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how to consume less Anonymous 79631

I'm not poor so I'm not in need or in urgency
but these few months i found myself spending more money without really knowing why. more than 1000 euros per month
i wouldnt care as much if it werent for my family, they wont know unless I tell them but I feel like im betraying them by spending so much because i know they wouldnt be happy about it

im not good at keeping tracks, so trying to write down everything i buy probably wouldnt work. what can i try to stop myself from spending like im suckerberg (but hotter) ?

im thinking about trying to sell stuff instead for a beginning, that would make me money and keep me busy from spending ig. i have a lot of stuff i want to get rid of

Anonymous 79632

also to give an idea i mostly use my money for : drinking, gifts, clothes and hobbies

Anonymous 79633

i think gifts and clothes cost me the most so i probably have to radically stop that

Anonymous 79634

Selling stuff is a good start, maybe you are just really bored and spend your money like it was time going???? You should find a cool activity

Anonymous 79635

maybe try doing something who ask for less money

Anonymous 79636

i probably need to go out in nature instead when im going out. i used to go for simple walks and now i go in the city with all the coffee shops etc with more temptation. also in city theres not much to do except buy stuff anyway

my hobbies dont cost too much so i think i really need to stop buyging clothes, i buy them secondhand which makes me buy more too

Anonymous 79637

but still i wonder how i can try to force me in not spending more than a certain number. any tips? as i said keeping tracks doesnt work for me because im not consistent

Anonymous 79652

get into minimalism OP

Anonymous 79669

Ever since i started college ive been shoplifting pretty much all sanitary items and food. now its a pretty good way to save money but highly illegal good luck nona

Anonymous 79795

>i’m not in need of urgency
Then keep consuming, anyone who deems consuming as a bad thing is an extremely jealous poorfag. Take it from a poorfag lol

Anonymous 79796

There's nothing wrong with consuming. Fuck contributing to the system. Why not max out a bunch of credit cards and live lavishly and go out with a bang? It's better than letting the people who beat you down win.

Anonymous 79800


I started reading lolcow's consoomerist thread and it really helped me realize how bad my hoarding is and helped me change my habits. Maybe you could give it a try

Anonymous 79811

thanks for the replies

i dont really enjoy money so i never see it as something i really need, id rather trade it for things i like. the reason why i stress over spending then is because im not earning my own money and because my mother would not approve, she's much more into saving money than me, more responsible.
but it became an urge recently. i wish i could just say "stop" like a nona suggested, i used to have this self control, but if it was still working for me i would not have made this thread

ill read the lolcow thread thx

Anonymous 79812

well im not really into hoarding, i have a few small collections but they barely cost anything and i rarely grow them.

i thought about trying to save money so ill try. and I decided to try keeping tracks anyway even though im not good with that, lets hope it works at least a bit.

it was my first year all alone so at least i have a small excuse (i never worked, never lived alone before, there's a lot of stuff that i didnt know or understand before that so being good with money is one of the many things i didnt know)
if i make the same mistakes next year though i really am a dumb child and i shall hara kiri

Anonymous 79813

i found an interesting job that would get me around 2 222 euros per month depending on which contract i choose (how much time work a week) and its only for july and august meaning i wouldnt have to work while studying but idk if my mom will approve. going to ask her rn

Anonymous 79814

she said yes
if they accept ill ask to work 25hr or 21hr

Anonymous 79815

Capture d’écran 20…

also this post from the lolcow consumerism thread is great

Anonymous 79818

Instead of checking depop for sales, you can use gem.app (website) and ebay rss feeds with blogtrottr to get emails when your item is listed on any of these types of sites. You can set price limits in advance so you don't see items that are too expensive.

I recommend regularly reviewing your list of notifications though so you don't get surprised by a notification for something you don't actually need anymore when you are in a low resistance mood and buy it only to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous 79819

Put everything on ebay starting at 0.99 or ~10 for things with some value. Use the phone app as faster to list. Don't bother with too many specifics, just title and lots of photos of it spread on the floor is fine.

Accept that you're going to lose money either way. Either from selling for less that you paid or from it sitting in your house and not getting any money in return but lots of stress. As soon as the items as gone, you will soon forget about them anyway.

Start watching minimalist youtubers. I find ecofriend. lia and
Jessicastarsinspace (wardrobe videos) to be very inspiring. They have about ~10 clothing items each but they love them all so much and get lots of wear from them. You can apply this to other items too.

You don't have to stop buying completely, but instead operate a "one in, one out" (or more) rule so you don't get bored.

Anonymous 79855

I made a game up today where I pick two similar items and "battle" them to decide which one I keep, e.g. try on 2 black tops and compare the pros and cons of each and get rid of the worse one. It doesn't feel like I am losing anything because why would I want to keep an inferior item when I have a better version of it.

Anonymous 79920

Oh tysm, this will help me a lot

The losing money part from selling for less was actually making me struggle a lot. But I have to accept it

I also started paying more in cash and it helps already. Especially when i go drinking with friends

I already went through my clothes. Now I need to sell

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