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Anonymous 79473

Does anyone else feel like all pastimes are lacking in something?
Every hobby or media I've tried just feels kind of empty, or it doesn't make me feel quite enough. There's exceptions but they're quite few and far between. I wouldn't even say I'm depressed but I'd definitely say I'm chronically dissatisfied cause i feel like i just can't enjoy anything. I'm slowly becoming a workaholic and all of my hobbies are basically just some form of work even though I don't care at all for money, but work is the only thing that makes me feel fulfilled. I always thought there was this one hobby waiting for me somewhere and once I'd find it I'd finally be like, oh yeah finally this is it, and focus on that 100%, but i don't think it exists anymore.

Anonymous 79477

>chronically dissatisfied
You have depression.

Anonymous 79505

>the rapists have arrived

Anonymous 79506

Could you say that…

Anonymous 79512



That's a consequence of getting older. Content being pushed out of mediums that you used to enjoy will feel like they are getting worse and worse every year (And in some ways that's true, because many of them are now prioritizing profit and appeals to pro-censorship idealogies over artisticness). They are pushing out content that wants to appeal to what the new generation wants. Stick to the indie scene if it ends up bothering you that much, but realize that even those artists would also likely end up tied to companies that just shill them out if they get big enough. Good art can only be good when there are humble and modest intentions behind it. (And I'm not saying there aren't artists tied to big labels that aren't. But it's still the label that more often than not that does not have these intentions for their art and that controls it, because the artist is now their product.)


This too. You can't enjoy something when you can't even get yourself to do it properly. I also suffer depression and it keeps me from finishing almost all TV shows, albums, books, etc. that I start. Even when I really enjoy them in the moment. A therapist would likely help for that, but I wouldn't know personally because I can't even afford one. That's why I'm waiting around rotting right now, until I become financially stable enough to be able to.

Anonymous 79517



I don't have any advice but I can commiserate with you OP. It feels like all of my memories of doing something enjoyable are a lot more magical than they really were, and my fantasies of enjoying things in the future are similar in that actually partaking in them feels flat.

I keep buying books, games, etc and hype myself up for them. Like, I get too involved in how excited I am to read/play/watch whatever and then when I sit down to it it's flat. I've developed a horrible habit of buying a shitload of books only to never open them, because I know the fantasy of reading them and enjoying them will be more powerful than opening it and being disappointed.

I think I'm depressed personally but I won't touch a doctor's office with a ten foot pole so I'm just shit out of luck.

I've found that doing journey meditation and maladaptive daydreaming is the only way to tap into that happiness, and honestly it's probably unhealthy as fuck so I can't exactly recommend it.

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