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Coworker Hate Thread Anonymous 79948

Vent about your annoying coworkers. I'll start:
>constantly sniffles and doesn't blow her nose
>when she answers the phone, her speaking voice becomes a yelling voice for literally no reason and i can hear her from across the office
>answers the phone by my desk one day, and i had to stop myself from covering my ears in front of her because she was yelling so loudly.
Fucking why.

Anonymous 80024

i had the most annoying coworker at my last job.
>approaching his 30s
>constantly sperging about why god isn’t real
>triple vaxxed and boosted
>constantly whining about capitalism and how he’s being exploited by having to work at a sandwich shop
>calls dogs “doggos” and says “heckin’”
>would wear a mask but keep it below his nose or lower it to talk, which i thought was funny because according to him he was “super scared of covid”
he threw cheese at me and would always show me “cute doggos” while i was trying to work. glad i only worked there for a month because i wanted to tell him off so bad.

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