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How to have fun Anonymous 79222

Im not terribly imaginative at coming up with leisure activities, mostly I have my one girlfriend over and we drink, talk, and watch a show. What activities would you do if you had time, money, and a small group of friends you don’t know too well but would come on an outing if you were hosting?

Anonymous 79223

video games are always fun way to bond. but it's not for everyone… when i had friends i liked to put on a video game and we'd just chill and just comment on the plot and characters and make fun of it all or admire it. that was the activity that really spiced up the night

Anonymous 79230

I've lot to make collages. I guess I don't need money to do that. Seems fun anyway…


i think game nights are fun like board games or like a murder mystery type of deal. window shopping is always fun and gets you out of the house. also just going out to eat at niceish restraunt.

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