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grandparents Anonymous 79358

just found out earlier that my grandpa was in the emergency room. he's been moved out of the ER, but he's still in the hospital, hooked up to all kinds of stuff.

we'd had plans with my grandma to go on a trip, all three of us. i haven't seen them in over a year.

Anonymous 79388

I pray your grandpa will be alright nona, if you're allowed to visit him please try to spend some time with him while you can, it will mean a lot to him, if you aren't allowed that- then simple gifts/letters do go a long way i don't know how lenient hospital bureaucracy/protocols are in your country but we used to do that a lot here.
All four of my grandparents have died when i was really young, and since my parents were divorced/fought on and off whenever they were together, connecting with their families really wasn't much of a thing, i have very few memories of my grandparents before they died and i still sort of blame my parents' selfishness for it, really really wish i got to connect with them more, and i always envy people my age who still have living grandparents and choose to ignore/neglect them, they won't be around forever you must cherish them while you can. My last living grandparent died when i was 15, i couldn't go to any of their funerals because of family issues, but i did visit a grandma's grave once, i don't think i even prayed for her back then, i just watched, i must have been like 9-10 years old.
I really really hope your grandpa will be alright, that the lot of you guys will get to make good memories together again when he recovers. Please try to support your grandma emotionally while at it for now, i wish y'all the best. It'll be alright you'll always have them with you

Anonymous 79389

best of luck

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