but you can turn it around ? Honestly most people aren't bad looking. It's a tiny fragment of the population

Anonymous 78851

What does it have to do with being under 20, the f?

Anonymous 78860

My standards:
>pretty hair
>good skin
>soft features
>no facial hair and no titty bush
>no bald spots
>I like downturned eyes but that's not relevant I just wanted to say that
>thin and lean
>washes ass
>frog voiced
>literal kids and I'm not attracted to kids because I'm not deranged

Anonymous 78861


Guy on the right is 31 this year

Anonymous 78863

He's cuter than his wife doh

Anonymous 78864

I find her very cute too

Anonymous 78877

Why is it that some women have the urge to make comments like this one as soon as they see a very pretty boy next to a woman?

Anonymous 78878

I won’t be having sons because I’m not a retard.

Anonymous 78881

because they think that the guys are prettier than their wives i suppose.

Anonymous 78890


Yes, I become very depressed when I go out and see like zero decently looking men. Not only their natural appearance, but the way they present themselves - how they dress and groom
It is impossible even to have a crush on someone - couple of times I gaslighted myself I have a crush on uggo males, but yeah - not for a long time
So so sad

People who cry for this approach being “shallow” just don’t understand that I have never met a man with a decent personality also, you see

Anonymous 78895


Picrel just shattered my mind

Anonymous 78935

Hth does it make you mad unless you're a moid

Anonymous 78937

It’s like I’ll find men I talk to attractive but the moment I met them irl or they like me. I instantly find them gross and get repulsed.

Anonymous 78940


LADIES, is it just me or does it REEK of smegma and unwashed ass in here?
Indeed, there are moids in our midst, seething and crying, calling us lesbians for our preferences as if it's a bad thing.
Stay alert nonas!

Anonymous 78942

Caught that as well, i mean i know a lot of pick mes who would share their sentiments about feminine and non threatening cute men. I don’t mind women that like old fat bear dudes but the type that belittles and thinks its abnormal to like cute guys is a pick me in my definition for… reasons. But the way these “anons” speak is so demanding and entitled. how DARE you have EXPECTATIONS. No scrote, not wanting a dude whos balding and buttfuck ugly in the face at 22 is not unrealistic.

Anonymous 78944

Dear I agree, but scrotes do not produce smegma holy lol…

Anonymous 78945

Nobody looks like that at 22.

Anonymous 78946


Their owners do, nona, keep up!
Explain my coworkers and my friend's alt boyfriend who hides his early balding behind a thinned out greasy blue tinged bowlcut (5 points for trying and self awareness).
Bonus! Boy toy with stickers!

Anonymous 78947


Part 2
This man is 29 and RIPPED, I personally prefer my moids thin and lean but this serves to prove even a muscular moid can be pretty.
Unfortunely he's a manwhore and flashed his balls on stream.
I like to watch him dance though.

Anonymous 78948

Maybe if you never go outside. A lot of guys are still cute in their early 20s. It depends on their diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene, basically how well they take care of their skin. Unless they have subhuman genetics, in which case they wouldn't be cute at any age and are therefore irrelevant.

Anonymous 78956

You want only what you can’t have, lol?

Anonymous 78958

You’re missing the point.

Anonymous 78991

Maybe? Idk it’s like they’re cute and everything but then they show their animalistic urges by wanting me and see them for what they are. Disgusting apes with monkey fuck brains

Anonymous 79419

>subhuman genetics
so 80% of moids, nona?

Anonymous 79426

Closer to 95% but you get the point. The average male is irrelevant when it comes to beauty.

Anonymous 80224


I’ll never get a bf because I’m shallow and only want a 99th percentile prettyboy ulzzang bf.

Anonymous 80297

if that's a pretty boy to you, you're probably fine

Anonymous 80301


Post who you consider a pretty boy?

Anonymous 80303

99% of males look worse than that. Men consider moisturiser and retinols to be some kind of acid.

Anonymous 80304


Anonymous 80305

He looks like he's about to drown me to get the One Ring

Anonymous 80306


Michael Cera

Anonymous 80307


jawless wonder

Anonymous 80309


>pretty boys

Anonymous 80312

samefag, he has better personality than most of above anons' favorite moids

Anonymous 80313


Males have no real personality. The only thing men are good for is looking pretty and he failed.

Anonymous 80315

Nope, he didn't. He also aged better than most of moids you like will or already did.

Anonymous 80318


>aged better
What level of cope is this?

Anonymous 80322

Idk, you're the coping one here

Anonymous 80324

Screen Shot 2022-0…

if your man is so pretty, then explain this

Anonymous 80326

Woah whats his name?

Anonymous 80329


Ilja Van Vuuren

Anonymous 80331

That neck angle looks like it would be painful to hold posed for photos.

Anonymous 80340

What in the heck happened to that neck my friend

Anonymous 80341

Anonymous 80342

perfectly normal …

Looks normal to me.

Anonymous 80343

I hate men with big eyes

Anonymous 80345


First, keep coping, second, this is a thread about pretty boys not gremlins with "good personality" which is a lie regardless, plus men are to be seen not heard, stop posting your own/your nigel's lookalike for validation, thank you.

Anonymous 80348


Get these bulgy eyed monsters away from me lol.

Anonymous 80351


Enough with the botched jaw shave looking manlet! Bloated!
Bring out the emo boy.

Anonymous 80352


Anonymous 80365

>that neck

Anonymous 80368


Anonymous 80369

who dis? he looks like Isaiah Firebrace ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaiah_Firebrace ), but I'm unsure if it's him

Anonymous 80370

nah, Isaiah doesn't have the brown mark on his neck like photo dude does

Anonymous 80371

Matthew Clavane, I believe

Anonymous 80372

they don't look that similar, are you people face blind

Anonymous 80381


>tfw no zoomer putin bf

Anonymous 80387

Literally cannot comprehend how anyone doesn't find bald guy hot.

He can also get a fucking hair transplant like its so fucking easy and they're NOTHING like what your dad got these days, WAY better. It's not the issue it used to be, a couple thousand bucks and it's fixed unless you're completely bald in which case wait a couple years because they're already doing transplants with stem cells.

Anonymous 80389

Bald is fine if their face allows them to pull it off, but bald + beard is gross. Reddit vibes

Anonymous 80401

The only people who can pull bald off are black guys

Anonymous 80409


Only Asian guys can pull it off.

Anonymous 80411


Because good hair makes men attractive. Men cannot look attractive without it, and hair transplants look sparse and unnatural even in the best case scenario. Men with sub-par hair genetics are repulsive, simple as.
Post an example of someone who looks hot and has no hair. Not okay. Not "not ugly." Genuinely hot. Even if you manage to find someone who does, I guarantee he would look better with hair.
Black guys don't stand out when they're bald, but they're unattractive anyways, so it's beside the point.
Pull off looking like a monk, maybe. This guy isn't remotely attractive.

Anonymous 80412


Stop this psyop immediately, you can have all the baldies as long as they stay away from me!

Anonymous 80414


sus post

btw bjorn

Anonymous 80415

You’re probably just one of those racist bitches who hang out on /pol/

Anonymous 80416

This guy isn’t attractive he just looks like a troon.

Anonymous 80418


Scrotes LOOOVE to emasculate beautiful men because they make them seethe, keep hating on balding uggos ladies!

Anonymous 80419


You might not find him attractive, fair enough. I don't think he looks like tim though. For reference, here's a male model who trooned out.

Anonymous 80420

Is… Is this before or after or did he already troon out on the left?

Anonymous 80421

left is before, right is after

Anonymous 80422


Left is a photo from 2008 (aged 17), right is from 2018 after hormones + sex change (aged 27). In any case, pretty men with good hair and skin do not look like transsexuals. They have normal muscle tone, better skin, and lack the grotesque pectoral swellings. Naturally pretty men look different from men who have been altered by hormones.

Anonymous 80424


i deserve someone like him

Anonymous 80426

Tragic. From a pretty man to an ugly woman. No wonder his modeling career died and he only gets jobs for trans activism points.
I remember when it was being pushed as "progressive" and "daring" that he was modeling women's clothes back before he trooned out. It made me feel uncomfy and now I know I was right.

And to add to that, he made topless photo shoots all the time, like moids do, and from the moment he trooned out he started self-censoring his nipples even though he looked exactly the same.

Anonymous 80427


With regard to showcasing women's clothes, low-profile male models sometimes take those jobs because that's what's available to them and they can't afford to be choosy. It's a shame when they do turn themselves into freaks though. I don't understand why they have men modeling women's clothes in the first place. Who are they advertising for? A woman isn't going to buy an outfit that's built for a 6'3" man, and I can't imagine the market for crossdressers is that big. This model would look so much better in men's clothes, and instead they put him in color vomit and stripper nails.

Anonymous 80428


Anonymous 80429

Anonymous 80430

I think it's just another way of the fashion industry saying women don't matter except for being cash cows.

Anonymous 80434


How sad. Probably got molested because that’s what happens to a lot of models and was convinced that he’s a woman because of it. Even though it’s sad it kinda reminds you how moids view women and their inherent role to the point of being convinced you’re the opposite sex if you’re subjected to the same type of abuse lol.

Anonymous 80441

she's right and it makes you mad lolol


please go back to your pol pickme server

Anonymous 80468

He is not even attractive in masculine
And he is not very convincing as feminine, though I find angular female nordic faces attractive - I think he looks good on the right photo, but that’s just a good photo - he is not pulling it
but people seem to like it

Anonymous 80469

>Who are they advertising for? A woman isn't going to buy an outfit that's built for a 6'3" man
Frankly, a rare woman is built as a catwalk model, especially those who have money for such clothes, so it doesn’t even matter


It’s funny how moids think if they try their best to look like women their lives will be easy mode. Then in reality they find they hate being valued only for their looks by disgusting chaser moids and considered post wall when they hit 21 and experiencing life the way ugly women are treated by men and then they kill themselves because their weak moid brains can’t take it and realize trannies and women (especially masculine or ugly women) actually have it way worse than ugly cis moids.

Anonymous 80509

Sounds like your in the closet

Anonymous 80510

sounds like shes not a moid who dont have standards (all of them)

Anonymous 80511


Curious how much it makes people seethe when you admit you like your men to be princely and beautiful.
I am bisexual and prefer masculine women, now begone prostate haver!

Anonymous 80522

bald can be attractive because bald is better than little hair. for men its the best option if they dont have good genetics, but beautiful and healthy hair is the best ofc.

some do pull off bald really well. but its handsome men, handsome people pull off pretty much anything.

Anonymous 80524

Then just become a febfem

Anonymous 80527

If we didn't, none of the chicks who browse this place would have a significant other



Love Christian Bale. He’s masculine but also has a strangely doelike feminine quality without looking like a tranny.

Anonymous 80545

You know he assaulted his mother and sister right

Anonymous 80557

Wtf really??

Anonymous 80586

copy-pasted from Wikipedia:
>On 22 July 2008, Bale was arrested in London after his mother and his sister Sharon reported him to the police for an alleged assault at a hotel.[9] He was released on bail.[9] Bale denied the allegations and later called the incident "a deeply personal matter".[36] On 14 August, the Crown Prosecution Service declared they would take no further action against him because of "insufficient evidence to afford a realistic prospect of conviction".[188]

Anonymous 80588

He's personally known to be volatile and ill tempered
>assualted sister and mom, charges dropped but they maintained it happened
>leaked recording of him threatening to attack someone on a film set
>his personal assistant for over a decade says he used to make little girls who wanted his autograph cry


That just makes him hotter. And to be fair his mom and sister were trying to extort him into giving them money and they were bitching out his wife whomst he loves a lot. He was simply defending his waifu which is romantic and based.

Anonymous 80596


I know you desire me anon, but no

Anonymous 80597

Why do men physically hurt their female family members and spouses then call it personal matters. Lol

Anonymous 80665


>That just makes him hotter.

Anonymous 80970

Anon I know how you feel. I’ve only ever been strongly attracted to musicians or other types of people who I won’t ever meet. I don’t know if it’s because most men are just ugly or if it’s an avoidant thing and I can only be attracted to people I’ve idealized in my head. I tried dating a bit but decided it wasn’t worth it to settle with a guy, even if they were nice and okay looking, if I couldn’t be as attracted to him as my musician husbandos. I do kind of want to experience intimacy and stuff like that though so I’ve been contemplating meeting up with guys just to get to know them so I can experience what it’s like to sleep with someone I trust (and like enough) but not having to commit to them being my boyfriend. Not sure if that’s a stupid idea or not.

Anonymous 80998


I ain't clicking on that shit

Anonymous 80999

you have a masturbation addiction

Anonymous 81002

That’s a male problem.

Anonymous 81008


Projecting scrote, using men for sexual pleasure was not mentioned even once.

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