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Stacy Envy Anonymous 81515

Does anyone else get upset when they see pretty women? I know nothing good comes from it, but I can't help but feel envious.
If I looked like her, my whole life would have been different.

Anonymous 81519

envy is a retarded emotion

Anonymous 81520

I'm not ugly so that's enough for me. But yes, I do envy women like that. I wish I were that pretty so that I could be a narcissistic bitch too. It genuinely saddens me

Anonymous 81535

My sister is a younger, better looking, smarter, more talented and less autistic sequel to me. It's like my mother saw me and just tweaked the DNA to fix all the mistakes in the first prototype. The way she can just innately read people, then manipulate, not just men, but everyone to get her way is utterly infuriating. I seethe every fucking time I have to look at or hear about her.

Anonymous 81537

nope, i'm fine with my appearance and mostly happy with my life, i just want to find better people to be in it. i can understand to some extent if your life hasn't worked out well and you think a difference in appearance would work out in your favor though

Anonymous 81542

I don't think I've ever been truely jealous before now that I really think about it.
Sometimes I get angry, not jealous.
Like if my bf is talking a woman, I am angry at him, not jealous of the girl.

Anonymous 81546

Not really, although of course if I’m feeling pretty bad then I do. Typically if a girl has a super great body, but I try to let those feelings pass. I think envy comes from seeing someone look a certain way and feeling shitty because you know you’ll never be like that. But even if you aren’t naturally pretty, you can still dress and make yourself up in a way that can be attractive to others. Of course for girls who are naturally pretty, it’s easier since they’d probably look good in anything but it’s not like it’s impossible for the rest of us. Also I know it’s a meme, but attractiveness and beauty comes in all forms. When I see a girl who I think is gorgeous, I just think ‘good for her!’ but I try to remind myself that just because I don’t look like her doesn’t mean I’m ugly in comparison to her. I probably have some valued traits that she lacks (whether that’s physically or personality-wise) and viceversa.

Anonymous 81549

I used to because of the perceived social benefits.
But as I've grown it makes less sense for me to feel that way. I'm not even attracted to the women who I was envying, and envying the women I do find attractive gets pushed aside for my attraction to them. It also helps that my type is basically me kek.

All I experience now is a bit of defensiveness around conventional women. It's not pleasant when they are mean/condescending, and it's annoying when the (straight) ones flex male attention as currency. But this gets less common with age and very young women (18-21-ish) hold less power over me as time goes on. And gay stacies are often nice.

Anonymous 81559

I like seeing an exotic face it's always interesting. Male or female. I just hate it if they're obnoxious. I don't really feel envy but I hate rabid willing stupidity. Like succumbing to the idea you have to pretend to be stupid because you're pretty. This really pisses me off. I know it will hurt them in the long run.

Anonymous 81564


Beuaty = money, in my opinion. I've made peace with myself that I will probably not be able to look like these women until I can financially afford to. How many hot broke women do you know? Shit like makeup, haircuts, nice clothes, plastic surgery, professional photo editing software/classes and lighting, perfume, healthy food, etc. tends to be pretty expensive. The most you could do to upgrade without those is workout and maintain basic hygiene but that will only get you so far. Plus, these highly attractive people often have whole teams of people helping them look the way they do. I don't think I will be able to look like this until I'm at least in a high-earning job.

Anonymous 81573

I mean i used to when i was a teenager, now i don’t. I can look a pretty stacy in the eye and have a conversation with her since i learned to direct my attention on other things, sometimes i’ll be having a panic attack in the middle, because i haven’t left the house in months not because she’s pretty, and i could see the grossed out and alarmed look in their eyes. I’d be lying if i said that doesn’t hurt still.

Anonymous 81576

It is so easy to be beautiful and spend little money. It really comes down to how you present yourself to the world, your personality.

Anonymous 81579

Some people are naturally beautiful, and some people are ugly and make themselves beautiful or give the illusion that they are. It's kind of funny that people would put in all that effort. I'd rather just accept the way I look and look after myself. I hate the idea of plastic surgery and obsessing over every little detail. It's exhausting and its not good for you

Anonymous 81595

I do but it's not really the fact that they're pretty that I get jealous. It's how good they are at making friends, being social, dealing with guys. If I had that I would be a complete human instead of whatever I am now

Anonymous 81622

Everytime my guy friend describes a pretty woman he saw I get extremely envious tbh

Anonymous 81628

I’m really insecure about my appearance and lately I almost always feel envious seeing pretty women and I want to die a little sometimes. I don’t get jealous and hate them, I just wish I was pretty too or looked like them

Anonymous 81645



Being ugly suits my personality and life just like being a Stacy suits other women.

Anonymous 81648

This woman is not even remotely ugly good God no wonder you all hate yourselves it's pathetic

Anonymous 81659

How the fuck do do you rationalize talking this way, like a pathetic pickme degenerate. Actually showing this desperatw sad side of yourself WHILE IMPOSING YOUR SELF HATRED PICKME GARBAGE ON OTHER WOMEN. Shut the fuck up and stop posting here.

Its so fucking pathetic. Meanwhile youre perfectly aware men will never return half of the effort you put into appearance. They're ugly as sin 90% of the time and not even worth a quarter our time

It's so disgusting Jesus, women like you are the bottom of the barrel idiots and I'm sick of hearing the saf demented things that come out of your mouths on here. Are you like secretly en effing tranny?

In the mean time they keep taking away our rights, to birth control abortion. You jump right in line to be pickme trash. It's unrespectable and your kind are a joke and a disgrace, especially these days. My god grow a fucking spine, or shut up forever

Anonymous 81660

Unfortunately slapping the stupid out of this pickme would not be enough.

Anonymous 81661

i dont get why people are calling this anon a pickme. nothing about being alright with her current lifestyle sounds like she's asking anyone to pick her.

Anonymous 81664

Because she reeks to high heaven of internalized misogyny and its beyond offensive. Are you braindead anon? She should be forced to realize how it sounds, she deserves to hear it from SOMEBODY . Why should other women have to hear this garbage day in day out, to be made to feel like were all wastes of space made to turn on each other like body farm cattle??

This whole thread is honestly sad and kind of pathetic. Turning on other women like pickme degeneracy defines your entire life. What should I just pretend I don't see it?

Men are pretty god damn AWFUL looking most of the time, so pray tell me whats the point ? And their personalities are even worse

It's fucking insulting. You have to be braindead to not find it sad or insulting, or just live and breath misogyny.

This kind of garbage is exactly what shitty men want and you walk right into it like body farm cattle

Anonymous 81674

The fixation on ugliness, "stacies" as if you're 12 years old. When men are usually insultingly ugly.

It speaks to the real thoughts going through her head, on a daily basis, her real deep fixations
" oh oh but not jealous"

Oh OK lol

Why should any of us participate when men are usually insultingly ugly?? Serious here. Why should we internalize any of this when they never do?

You keep focusing on her "lack of jealousy" that's not the point at all.

If you're too mentally incapacited to see that maybe you live in a cave?

Just respond to my points anon. You cant and you wont so.. getting pretty convinced you're just a scrote.

Forget this one post though, this whole thread is pickme fuel. I think that's the bigger issue. It's all designed to bring out pickme desperation.

Anonymous 81676


the anon accusing that person of being a pickme inspired me to make this post, among previous happenings on crystal cafe


Anonymous 81680

Trivial things to you dear, because you're used to living like one. Not everyone lives with the same fixation on jealousy or no jealousy, ugly or not ugly like you're whole pathetic life is dictated by what ugly scrotes think

And whose to say the op, and most people itt would be appallingly jealousy driven irl lol

Anonymous 81682

No I'm really serious

How do you all STILL pretend women aren't bombarded with beauty brainwashing constantly ? And not see it in this thread?

And how do you pretend until you're blue in the face, jealousy between women isn't exactly what shitty men want and participate in this thread like you secretly want it?

This whole thread is pathetic pickme drivel for women who want it to continue.

Anonymous 81684

when somebody sounds more fixated on insulting someone else, than the other actual point, no wonder people think you're not worth their time

Anonymous 81686


Anonymous 81691

This whole thread is insulting so oh well it feels cathartic and satisfying

It's not me living with jealousy towards beautiful women. At least I know my existence isn't that diminished lol holy fuck

Anonymous 81692

Actually I think bullying the behavior out of people works. Just like bullying people for stupid behavior. It's mean but the world is mean idk. People need to hear harsh realities. It's good for them.

Anonymous 81695


I posted >>81645 three hours ago, took a short nap and come back to this. I'm so confused right now.

Anonymous 81703

Jealousy is a normal human emotion, everyone feels it.

Anonymous 81704

>I am ugly and spiteful as sin so I am just going to not recognise the concept of beauty
>If i'm not beautiful, NO ONE CAN BE!!!
What ever helps you cope

Anonymous 81714


Of all the shit in this thread, that is what set you off? Wow.

Unironically you sound like you've been going to war on Lolcow for years now. This type of stress response to someone having accepted themselves makes it seem like you're extremely uncomfortable with someone not acting the way you want them to.

You make up some neurotic, crazed shit about that accepting anon is pretending and obsessed with appeasing men just because she used the U word…even though the current system is heavily invested in women being terrified of the U word? Like. Wut. I'm not saying people should call themselves that, I agree about that and I think that anon acting like looks "suiting" people is regressive, but, wow.
Also the rant about men was extremely embarrassing and random. I say that as someone who has enjoyed man-rants before.

Similar vibes to a fat woman that polices people that at all say "fat" and think "fat" is a bad word and using it means you're self-hating and a Pickme. The best option would be to encourage a culture where no one cares to say it, not one where it's some terrifying, traumatizing word.

Anonymous 81715

are you actually a woman? lol

Anonymous 81723



If you mean internal beauty then yes (Unless you have some kind of mental illness. Because then fixing that = therapy = $$$ again.) , but I'm talking about conventional physical one. And one that you want for yourself, not for others, at that. Personality is what you show to the world, but it is ok for conventional physical beauty to be something you want for yourself and yourself only, not the male gaze. But that still costs money. I currently have a Winfred Fowl nose and acne scars that only $500+ treatments and plastic surgery would fix. I hate them and know I would feel at least 10% better about myself if they were gone, but those procedures do not come for free. It's reality.


>I hate the idea of plastic surgery and obsessing over every little detail. It's exhausting and its not good for you

Plastic surgery is apparently very common in South Korea so much so that some girls are gifted money to get it, for graduating. I hate excessive plastic surgery, but like all things in balance, some of it could help improve some people's looks if done with a skilled enough plastic surgeon. Hillary Duff is probably a good Western example.

Anonymous 81726


Reminds me of my sister, whom I adore. She hates unsolicited attention from random men (e.g. some Beavis at work). She prefers to dress androgynous, but since she's relatively attractive she only gets praise for wearing "pretty" stuff. Plus she's trying to get her career going and I'm guessing she would rather be judged on her merits rather than her looks (even despite the claim that looks would help). Maybe she'll change her mind long term, but it works for her now.

Anonymous 81728


I used to be "pretty", not AS pretty as OP pic but to the point where I got a lot of attention in my teens and 20s

My shit personality still got in the way all the time, you can look good and be a trainwreck and people will still not want to be around you. My sister modeled and this was true even of her most beautiful friends.

I always had plenty of male attention but I still wasn't guaranteed attention from the guys I actually wanted.

Male attention is not that valuable, and not that easy to exploit. Most women that swear they get things for free all the time just for being hot are lying, it's part of creating their own mystique. Just like women who invest tons of time into their appearance will swear it's effortless and natural ("i woke up like dis")

I never felt jealous towards other pretty women in any serious way UNTIL one shitty relationship, then it became a switch that was hard to turn off even though I didn't see anything wrong with me and I was still getting a lot of attention from other guys

My life is easier and better now that I've started to age out of my looks. I'm less pretty but I'm a lot smarter, and respect (and intimidation) gets you FAR more for less effort than lust

Beauty is a trap, it's not useful to us. We have more value than what we can manipulate out of some fucking moid

Anonymous 81729

I always thought She looked fine before she had it done. I mean she wasn't ugly or anything. I don't think she needed it
But its just I don't like the idea of modifying and shape shifting your face is grotesque. It should be for people with horrible accidents or deformities

Anonymous 81736

I’m lesbian, so it’s complicated.
I find them attractive and it makes me sad they’ll never notice someone like me, and on the other hand, I want to look like them, because online dating would be an option for me, if I weren’t shit looking (yes I tried it once, never again, people are brutal).

Anonymous 81753

>How many hot broke women do you know?
A ton and the ones who aren't broke have moidfriends to thank for that who are mostly vain faggots who went for them because they were already beautiful.
Beauty is cheap, it's varying matter of effort moreso than money.

Anonymous 81754


hilary looked way better before she fucked with her teeth, nose and lost weight

Anonymous 81757

No. I mean, I kinda envy that they are effortlessly pretty while I have to go through a whole routine to not dislike my reflection in the mirror, but I also know that many of these women still struggle with their image like many of us and that beauty fades for most as well. It's definitely good to be beautiful, it means money too, but it's just not enough if you inspire for more than being your husband's trophy wife. I do kind of respect the women who manage to build a career just on being pretty even if it sounds absurd - but beautiful things and beautiful people make the world better in their own way. I only hate them when they are really dumb, or shallow, and try to make themselves sound so perfect - being pretty does not mean you can't be "real" and honest. I think it actually gives them more responsibility as people will look up to them more (because we're always attracted to beautiful) and it can make their life harder as well.
But a pretty face with an ugly mind becomes a punchable face. That's why many celebrities are so annoying and despicable despite their nice physique : you can't stand them, especially the ones who fake being a good, smart person.
IRL tho, most pretty girls I've known were also nice. Not very intelligent but not worse than other people. So I like them, and I love how it frustrates scrotes that they can't have them.

Anonymous 81758

Oh and I absolutely love the older ones. I look at them, then I look at the fat balding men, and it gives me life.

Anonymous 81769



Then I should clarify "Hot broken women not unemployed or living paycheck to paycheck", because I'm pretty sure those women you know aren't actually that broke, have won the genetic lottery, and/or are spending exorbitant amounts of time and resources they don't have on maintaing their appearance. Effort is time and time is money too.

Just look at these thirdworld women in poverty. Do any of them look like a conventional 10/10? You won't see almost any of them looking like a celeb with access to the best skincare products, food, makeup, and plastic surgeons.

Anonymous 81777

Health is beauty
How to have health-> money
Third world women have it tough …

Anonymous 81793

>the U word
Please tell me this is not becoming a new trend…

Anonymous 81794

She didn't want to trigger the sensitive sperg anon.

Anonymous 81799


I love stacies and bimbos despite being somewhat of an ugly duckling. I don’t feel jealous or envious because I know 90% of their looks are just makeup, extensions, plastic surgery and dieting. If anyone wanted to look like them they could, it just requires money and hard work dieting and at the gym. Even a solid 3 like myself can bump up to a 7 with makeup and angles. I love Pixee Fox, Aletta Ocean and Katerina Roz. I love women who try to look like barbie dolls. I think they look absolutely amazing. The obsession with looks and surgery is problematic and kind of unfeminist, yes, but I still admire these women greatly. They seem to be fully in control of their relationships and lives and I like the fact that beta males are terrified of them and shrivel up in fear when confronted with them. It’s just a shame the bimbo movement has become co-opted by trannies. But apart from that I think these women add so much character and aesthetic to the world.

Anonymous 81801

Those women do nothing but backbreaking labor and domestic chores 24/7. No modern western women live like that.

Anonymous 81802

I love older stacies too. They’re always wickedly funny and wise because they’ve seen it all and know men too well.

Anonymous 81814


i've never known a single truly "effortlessly" beautiful girl. i've known gorgeous chicks that didn't wear makeup that still had endless skin/hair routines

that's the thing. if you have perfect features and your hair looks actually like shit, not just strategically tousled, and so does your skin, you're still gonna look like shit

"natural beauty" still takes work, and usually a special kind of work since you're masking the effort

Anonymous 81816

I have known a few effortlessly beautiful girls (they were extremely beautiful even when we were 12 in school and hadn’t used makeup yet) but you are correct most pretty girls you see now especially online have had plastic surgery and are using filters

Anonymous 81817


I love Russian and Eastern European Stacies.

Anonymous 81818

They are the alpha Chads of women.

Anonymous 81819



That's my point. Beauty isn't cheap for them, when they barely have enough money or time to even put food on the table.


You would love pop-folk singers from the Bulgarian label Planeta Payner then. A few to name are Maria, Desislava, Gloria, Gergana, and Ivana. Picrel is Ivana.

Anonymous 81820

Yes but tbh thats more like being healthy and taking care of yourself.

By effort I really meant the unnecessary stuff like makeup and stylish outfits. So yeah

Anonymous 81821

I really like the Bimbo looks except for the surgery part but sadly the "message" behind now is to be a troon or a sex objet for men. I've seen so many men say they love bimbos because they know what's their true worth and how to please to men, and there's also so much hardcore pornography about bimbos being the perfect sexdoll and stuff.
I was so sad when I found out because at first it was just women having fun and being pretty. They are so over the top that the bimbo look manages to be non comforming despite being all about femininity. It was the perfect compromise…

Anonymous 81822

I think it's really sad to be jealous of beautiful women honestly. It makes both sides bitter. And it can make it a curse for them as making them feel even lonelier than they should.
I mean most don't lack the attention but women who live for attention eventually become miserable. If you crave for more and don't get more you become miserable too.

I've never been mean to a girl because she's pretty or got more attention from the boys, even befriended them. Well there was no drama whatsoever. When everyone minds their business and respects each other when it's due, everything's good.
I'm always shocked when I hear about drama occuring because of some jealousy between girls. But tbh I've only seen it online from people who are miserable in general, IRL not so much

Its literally so simple but people let the bad emotions take over and ruin their lives. Sad

Anonymous 81823

Huh that’s weird cuz nearly every man I’ve talked to strongly dislikes bimbos, implants and only praises plastic surgery when it’s natural looking and makes them look 12 (like when Asians do it to intentionally look like they’re children)

Bimbos are far too sexy and intimidating for most men and only high T men, Chads and very rich men seem to like them. In a way I think these women do that on purpose though because they want to ward off the beta males anyway.

I haven’t seen much bimbo porn (I don’t watch porn anyway and it seems most men prefer teen looking natural girls who again look like children…ew) however I love the playboy shoots of the 80s and 90s where the blonde bimbo bombshell was in, I actually bought a few of those old vintage magazines and the visuals and the editing of those shoots is really stunning. I think in contrast to todays porn those shoots are extremely tame (most stuff men watch looks like open heart surgery, it’s gross). But yeah I would say many bimbos are self objectifying however I think most insecure incel type men strongly dislike their look.

Anonymous 81826

Correct most incels idea of the perfect woman is a submissive 14 year old natural blonde virgin orthodox Christian village girl from Russia who never wears makeup.

Anonymous 81851

It’s facetune

Anonymous 81856


I don’t think stacies are a product of just “extensions and make up and style” a pretty girl is a pretty girl no matter what she wears or if she’s broke and no amount of styling is gonna emulate a naturally beautiful woman. no offense but that sounds like a cope, i tried to be pretty before and i’m not someone who’s broke and struggling to eat. Make up shows in real life, it doesn’t hide my crooked nose or change my bone structure it just made me look cakey and insecure. In fact even though i am not pretty i was treated with more respect when i started going out without the makeup. Most women are average and somewhat cute which is why i think some of you believe mascara and a face mask is gonna solve the problem lol.

Anonymous 81866

You probably just aren’t doing the makeup right. Bad makeup can make you look 10x uglier. Good makeup can make you look 10x hotter. If you have a really jarring feature like a huge hooked nose, massive chin/jaw or elevenhead then yes makeup cannot do much to disguise that, it can however take attention towards your more pleasing features. If youre simply plain and average makeup can easily take you to a 8 or 9 and I know this because I’ve seen girls do it irl.

Anonymous 81944

ofc, i was not saying all men like bimbos. as i said its too over the top. also thats why the men who like bimbos are so weird about it, its a fetish for them while its only an aesthetic for random women who like to look like bimbos

Anonymous 81945

true. also tbh many beautiful women look better without their makeup (probably because of how its done, for exemple the pic above, the girl looks polished with the makeup but it hides her features so much that she looks way better without it)

Anonymous 81974

Who also has an hourglass body with huge hips and DDs

Anonymous 81978

>how dare you not bend over backwards to be attractive to men you fucking pickme
Do you realize how stupid you sound?

Anonymous 81981

Its a male

Anonymous 82036

And who also fucks and sucks like a porn star and does anal despite being a virgin

Anonymous 82065

I was mostly being sarcastic. But I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous 82602

Based. The way you've framed this will stick with me as I cope with not only my appearance but other qualities I struggle to embrace. The problem isn't that I'm unattractive or socially inept, it's that I'm not using my ugly and my retardation to the best of my ability. It's not about shaping our nature, it's about shaping our lifestyles to best suit what we naturally are.

Anonymous 82604

This was more reassuring than almost anything else in this thread, down to the minor detail of having had that switch "turned on" after a bad relationship. I had a relationship that lasted a few years which towards the second half was filled with gaslighting and chronic worry about his fidelity, which (thankfully) came true and so pushed me to leave him. Sadly though, I'm still paying for it with lasting trust issues, insecurity, self doubt, and an acute displeasure when I almost compulsively compare myself to more attractive women or even just the idea of "all women"/porn that looms over any man I could possibly be with that I will in some regards never stack up against (in other regards it is a good thing because one actual woman will always be more real, complex, and beautiful, if fully embraced, than the abstract variety of women out there)

I'm still young and not pretty enough to just get male attention on a whim, I come across as more "bookish" and masculine, especially to those I don't know so well, though I don't think I come across as disgusting or offputting physically or socially.

Anonymous 82606

Most of them are freaking gross and ugly soooooo what's the point

Anonymous 82607

It feels too one sided to obsess over your appearance and feel bad about it.

Anonymous 82688


As a former femcel, I have to be honest that I was very jealous of every Stacy, as they all seem to have the most perfect of lives since they get plenty of opportunities, connections, and promotion by themselves effortlessly - all of this without having had to talk to a scrote, as Stacies can absolutely get benefits with the halo effect from women like having a greater chance of getting a leadership position in a women-led NGO, more likely to get their fundraising goals completed like the typical socialite does, etc.

However, as I eventually got out of the crab mentality of femceldom, read plenty of feminist non fiction, and overall grew a sense of universal sisterhood by learning about Stacies' life experiences without judgement. My sense of envy and desire for her life eventually faded away completely and, in its stead, a sense of love for them grew within myself as I later realized how damaging the division between women is (dare I call this disunity the opposite of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" but I don't know how to phrase this) and how despicable it is to be someone who hates a Stacy's beauty despite the fact that she never choose to be born pretty, and overall nobody deserves get hate for one's appearances other than someone being fat on purpose and without having an underlying medical condition like thyroids.

Of course, while I am not a Stacy myself for simply getting out of femceldom, and at times I ponder what would I be like if I were born a Stacy. I am honestly happy with myself and the way I look as my slightly unconventionally attractive looks probably played a key role in me discovering my lesbian leanings; if I were born a Stacy, I am certain I would never have been appreciative of female beauty other than surface level, to be honest.

Pic sorta related on what I find attractive. P-Pls no bully.
Same. They become so graceful and elegant, you almost want to talk to one and befriend one just for the fashion tips alone.

Also as a kind side note, I am very happy that this thread barely talks about moids and we are focusing way more on women instead. Maybe because this is not /b/, or so?

Anonymous 82689

Thank you for sharing your insightful experience, anon.
Not a pretty woman, but surely getting too many things "for free" from moids, whether true or simply a lie, could be potentially dangerous and scary as they have become increasingly hostile towards "gold diggers," despite the fact that they themselves created the standard of men being providers, and they're only able to pay for a basic #1 menu burger.

Anonymous 82705


I haven't found a way to flip off that jealousy and impulse to compare myself to other women completely, but it's diminishing over time. I found it's important to remind myself every time I have those thoughts that I'm hurting myself pointlessly.

What HAS helped is focusing more on myself and developing literally any skill. Part of insecurity surrounding my appearance is that reinforcement that my looks are the MOST important part of me as a woman. Same with having a boyfriend who finds me attractive. The more I work on myself, the more I like myself and my looks seem to matter less.

I hope things keep getting better for you, and I'm glad my post helped even if only a little.


I agree. It reminds me of Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy culture (aka prostitution) and how dangerous that is already becoming. Aside from the obvious dangers to women, it's only fueling MRAs and incels who somehow still blame the women and not the men paying them

Anonymous 82806

I was bullied a lot and excluded by girls when I was growing up so understandably I ended up avoiding girls I would group with the “stacy” category but i’m also jealous they all seem confident and lead fun lives and have stable friendships and know what to say and how to look cool.
I remember in my major i fucked up because i hard such a hard time connecting to the people (both girls snd boys) since they all reminded me of the same group of girls that bullied me. Unfortunately for me i ended up with people that thrive off of drama but also turn it into a social issue.
Obviously now i try not to think in terms of “me vs stacy” since that’s cringe but I always recognize that small ball of anxiety in me when I meet someone that looks “normal”. I worry about how I look and how I talk far much and I obsess over being “normal” but I don’t know how to. I try to ignore all of that while copying people around me, i’m not projecting a false image of myself but I can’t interact with people I don’t know the same way I j interact with my friends.

Anonymous 82807

I want to mention that I have learned how to take care of my hair which definitely helped a lot. It’s curly so I never really new wtf I’m supposed to do with it, even how to sleep with it.

Anonymous 82810

Yes. I am ugly and I was bullied in middle school for my looks. My face is that bad that when I got fat they still bullied me for my face. Both my looks and psyche got better almost 10 years later but consequences can still be felt. I am so jealous of pretty girls and at the same time I hate them for taking good treatment and friendly attitude as granted.

Anonymous 82814

Yes. The thing is I'm ugly and not good at anything nor smart. It feels like most women are either pretty, pretty and have other great qualities or average/don't really fit beauty standards but are great at something else. With how dumb I am I would fit the role of a bimbo perfectly if I had the looks so I'm kinda upset I don't. It feels pretty unfair but it's not the fault of stacies of course so my frustrations aren't targeted at them but rather at myself.

Anonymous 82816

My body is mannish (yes, no feminine curves but that's the least of the problems of it) and huge even when I'm skinny. I wish I just had a NORMAL body. I remember seeing a video of myself and I genuinely looked like an ogre surrounded by my female peers in grade school and was taller than all the boys, too. People said I'd shoot up the school all the time, I was beaten up by boys and made fun of for looking like a man, etc. It was a miracle I had friends at all.

Facially, I have a jaw deformity + 4 bite issues that makes it hard to talk, and very goblin/elf features with pointy elf ears (I was born with them), a very droopy, bloaty triangular nose, and I am exhausted and have dark circles constantly. I am getting up with the years and have been on most acne meds, but still suffer from severe cystic acne.

On the upside though, never having been crept on/harassed in my entire life is a plus because I wouldn't have been able to handle it.
These days I do feel better about my looks and ignore them more because I've gotten a lot of new hobbies and am getting good at some things, but it kind of hurts to know that I'll never be able to face someone and not feel like some wretched leper. This is vanity, not just insecurity.

I wish I had focused more on my hobbies when young and not let myself get so scared of people. I hate being self-conscious in all the wrong ways. Not really the thread to ask for advice tho because Stacy envy isn't goals.

Anonymous 82817

Oh and before you say "it's in your head"–everything I mentioned I've received dozens of unsolicited insults about irl. I find it interesting people say stuff like "people don't care" because I wouldn't have started thinking these features were bad if people hadn't, especially to my face, treated them as some sort of tragedy.

Anonymous 82888

I’m sorry. Moids are so disgustingly cruel to unattractive girls. Hell, they’re cruel even to extremely attractive girls too. Women can’t win.

Anonymous 82901

Even if you looked like her you would still have your autistic socially repressed introverted personality. So you would most likely just get taken advantage of instead. Sorry nona.

Anonymous 82927

Thanks for the care, anon. Though, I feel as if it's less of a man thing by this point. Haven't talked to a man irl nor been insulted by one in, like, 5 years now, which is a positive imo.

Got a haircut, taking off my mask for the first time in 2 years in public during it. At first I felt so good because the stylist made me feel at ease. We both had similar hyperspecific hobbies and it was so fun nerding out…but then I just sat there like a zombie by the end. My reflection was so scary, like death staring back at me. I am still confused at how terrible I looked, but I'm sure I'll get over it in a few days.

I just wish I knew how to become less self-conscious.

Anonymous 83008

Not OP, but despite having no social skills I'm very extroverted, I just like people even if they don't like me back. I think I would do well.

Anonymous 83057

Just spookymaxx. Be a cool zombie girl.

Anonymous 83088

i understand feeling jealous but they are literally just existing in their bodies, hating them for it is only feeding the patriarch!

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