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Anonymous 8112

Anybody else here legitimately find short men kinda gross? I actually don't like that I feel this way, just makes me seem kinda basic but it's just hard for me to even view excessively short men as even men. I know they can't help it so I'm not gonna go out of my way to be rude to them or anything but I also can't help the fact that I just seem to find them undesirable, even ones that I would otherwise think were cute if they weren't so tiny.

Anonymous 8113

How short?

Anonymous 8115

I guess just when they're in the range of the average woman's height, so like below 5'6" or so. I'm not like one of those stacies who freaks out if a guy is below 6' but when they're not even close to the same height as the average man it's just hard for me to see them as men. I know it's shallow but I'm sure guys do it too for certain traits women have.

Anonymous 8117

>average woman's height
>so like below 5'6"
The female average has already risen to about six feet, anon. Didn't you hear?

Anonymous 8118

Nah, I personally don't mind and even like it in some cases, but I do understand your point. For me it's ego problems that often occur with shorter men that makes them unattractive.

Anonymous 8119

Sorry, I don't live amongst the Amazons.

Anonymous 8122

i don't find short men disgusting at all, to me they are just normal humans who didn't luck out on the desired genetic trait of tallness. what makes them disgusting, like >>8118 said, is if they have ego problems.

for example, i am 5'1.5" (156cm) and my whole life have been targeted by shorter guys. they range from genuine manlets to guys who are just under 6ft, but seeing me next to them makes them feel better i guess. my ex was 5'10", not short at all, but obsessed with very short women cause it made him feel more dominant.

also, my dad is a turbomanlet (right at 5ft), so he used to only date very petite women who were under 5ft. mind you again i'm not very tall, and these girls would maybe be 2-3 inches shorter than me. however when they'd first meet me they'd comment on how "huge" i was, or talk about ~short people problems~ with my dad and act like i couldn't be included because i wasn't as smol as them.

but yeah i've definitely developed a complex about my height thanks to short guys, like being as petite as possible= highly desirable for a man, that way he seems bigger and stronger.

btw i have no preferance for height in regard to dating, as long as they are taller than me and not fucking annoying then i'm fine.

Anonymous 8123

>they are just normal humans who didn't luck out on the desired genetic trait of tallness
Unless you're Devito-tier, height is mostly influenced by nutrition. Too many caffeinated foods and not enough protein growing up can cut someone off by inches to feet. If you take advantage of puberty, you can juice up your kid's hormones and turn them into a giant before their plates fuse, like Barron Trump.

Anonymous 8124

>Unless you're Devito-tier, height is mostly influenced by nutrition.
This isn't true at all. Unless you're in some 3rd world country height is like 95% genetics with the rest being other environmental factors like nutrition. Like idk where you're getting this from but it's just not true.

Anonymous 8126

Probably a guy from /fit/ who likes to pretend he somehow earned being tall to justify constantly bragging about it and insulting shorter men.

Anonymous 8127

I absolutely love shorter men, they are so cute! I hug them and their face goes right into my boobs, its very pleasing. I dunno why shorter men are ashamed of that or why people don't like them. But I guess its just different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous 8128

It's all in the growth plates. Otherwise I don't see how Europe hasn't bred itself into midgetry, with how small the average soldier was in both wars. Tiny little men with guns.

Anonymous 8132


Why do you just pull beliefs out of your ass?
>Research in Australia recently reported that the heritability of height is 80 percent, based on 3,375 pairs of Australian twins and siblings
>In the U.S., the heritability of height was estimated as 80 percent for white men
>From these calculations, we realize the environment (mainly nutrients) can only change about 2 centimeters for a given offspring's height

Anonymous 8134

I fucking love short men, especially if they're skinny on top of that. The guy I have a crush on right now is 5'3" and 110 lbs max, perfect little body.

So meet me outside for a fight at 3pm tomorrow, anon. I'll lay you out flat for insulting them. Put em up. I'm joking, of course. I'm not genuinely mad.

The only thing I dislike about short men is that they'll only date tiny women. I'm not sure if it's social pressure or male nature, but it's disappointing. Who's going to open the pickle jar when you both weigh 100 lbs and blow away in the wind?

Anonymous 8135


Dunno if they’re “manlets” but I like guys from 5’8-5”11 while I’m 5’9.

Anonymous 8142

this is bait

Anonymous 8143

you want a guy who's like 5 inches shorter than you in heels?

Anonymous 8144


YUP. So obvious. And it hasn't even worked well.

Anonymous 8182

I'm sorry to hear that.

Anonymous 8186


Nope, not gross. Kind of unfortunate if they're especially short but not gross.

Most girls seem to just want someone taller and don't care beyond that unlike the 6'+ meme.

Agreed with the ego problems thing. My male roommate is like 5'6 or something and has this idea of "being an alpha" and other nonsense that must at least partially stem from that.

I never considered until this thread that it must be frustrating for short girls to get targeted by such guys.

Anonymous 8187

As long as he is 15cm taller than me I probably wouldn't care.

Anonymous 8196

My husband is an inch shorter than me and I love him very much.

Anonymous 8200

Oh boy, I'm >>8134 and you've both given me some hope.
I've only seen short men with very short women and thought that was just how it was, that their masculinity couldn't handle it. Thanks.

Anonymous 8202

Oh, anyone else ever have a short male boss that was super bossy and disrespectful?

I regret ever having fun with the "manlet" meme and participating in that but I think my old boss caused me to feel that way. Almost everyone was taller, male or female, and I like to think his indiscriminate disrespect and micromanaging assholishness stemmed from that.

Girls do not get like this over equivalent desirable trait to be insecure about, imo. Not to the level where is determines such a large amount of their personality like that. A flatchested girl is never on some life long mission to prove how feminine she can be.

Anonymous 8267

I don't really think there is a female equivalent to that.

Anonymous 8283

I've actually had the opposite experience with a boss that I had who was short. He was very kind and thoughtful to others. I ended up developing a bit of a crush on him.

Anonymous 8290

Yeah, my boss is my height (5'6") and he's really nice. A bit serious, but a softie.

I also work with a guy who's 5'2" or so and he's a goofy sweetheart.

I've also known shitty short men, it's just a thing with how certain people deal with their insecurities. Like there are fat girls who act extra catty and greater-than-thou, then there are ones who act like a mom and are super sweet.

Anonymous 8307

yea short men should all die tbh

Anonymous 8319


>yea short men should all die tbh
hahaha yeah all short men should die amirite my fellow females?

go back to r9k, op

Anonymous 8334


I just got a idea for an edit because of your post but I'm about to start work, too bad.

Anonymous 8359

do it when you are home

Anonymous 8360


I don't think they're gross. I would date a man shorter than me so I can use him as a cute plushie.

Anonymous 8400

i find short girls gross, too. i'm lesbian, though. short guys are gross, but tall men can also look gross. i am of average height and i think tall girls look the most visually appealing.

Anonymous 8440


Really? What exactly makes short girls gross looking to you?

Anonymous 8478


>do it when you are home

I didn't really know what to do for the face, someone could have done much better but I tried.

Anonymous 8479

You're an artist and deserve to be praised. Post this in the contribution thread, please.

Anonymous 8480

Apologies for all the off topic posting, it's a habit, but what thread is that?

If you mean the one on /meta/ isn't that only for banners?

Anonymous 8481

i think the reason why people think women prefer taller guys usually has to do with attitude. i used to date a guy who was like 4+ inches shorter than I was but he was the cockiest firecracker i have ever met, and had no trouble getting girls before and after we dated. even though he was small, he wouldn't take shit from anyone, and even though we lived in a rough neighborhood, i always felt safe when he was around. but a lot of shorter guys get a complex about it and become really sensitive about the subject instead of just rolling with it. a lot of women do want a partner that has confidence in themselves instead of someone that they have to look after or constantly reassure.

Anonymous 8486

Was he a cute little man?

Anonymous 8489

5'1" girl here and I'm surprised how many females on here and other forums are saying they like smaller men.

I've spoken to many (straight) women of varying ages and heights about their preferences, and in general they've said they like men who are taller than them (but not necessarily TALL). So I'm wondering if preferring smaller men is something more common among this crowd of people, or if there's some robots larping as girls saying they like short men (to make themselves feel better), or if I'm just missing something? No offense to anyone, I'm just pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous 8492

They're just so stubby and stumpy and visually unappealing.

Anonymous 8493

ppl here are more likely to be contrarians or abnormal

Anonymous 8494


I want to defend the girl who is married to someone 1 inch shorter. That isn't substantial, and I'd rather be single forever than settle for someone short but could totally settle for an inch shorter. I don't think her statement is like the others.

Anonymous 8495



But acne can be gross, smells can be gross, but is visually unappealing actually gross?

I have a short friend who's head is below my chest, and to me she's easily the cutest person I know. She is close to an irl Ram even. I don't know what about her tiny body could ever be called "gross", even if shes not your type because of it.

Anonymous 8496

Tall girls just have way better looking proportions, I don't know what else to tell you. Who wants a woman that looks like a child?

Anonymous 8497

>Tall girls just have way better looking proportions, I don't know what else to tell you.

I think I misunderstood and am just arguing semantics over the word gross itself actually, so never mind.

>Who wants a woman that looks like a child?

A lot of them such as my friend have every post puberty trait most adult woman have and are far different looking from a child, she is just short. There's nothing child like about her curves at all.

Anonymous 8498

Eh, most short girls tend to be flatter and less curvy as well in my experience. And those who aren't just look like some teenager half-way through puberty, or else just fat.

Anonymous 8499

but why

Anonymous 8502


>into manlets

Anonymous 8503


Why would I rather be single forever or why would I settle for an inch shorter?

Anonymous 8505


Anonymous 8506

And don't you think that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy? People always talk about confidence like some magic, nebulous concept people are just born with, but have you ever thought about what it truly is?

Confidence is the amount of certainty you have that you'll succeed at something before you actually start doing it. But where does confidence come from? It has to come from experience. Think of a professional stunt jumper. He's practiced doing life threatening stunts for years, and done more of them before than he can count. When he looks at a dangerous stunt, he's confidant he can do it because he's done it lots of times before. But if some random person who's never done it before looks at that stunt and thinks "Yeah I can totally do that and live" we'd call it arrogance, or stupidity.

So getting back to dating, don't you think maybe the reason tall guys tend to be more confidant is not simply because the tall gene and the confidence gene are always linked together, but because women just naturally tend to like the tall guy better based on height alone, so he learns he's very likely to succeed at anything he does with women, AKA "have confidence", which creates an infinite loop where the 2 traits feed into each other?
And meanwhile short guys would, well, look on places like this and see short guy hate threads where opinions range from "they're gross" to "they should all die". And women who don't hate short men get accused of being short men lying in order to make themselves feel better? On top of whatever they've already seen and experienced in real life.

Anonymous 8507

>defending manlets
short men should kill themselves

Anonymous 8508


>And meanwhile short guys would, well, look on places like this

I do feel guilty because it must hurt for them to some degree, but in a space for females everyone should be comfortable spilling honesty about this subject without worrying about some short man's feelings getting hurt. I'd not post this anywhere else or talk about it in front of anyone except trusted friends.

Anyways, I've seen too many short guys who had success at finding love to think they're completely out of luck even if tall men are simply more attractive(imo, cuz I believe the posters who say they like short men)

Anonymous 8510

I wasn't trying to tell anyone it was right or wrong or what they should do. But I often see people try to rationalize it by saying "I'm not shallow, I like tall guys because of their attitude and hate short guys for theirs, it has nothing to actually do with who's tall or short" without ever being willing to think that their attitude is a direct result of being treated differently based on their height. Which would mean having to admit that yes, they, as well as society in general, are shallow.

Anonymous 8520

>but in a space for females everyone should be comfortable spilling honesty about this subject without worrying about some short man's feelings getting hurt.
You dont need a female only imageboard for that, it's already common and accepted to shit on short men.

Anonymous 8521

I'm >>8134 and I genuinely love manlets. I think for me it may be a result of being a stocky assertive woman and a domme. I just prefer passive petit men because they fit nicely with everything I have. And they're cute.
I've tried considering tall men before but at this point even dating a guy my height would be settling. They're just not the same.

And, no, I'm not a bot larping haha.

Anonymous 8522


Okay, that's a fair point then. Looks are important because they're a visual signal for genetics/health and that's what pairing is all about(I'm still a believer in true love)

Even if minimum requirements for attraction are inherently shallow just as society is, a man who meets those requirements still has to have something going on in his head and have a certain personality for real attraction/love to form doesn't he? And more than just confidence(which is just a branch of masculinity), but his ideas and humor and worldview become important too even if his appearance was the original magnet.

Everything is not so shallow, even if that confidence argument is false(imo, maybe she really doesn't care how tall he is)

Anonymous 8524

>Looks are important because they're a visual signal for genetics/health
tall people are less healthy and have worse genes

Anonymous 8525


You do need one if you don't like the idea of hurting a person's self esteem.

And it's mostly men shitting on each other too, a few screenshots of some bitch's tinder bio or that pic of that mean girl holding her hand over that guy's head aren't proof of the contrary. It's men posting those constantly and who invented the word "manlet".

Outside of imageboards I haven't witnessed any societal heightism in males at all, except in dating preferences(which I've only heard talked about when only girls are around having a conversation about what they find attractive in guys)

Anonymous 8526


They can beat things up easier and are stronger and can run faster, what makes these worse genes for instinctive selection?

And I didn't mean to imply tallness=health, health is just a facet of attraction(skin shows this mostly right?) But I don't know what you mean by less healthy, except that statistic where smaller people have longer lifespans.

Anonymous 8527

>They can beat things up easier and are stronger and can run faster, what makes these worse genes for instinctive selection?
because those are all not true
>But I don't know what you mean by less healthy, except that statistic where smaller people have longer lifespans.
less prone to disorders and diseases and longer lifespans

Anonymous 8528

And at this point, this is starting to be the most bitter thread on CC right now and I suspect people with testicles are stirring shit up.

Finished trying to respond or counter anything at this point.

Anonymous 8529

>it's mostly men shitting on each other
Yeah, but it's still based around women. When a man insults another man for being short, he's not saying "I don't like you for being short" he's saying "Women don't like you for being short, they'll like me better because I'm taller".

Same deal with women calling each other sluts. It's not "I look down on you for being easy", it's "Men look down on you for being easy, they'll think I'm better".

Anonymous 8530

Bruce Lee was 5'7.
You think any random 6+ guy can beat Bruce Lee just for being taller?

Anonymous 8531

and mike tyson was 5'9" and the best boxer ever.
i dated a short boy and i realized that they are just better at everything than tall guys. never going back tbh

Anonymous 8532

Good attention to detail calling those shorties "people with testicles" and not "men".

Anonymous 8533

Holy shit I'm pathetic and need to stop and actually do something productive


Artificial training isn't a visual siginal that you pick up just by looking at a person, at least as he is walking around. Someone displaying those skills would make them instantly more attractive, much like playing the piano. We're talking about men in crudely made clothing beating on each other or tracking animals 20,000 years ago. Or even how the Roman empire started to rely more and more on northern European barbarian mercenaries to fight all their battles for them rather than the genetically smaller Latin male. Or the Byzantine/Eastern roman empire forming a preference for their varangian guard because they were absolutely better suited to defend their borders. You can make an argument that it was a difference in comfort levels in their lifestyles, much like how a man from the third world or a man from poverty would on average be able to beat up a middle class suburban white guy, but their stature was still important and recognized.

A random dude no, but a man trained just as much with his longer arms and legs would win.


I am simply tired of "man detected" and other things like it and wanted to put things differently, and it's only a suspicion.


1) We need to define short because 5'9 is very average. He wasn't a 5'3 boxer.

2)Boxing is a sport with fixed rules about how they have to engage and can't be a metric for natural fighting ability, even if he was totally talented.

2.5)I almost want to say lets take all the 5'9 men of the world and all the 6'4 men of the world and have them all fight and see who is left standing, but then a bunch of men from Latin America would be beating up a bunch of sheltered wimps from Scandinavia and middle class USA, so my own points suck

But still, we're talking about pre civilization tribal reasoning for why the tall guy with a symmetrical face at work makes me feel tingly just by saying "good morning" and not _____ famous fighter can kick ass.

But I believe all of you who say you prefer shorter guys, but I also don't think you're even close to being the majority of heterosexual women.

Anonymous 8535

the point is, there is no actual objective rational metric like you're trying to justify. short men aren't actually worse at fighting, running, hunting, protecting, surviving. it's just you THINK they are. youre trying to justify your subjective feelings with false objective reasoning. if you have preferences thats obviously fine but it's not objective is all im saying

Anonymous 8536

>I almost want to say lets take all the 5'9 men of the world and all the 6'4 men of the world and have them all fight and see who is left standing
The 5'9 men would outnumber the 6'4 by a huge margin. That wouldn't even be a close battle.

Anonymous 8537

Meanwhile, short men are objectively cuter.

Anonymous 8538

My boyfriend is pretty short, when I'm wearing heels I'm taller than him. He's the best boyfriend I've had. I used to be into ~tall guys~ until I got over myself. Stay mad, OP.

Anonymous 8559

>it's just hard for me to even view excessively short men as even men
That's harsh. How would you feel if someone said they don't even consider you a woman because you have small boobs?

Anonymous 8571

172-182 cm = best height for a male

Anonymous 8572

I don't HATE shorter guys, I've known some pretty cute ones, but I could never see myself dating one. You don't have to be crazy taller than me (I'm 5'4'' / 5'5'' ish) but noticeably taller than me. I like having to look up to kiss someone and do feel somewhat safer when I'm with a taller guy. Plus when hugging a guy I like it when my head falls right onto their chest or just a little bit underneath their head hehe

Anonymous 8602

imo confidence comes from either 'fake it until you make it' or just straight up not giving a fuck. Which are both skills that can be self-taught. You have to either pep talk yourself through your insecurities, or you have to make the conscious decision to disregard those insecurities (and especially ones that are externally generated)
it may surprise you, but i know quite a few guys who are tall and their height isn't a massive confidence boost to them. Even a guy who's 6'4" finds excuses to rag on themselves. Some of them are insecure about their weight, or their voice, or their facial features, or the idea that they don't have conventional hobbies and interests, and so they delude themselves into thinking that they'll never be able to get a gf despite having the advantage that you think they do.

if you're going to use the metaphor of a stunt jumper, think of it like this: nobody's born with a natural gift for being a stunt jumper, and nobody ever becomes a stunt jumper by looking at the ramp they're about to ride their bike off've and thinking 'this could hurt, i better not try it.' they might be fine, or they might get hurt, but they don't care. even if they don't land the jump the first or the second time, they try it again and again until they do. they're believe that they have the potential to succeed even when their previous success rate is 0%. eventually those kids that keep trying are the ones who get to the point that they're riding motorcycles through flaming hoops and shit. once you've done it enough, it'll be like second nature, but if you don't at least try putting yourself out there and giving yourself pep talks and taking action to improve your confidence (and trying again when you fail, which is part of the process), you'll be like that dude who looks at the stunt and thinks 'yeah i can totally do that and live' and then gets rekt.

Anonymous 8604

i think this anon is right
while physical appearance can certainly pave the way to easily entering into a relationship, it doesn't mean that the relationship will last or that it'll be healthy. if all you're looking for is one night stands, maybe that's fine, but those guys, in my experience, usually end up pretty lonely and dissatisfied. Even if they're incredibly attractive, it's not worth sticking around with someone if they treat you like dirt or are self-centered af. Nobody wants to be walked all over or shittalked behind their back.

also 'manlets' should just become horse jockeys if they're that worried about how tall they are. in that field it's actually preferable to be small-statured, the shorter the better, also women love horses and animal-related careers so you'll probably meet some hot vet or derby girl and hit it off in no time.

Anonymous 8614

why would you ever want to enter a relationship with a manlet in the first place. also
>implying every short guy can be a jockey
if you're over 5'4 you're too tall and if you're under 5'4, why would i date you??

Anonymous 8620

it has nothing to do with confidence. i will never date a guy under 5'8" no matter how good his personality is and most women agree with me. youre all trying to justify not wanting manlets in order to spare their feelings or make yourselves feel less shallow. just be honest with them and yourselves. short men are ugly and there is nothing they can do to make up for it. at least give them the decency of being honest.

Anonymous 8623

Screen Shot 2018-0…

at least in the USA, the average female height is 5'4" so if you're over 5'4", you have a better than average chance of finding a girl who you're taller than. if not, get that jockey lifestyle.

well, don't you just sound like a catch.
grow up, just because someone doesn't share your tastes doesn't mean they're dishonest. do you lose your shit like this when someone disagrees with you over what the best ice cream flavor is? chill out, let people enjoy what they like.

Anonymous 8627

>short men are ugly
That's not objectively true, anon.
Although I do agree that trying to appeal to someone who will never be attracted to you is silly. I'm an a-cup so I'm not going to be a hit with tit guys, that's just a fact. But luckily not all men need or want big breasts, and not all women need or want big men. Either due to preference out of the norm or caring about other traits more than those.

Anonymous 8628

i have nothing against the anons saying that they like short men, my gripe is with you saying that the reason you dont like them is because of ~confidence~ and not because theyre short. there are plenty of confident short men, millions of them. you still wouldnt date them not because of their attitude but just because theyre short.
theres nothing wrong with women who like short men, theres nothing wrong with women who dont. but you need to own that shit.
see above

Anonymous 8631

This is so transparently written by an undercover robot who wants to push an agenda, lol. Include me in the screencap when you post this in a woman hate thread :)

Anonymous 8632

no agenda i just dont like dating short guys

Anonymous 8638

i'm the anon who posted earlier itt about dating someone who was four inches shorter than i am. i've dated short men and i've dated tall men, and honestly if i'm 'owning' anything it's the fact that i don't give a rat's ass about someone's height. so it really gets my goat when people like you insist that I secretly really do care about something that doesn't actually feature as part of my standards at all. i'm not a roller coaster with a 'you must be this tall to ride' sign. what's important is that my partner is happy with himself instead of fretting over things that he can't change about his appearance. insecurity is a turn-off to pretty much everyone.

Anonymous 8639

okay if you are like that then that's fine. to me though its not about the attitude its about the height and most women agree with me. i jsut dont date short men and never will no matter what and that doesnt make me shallow its just my preference.

Anonymous 8640

But your preference is also a preference. You can't assume that it is representative of the majority.

Anonymous 8642

all my friends agree with me. and im not even saying they need to be 6 feet tall but if a man is less than 5'8" that's just childish.

Anonymous 8643

>i jsut dont date short men and never will no matter what and that doesnt make me shallow its just my preference.
>youre all trying to justify not wanting manlets in order to spare their feelings or make yourselves feel less shallow.

are you even listening to yourself

Anonymous 8644

yes my point is that youre doing to feel less shallow, which you shouldn't do. just own it because theres nothing wrong with it and youre not shallow for wanting a real man and not a little baby man.

Anonymous 8645


Anonymous 8646

>little baby man
That's just mean. An adult man is clearly an adult even if he's small.

I'm with you on girls who try to excuse their preferences for their own conscience, but there's no need to pick on short men.

Anonymous 8648

what am i saying thats wrong?
but thats the reason why, i feel like a mom or something because theyre like children or like a pet is following me around.

Anonymous 8651

I take it you don't feel like ever being a mom, or even owning a pet. Right?

Anonymous 8654

idk anon, even a small adult is an adult like I said. I mean, I don't think most tall people to see me as childlike or less capable just because I'm a few inches shorter than them. That's ridiculous.
Although I may just be feeling defensive because small men are my preference and I don't really see them as infantile. Secondary sexual characteristics are pretty obvious, even on a 5'2" man.

Having one neotenous feature doesn't make someone less adult, is what I'm saying. Makes em cute though.

Anonymous 8655

im fine being a mom or owning a pet but i dont want by bf to be a son or a pet!
but how can you like them? its not a bad thing for women to be small that's fine, but men are supposed to be big.

Anonymous 8656

>how can you like them?
They just pull off cute better than tall men can (even the skinny ones), and that appeals to me more. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of masculinity and a small, fragile frame.

Tall men also walk too fast.

Anonymous 8657

it boggles my mind that you think the only reason why a woman would date a shorter man is because they're virtue signalling. also calling someone a 'baby' or comparing them to a pet because of their height is dehumanizing as hell.
tbh i do think you're shallow and you should ~just own it~ instead of trying to pretend otherwise.

Anonymous 8658

>but i dont want by bf to be a son or a pet
They won't want to be that. Don't you ever think about how they feel?

Anonymous 8659

How they feel isn't really my problem. There's plenty of ugly asshole men out there who feel sad, is it my or any woman's responsibility to fuck them to make them feel better?

Anonymous 8660

images (20).jpeg

NTA but we're talking about short men, not asshole men.
Short =/= asshole.

Anonymous 8661

So, are children assholes, and pets as well? I'm starting to get a bad realisation about the fact that you can't help but think of them as children or pets. What's wrong with you?

Anonymous 8662

I wasn't saying short men are assholes. I was listing other examples of undesirable traits and explained how it's not my or anyone else's responsibility to fuck undesirable men just because being undesirable hurts their feelings.

Anonymous 8664


sorry, when did anyone say that you have to fuck anyone you're not attracted to? all that's being suggested is that you should treat a person civilly even if they're not your type. You've compared 'anyone under 5'8"' to animals and children, called them childish, ugly, 'little baby man', 'manlet'–all because of their height, which is something none of us has any control over. people are criticizing you for being vicious.

Anonymous 8668

If you fuck short men you'll have short sons and they'll get bullied and have just as much trouble getting rejected by women as their father. Would you really be so cruel to your own children? The sooner short men are bred out of humanity the better it will be for everyone.

Anonymous 8669

Stop baiting

Anonymous 8670

This is a weird thread.

Anonymous 8672

then maybe the solution is to stop bullying them in the first place

Anonymous 8673

also by that logic short women shouldn't be allowed to have children either

Anonymous 8674

It's just a bunch of retard males trolling themselves. Not even sure why the thread isn't locked yet.

Anonymous 8675

so i have to be male to think manlets shouldnt exist?

Anonymous 8676

she's a woman too, i met hateful girls like her in college

Anonymous 8678

>hates a group
>"that group just needs to stop existing, then I'd stop hating them!"
Like other anon mentioned, if people like you stopped being unnecessarily cruel towards short men then everything would be fine. Clearly there are women out there who do like them (either due to preference, being very short themselves, or being indifferent) so we're not forcing you to date them or anything. Just don't be nasty.

And if you're bringing in biology to say men are supposed to be big or some shit, not in this generation at all. It's not necessary unless he's doing manual labour, and even then short guys can bulk up. You have no argument, your disdain is irrational.

And if you're actually a short guy LARPing, please love yourself. You're great and I'm glad you exist, as are a few other girls ITT.

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