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How to accept that someone just doesn't love you? Anonymous 82889

How to accept that someone just doesn't love you? My brain keeps making excuses, looking for small signs, but reality and action of the person say that they simply don't give a shit about me. Just today I heard how he was talking of the phone with his girlfriend, he said 'I love you' to her, but I still just can't accept that. It's like I'm just straight up delusional. How to move on?

Anonymous 82891

Getting as much distance as you can and trying to keep busy. That's the only way I found, someday it will go away. Accepting that you're worthy of love nonetheless makes this process faster

Anonymous 82902

Read up on limerence. I’ve been there too

Anonymous 82907

Women aren’t this entitled, you sound like a tranny lol.

Anonymous 82909

Can't relate, if I heard the guy I liked say "I love you" to someone else that would be the moment I would shut off any more of my feelings for him, like he's been tainted or made rotten.

I would mourn the limerence I felt for him and mourn the death of what I imagined as an ideal lover, but even then I would ultimately move on. He would have to prove to me he really likes and wants me to not be utterly ruined in my eyes after that. Too bad men are too greedy, shallow, and pathetic to even disown their abusive exes a lot of the time.

Anonymous 82913

i guess you must really like him or something but its kind of a weird behaviour i think.

you need to distance yourself from him. thats the first step because its a bit of an obsessive behaviour and its objectively bad for any kind of relationship.

then idk, can't relate so its really the only advice i can give. also it kind of depends where that comes from. are you feeling entitled? jealous? is it like that with every relationship? friendly, romantic? is there any background or really just you having a hard time figuring when you have to give up? etc. it depends where that comes from. different problems different solutions

Anonymous 83021

cut them off as soon as possible. delete their existence from your life. try to figure out what you were like prior to infatuation.

Anonymous 83038

brenton kys.png

kill him then yourself

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