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so based so pogger…

baby fever Anonymous 82918

i have really bad baby fever and i know its silly but its really starting to get to me. im 21 years old, work part time because im a student and have never had a long term partner. so many people i know are having babies and it fills me with envy.

Anonymous 82920

Ha I’m the opposite, I see tons of friends getting preggo and giving birth but since I always felt “behind” in life experiences I want a little more time to party before I get on that train. And not just that but also get really good at my job (career one day?) and find hobbies I will enjoy doing for a long time.

Anonymous 82925


You should give yourself time to estabilish a good life and environment for the kid. If you really want it, you shouldn't rush it when you are still a student. Prepare yourself, build a home for the baby. And remember nona - abort all males.

Anonymous 82942

thanks for the advice. and frl, there's no way im bringing a male into this world.

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