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Anonymous 78914

Anyone else's teachers think they're retarded?
Over the course of my last year of highschool, I completely gave up. I started just not interacting with anyone. I stopped doing all work that wasn't necessary for me to simply have a passing grade.
All year, for acting retarded, I basically got special treatment because I think people thought I actually had special needs they weren't told about?
For example, on a lot of group projects the teacher would pull me aside and just give me an alternate, independant assignment. Everyone else was hassled for failing to participate in things, yet I was not. Even right in front of me as I sat in the corner refusing to play sports for gym class, other classmates not participating would get grilled, yet they'd ignore me and just let me do my thing.
Multiple times doing "sports stations" in gym class you were supposed to get in a group to rotate around and play the various sports, such as badminton and volleyball. The teacher approached me and just told me I could do "whatever I was comfortable with" and I basically got to go to the weights room by myself.
When not doing my work teachers would harass other students. They'd just kindly ask me if I felt like participating.

Idk where I'm going with this, but did anyone else experience this? Its so funny to me that everyone thought I was stupid or something (even though I was in multiple higher level classes and score in the 95th+ percentile for all standardized tests, scores my teachers would look at so its not like they would think I was cognitively impaired). Sure, my teachers from the 1st semester would kind of hassle me, but only after acting more and more retarded to the point where I wasn't even ashamed of myself anymore did my teachers basically start babying me.
Its not like I'm ungrateful, I almost feel guilty, but I don't get it. What am I missing here??

Yes I am 18.

Anonymous 78915

They thought you were depressed, which you likely were. They are wise enough to know that the way to help a depressed student isn't to hassle them, single them out, humiliate them or treat them as if they were lazy. Consider yourself lucky to have had these teachers.

Anonymous 78916

that makes a lot more sense now. I'd get a lot of comments on how I always looked down, I figured it was just "resting bitch face" because I would get those comments even when I was happy.
I was really depressed for a lot of this year, some of the worst its been but I really don't feel like I was genuinly doing as much as I could and trying my hardest.
Now I feel really guilty for it because I do feel like I was just being lazy. Fuck.

Anonymous 78918

No, most teachers hated me because I was quiet and depressive. When my English teacher asked me what I liked to read, I told her I didn’t like reading. She hated me after that, and would use false pretenses to punish me. One day another girl was talking loudly, and she accused me of it instead, and when I denied it, she had me sit at a desk in the corner of the room away from everyone for the rest of the year. I didn’t have any friends and never spoke, if that wasn’t clear, so it was obvious she just thought I was an unremarkable eyesore.

Anonymous 78939

True, i was pretty much in OP’s place back in high school. The singling out and mistreatment was insane. Being a depressed kid makes you a target for narcissists with a desire for power trips aka teachers. Glad op’s in a decent environment though

Anonymous 78951

Yeah, I think you're right, at least in my case. I always figured, like OP, that some teachers mistook me as low-key retarded, but those teachers were also one of the more empathetic and nicer ones in my school. They probably sensed that I was not in the best mental state at the time.

Anonymous 79988


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