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Nostalgia General Anonymous 79857

What eras and aesthetics make you feel like you're in your happy place? Recently I'm missing the pastel goth and vaporwave era of tumblr.

Anonymous 79859

Early 2010s and late 2000s weeb part of the internet and tumblr. The only sad thing about that era is that i didn’t have anyone to share it with at the time.

Anonymous 79861


I miss that era too. Were you into visual kei?

Anonymous 79903

i miss the nugoth aesthetic that was popular around 2014. it was goth but normalized and you could wear it out without getting any stares. black lipstick, dark liner, all black clothes - pretty low effort and the look looked cohesive because of the one colour (black)

Anonymous 79905

It was cute except for the hat and the male fashion side of it lol

Anonymous 79909

vapor wave isn't and never will be dead its a shrodingers cat P;

Anonymous 79910

the smiths, joy division, and the radio dept

Anonymous 79915

Pls post vaporwave and Japanese dreampop aesthetic images.

Anonymous 79923

I remember the cottage core aesthetic before it was even called an aesthetic on Tumblr and the community was much more chill and less gendies around

Anonymous 79936

do you have any pics? i wonder how it would compare to its "cottagecore" predecessor
tbh cottagecore in itself is getting rather dated , old and boring. it was nice and shiny to look at first, but now it just looks like people playing little house on the prairie or larping as "i belong in the 1800s" side of things

Anonymous 79979

Anonymous 79982


90s goth, the game Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is where I go to absorb it into my bloodstream. I love the makeup, the dramatic poetry and the music. not the weird neo revival shit that's popular on tiktok

Anonymous 79983


also fuck yes, I was huge into visual kei (still am) My faves are The GazettE and D'espairsray

Anonymous 79984

Maybe that

Anonymous 79985

Anonymous 79986

Anonymous 80009

Anonymous 80012

Late night lofi vaporwave

Anonymous 80013

V best of mallsoft

Anonymous 80015

Anonymous 80025


Pixel art dolls in the style of picrel. I used to make alot of animations of them in Animation Shop 3, back in the day.

Anonymous 80043

I was struggling to sleep, having anxiety crisis cause I was working in a shitty job and treated very poorly by my mother, then decided to see something on youtube and it recomended me this. Since then vaporwave had been a healing to my soul, it calms me down in a way I can't explain

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