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All moids with short hair should be tortured and fucking dead Anonymous 82101

Especially those who had long hair and cut it. God, they voluntarily turn themselves repulsive. It's fucking everywhere, reddit, youtube etc today. And people around praise them, motherfuckers. Liking men with short hair is such a COPE. COPE.
>your new haircut looks so good uWu
Fuck why women's needs are so dismissed that you can't even trust a subreddit specifically for moids with long hair, it is still a male circlejerk when you can loudly announce your exit by posting a pic with your hair cut short. In a motherfucking long hair sub. Kys please to the people who do this. All I want is to crush their sculls, pump their veins with acids and rip their asses in half. Why do moids get to look at beautiful women and I am left with uglies to cope with? Fuck fuck fuck. Why am I the only one furious with it? Am i broken or what?

Anonymous 82103


Anonymous 82105


God 82127


Anonymous 82128

do you live in fear of what you've created

Anonymous 82129

I literally feel the exact opposite. Long hair on men disgusts me.

Anonymous 82131

All moids with short hair should *be forced to grow it.

Anonymous 82132

Beards are disgusting imo. My #1 turn off, might even go so far to say that it's a dealbreaker.

Anonymous 82134


Anonymous 82135

No one cares

Anonymous 82136

are you good

Anonymous 82140

It just starts to look bad when they start balding. In this case they should just shave it. But other than that long hair should be the standard.

Anonymous 82141

Supplements exist y'know. I would still take a balding moid with long hair than a shaved one. They still should be eliminated from gene pool and sterilized, so in case a coping lady decides to fuck one, they won't multiply and create more uglies.

Anonymous 82142

Cope harder. 90% of women look just like the male fantasy, while there's like 2% of men who have their hair longer than 5cm. Why are men allowed to have a preference while if you're a woman you are told to shove yours up your ass and suck it up. I am sentenced to life with uglies.

Anonymous 82145


You're right, only handsome men with beautiful long hair are allowed to exist. 9/10 men are doing themselves a disservice by not growing out their hair (and taking care of it!!) No facial hair allowed though, beards are fucking gross.

Anonymous 82146

pretty sure most men only have short hair because it's just what's currently normal
i mean, isn't that why you have long hair? who even thinks about this?

Anonymous 82147


Anonymous 82148

I dunno, most guys with long hair don't do anything with it so it looks average.

Anonymous 82149

Lol i have short hair. I want the system to be turned upside down

Anonymous 82151

Why do pickmes even use this site?

Anonymous 82152

same. I have short(ish) hair (wavy bob, looks really good) where's my bf with shiny long hair to his shoulderblades? smh

Anonymous 82154


Anonymous 82155

Listen here's why things are the way they are: it starts with men because men are the "default" and women are a deviation from the "default" which is sexist af. Anyway so it starts with men. The good majority of men can't be arsed to put any effort into their looks besides maybe going gym, so their hair is short because that's convenient and 0% effort. So women get the opposite of the default: long hair! Because our hair can't be short, no no no that wouldn't be "feminine"!

Anonymous 82160


op, you remind me of myself if i was way more of the rails. keep being you

Anonymous 82161

nta, kys.

Anonymous 82167


based and truthpilled. it's like the only thing they have going for them and they handicap themselves by cutting it off? male retardation knows no bounds. their hair needs to be a little below ear length or picrel at minimum

Anonymous 82168

>pic rel length
This is the ideal. But in saying this, some men suit it longer than that and some suit it short. But what is never acceptable unless they are heavily balding is a buzz cut. If this is the case then he should just shave it

Anonymous 82172

Lol moid? Why? Are you kidding?? Because it's revolting being surrounded by men that make you feel numb, while they're surrounded by pretty women. I understand the op in a way. It's truly disgusting to behold lol

Anonymous 82184

>it starts with men because men are the "default" and women are a deviation from the "default" which is sexist af.
i'm not sure what you mean by this is how it relates to fashion trends
>The good majority of men can't be arsed to put any effort into their looks besides maybe going gym, so their hair is short because that's convenient and 0% effort.
well i do agree with that, though maybe that would change if more women demanded men with long hair
>So women get the opposite of the default: long hair! Because our hair can't be short, no no no that wouldn't be "feminine"!
plenty of men like women with short hair, just do what you want, why would you want a man who doesn't like what you like anyway?

Anonymous 82186


op despite you sounding completely deranged i cant help but feel the same

Anonymous 82187

This is why Jesus is the sexiest saviour

Anonymous 82188

sometimes just a moustache works ngl
i dont like beards much usually unless theyre really well groomed, and there are many that dont and have food and shit stuck in there

Anonymous 82192

download (1).jpeg

Jesus probably didn't have long hair. There are few descriptions of him, almost all depictions of him today and imagined by artists several centuries after he died. The style for Jews at the time was short hair, and the earliest depictions of him draw him with short hair.

Anonymous 82195

Iirc Christ was only drawn that way to make him resemble stereotypical philosophers. They also started to use beards on him for this reason.

Anonymous 82196

Pretty sure you’re wrong, one of the commandments in the Torah is that men don’t shave 1/4 of their head which is why the orthodox ones always have sidelocks

> “The custom for Jewish men to anoint their hair and beards with sacred oil goes back to the Bible.” The custom of religious Jews wearing beards is rooted in a passage in the Biblical book of Leviticus that forbids “destroying” beard edges and prohibits shaving with a blade.

Anonymous 82209

oh god my crush used to have this hair length and it drove me wild. i don't think shorter is always better, but super long hippy hair on guys is definitely unattractive to me.

Anonymous 82218

Who even thinks about hippies anymore. Most men who have hair this long are metalheads

Anonymous 82415

I hate men but I hate men with long hair even more because they remind me of trannies who I hate even more than cis moids

Anonymous 82448

Mustaches and beards look weird to me. Mustaches even more. I hate beards with a passion though.

Anonymous 82458

so true

Anonymous 82466


>short cut AND a beard

Anonymous 82513

I love long hair too, too bad men bald.

Anonymous 82524

what are the warning signs of a man going bald>>82513

Anonymous 82526

he constantly hides his hair with hats

Anonymous 82528

thats obvious but what im saying is warning signs as in he has hair in the present but what if he loses it in the future. that kind of thing u know?

Anonymous 82529


Anonymous 82535

Anything past the jaw gets into long territory for me but I personally don't like it until it falls past the shoulders.

Anonymous 82540

High hairlines and thin looking hair at a youngish age are usually a red flag, but plenty of guys with full, thick hair go completely bald too (see like, most musicians from the 80s). Also, half of all men will experience some balding, so flip a coin and pray or dump him when he hits the wall.

Anonymous 82583

nta, but it isn't a word used to warn of oncoming danger? Akin to the canary in the gold mine.

Anonymous 82641

Matt Smith is one of the ugliest human beings I've ever seen

Anonymous 82643

old and ugly

Anonymous 82916

hes sexy asf but i have thing for men like that

Anonymous 82917

man i used to shag who recently abandoned me tomove back across the country shaved off all his hair a couple of weeks ago. safe to say any feels i had were quickly lost.

Anonymous 82919

Can I ask what would happen to my granddad in your longhairigarchy? Before he died (his heart exploded I didn't torture and kill him) he had the same hairline as Patrick Stewart, but a big, long, ponytail. Does this count as long hair?

Anonymous 82926

This is too good, I have to screencap it. You based autist

Anonymous 82937

Hairline and hair thickness can be indicators, but I don't think their super accurate until the guy actually starts balding. I think root/ scalp strength is a better indicator, see how much resistanse there is when you pull out one of his hairs. Easiest way though is to just look at his parents and grandparents

Anonymous 82940

Some autist on /tv/ posts about this guy and seethes that he slept with his waifu Anya Taylor joy or whatever her name is, the girl with the weird alien face

Anonymous 82941

My boyfriends maternal grandpa has a thick full head of hair at the age of 90 . He has no signs of balding either. I think you need to look at the maternal line as that’s where the bald gene comes from?

Anonymous 82981

>thats where the bald gene comes from
for most genes, its completely random with parent the child inherits it from. Afaik only exceptions to this are Y chromo and mitochondrial dna. Not 100% sure though so correct me if im wrong

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