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How do i cope with being fr*nch? Anonymous 84133

Our country is ugly, everything sucks, the world hates our guts for being ugly arrogant colonialists assholes there is crime and terrorism all the time.
How do i cope?

Anonymous 84149

I never understand that whole French hate thing people play up online now. They'd still be eating hay and living under the ownership of a feudal lord if it weren't for the French Revolution. But yeah, like >>84139 said, just move to Spain or Italy or something, the two main European countries who were too incompotent to commit colonial attrocities. Hang on a minute, I'm getting a phone call from someone called "North Africa".

Anonymous 84161

When you get upset remember that at least you are not from Eastern Europe or the Balkans.

Anonymous 84172

i'm from the balkans and i see nothing wrong? except for rampant corruption.

Anonymous 84176

Aren't you one UN peacekeeping force away from Yugoslav Wars Part 2?

Anonymous 84180

Our country is definitely not ugly, maybe if you live in the ghetto in the capital, i get it then. I live in the south and i think it's the most beautiful place. I have mountains, the sea, the climate is good all year round, there's forests, big fields, lakes, anything you can think of in terms of landscapes we have it.

As for the world hating us, i agree with this nona >>84149 our culture had its flaws like any powerful culture, but we had such an impact worldwide in basically every field you can imagine. Arts, philosophy, science, politics, etc. Any country that ever had the power to colonize did it. It's a human thing, and minorities telling you you're a dirty colonialist would have the same shameful history if their country had the capacity to do it as well at any point in time. Not that we have to be proud of it, it's just delusional to think other people wouldn't have done it because they're much better human beings than us. It had nothing to do with race, everything to do with power. Besides, that's not the only thing we did, like i've touched on, i'd say we can be proud of the influence of our country in terms of human rights all over the globe, which is more than some other countries with an history of colonialism can say.

Terrorism sucks though, but well… Muslim invasion, what can i say.

Anonymous 84186

atleast you are not russian

Anonymous 84188

>there is crime and terrorism
Oh tais-toi. Tu peux me dire quand était le dernier attentat en France ?

Anonymous 84189

C'est vrai qu'elle exagère et que ça commence à dater, mais quand tu fais le compte, nous restons l'un des pays qui a été le plus touché par le terrorisme (voir le plus touché ?).

Anonymous 84193

T'es au courant qu'il y a des pays avec des attaques terroristes à peu près toutes les semaines (Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalie, etc.) ? La France a des tas de problèmes, mais ça reste un pays très sûr.

Anonymous 84196

Tu parles ici de pays à la sécurité intérieure instable, voir de pays en guerre. Le terrorisme ce n'est pas la guerre. Les attaques que nous avons subies sont d'une autre nature, même si la terreur et la souffrance engendrée par la violence est partout la même.

>mais ça reste un pays très sûr.

C'est justement parce que la France est un pays très sûr que le fait qu'il se soit fait attaquer de manière récurrente est extraordinaire au sens propre du terme. Les autres pays que tu mentionnes, malheureusement, ne peuvent pas en dire autant.

Mais ces attaques se sont amoindries comme je le disais je suis d'accord qu'OP exagère, de toute façon.

Anonymous 84197

I hate frogs so much.
My dad was a frog and made us go to a french school our whole life. We had teachers from France and God they were the most unlikable cunts ever. Always angry, rude, and mean. I had one who would punish you by making your write down all the conjugations for the verb avoir multiple times, and once you were done he would rip the papers in front of you and the whole class. Fucking psycho.
The language is so fucking ugly as well. The choice of words and tone that french people use is always so rude and arrogant. They speak to each other in such a mean way yet it's normal. I swear this is why they are all such angry stuck up cunts.
And if they are not moody bitches, they are so weird. Every french person I know can be split into two categories, very weird but nice or angry and rude.
What I hate the most is probably the fake superficial politeness. God forbid you don't say good morning, but then they treat you like trash. I wish France would disappear from the map.

Anonymous 84200

Issue with French culture is that you are raised to be arrogant, icky, and insufferable people, who get disgusted and repulsed simply by accidentally bumping shoulders with someone on a bus. Not sure about rural people, but this is in fact absolutely true for people from cities. Parisians are easily the most repulsive and insufferable people I have ever met, truly people with a god complex. In no other place have I met anyone as sour and as arrogant as the average Parisian, not in England, Germany, or America.

Anonymous 84208

I'm sorry that was your experience, it's indeed known in France that parisians are mostly stuck up, cold and arrogant, even to other french people (who are not parisians). Of course like any generalization it's not 100% true, but as a french person it's also the sentiment i had everytime i went to Paris.

I'd say the more you go in the south, the warmer the people are. I've lived in the south all my life and it's really different there, the culture is mediterranean unlike the northern part of France and people are actually so open it's hard to live there as an introverted person sometimes kek. We're more open but it has its cons, like people can be very loud and obnoxious, but as someone who always lived around mediterranean people i find the quietness and coldness of people from the north makes me anxious. I'm too used to the extravaganza of the south.

Anonymous 84214

Just be grateful you're not British like me lol.

Anonymous 84225


>Our country is ugly
I think this is a silly thing to say, you can find horrible eyesore cities in most countries.


Very cute post.

Anonymous 84275

move out

Anonymous 84332

No, because there are as much bougnoules in Paris, if not more, and the vibe is still very different. The south had an history and a clear defined identity before immigration, you know? C'est donner beaucoup de crédit aux immigrés nord-africains que de penser qu'ils ont édifié la culture méditerranéenne en France, alors qu'elle les précède largement.

Anonymous 84341

The absolute state of Frenchies.

Anonymous 84346

rien à foutre qu'on hait notre pays mais les conditions de vie commencent à se dégrader sérieusement oui

Anonymous 84347

par contre c'est un très beau pays encore hein, Paris c'est effectivement moche à côté du joli village médiéval moyen. ce pays a tous les paysages possibles, sauf le désert, a de vraies saisons, différentes cultures régionales donc différentes mentalités et traditions, etc. c'est un pays d'une grande beauté et diversité.

je pense que tu devrais déménager. pas de pays mais trouve toi un coin joli, tranquille et bien entretenu dans une région pas loin de la mer ou des montagnes selon ta préférence.

Anonymous 84348

je suis surprise qu'il y'ait autant de française ici tiens.

Anonymous 84357

>has a complaint
>hasn't gone on strike over it
Something doesn't add up here

Anonymous 84386

we cant go on strike about issues that are related to immigration..

Anonymous 84406

Anonymous 84408

Ntayrt but muslims are already beheading teachers and priests in our country, and you think we can just go out in the street and say we don't want this backward culture in our country anymore without repercussion, especially as women? It's extremely dangerous to be against muslims because they are insane.

Anonymous 84424

From what I’ve seen, backlash against Muslim extremism works. They got their shit kicked in in Myanmar by Buddhists, and Hindus don’t tolerate their terrorist bullshit at all. They’ve been driven out of many villages by angry Hindus. The solution to Islamists definitely isn’t to kowtow to them. All Abrahamic religions are disgustingly patriarchal in nature and should be abolished.

Anonymous 84427

I live in the south as well and its just as shitas the rest, france is ugly af

Anonymous 84428

this entire country is an eyesore
Britain is better

Anonymous 84430


Y'a plus de crime et de terrorisme ici qu'en angola.
Y'en a quasiment tout les jours sans compter les centaines d'aks et de rpgs qu'on retrouve dans certains quartiers.

Anonymous 84431

To where? how?

Anonymous 84432

Mensonges, la france c'est un trou a merde dégeulasse sans nature, travail ni avenir. Tes villages idylliques ne sont peuplés que de riches expatriés et le prix minimum d'une maison là bas et de 500k.

Anonymous 84452

Yeah, no. Islam in Myanmar represents 4% of the population, of course when there are so few of them they shut the fuck up and you can bully them so they don't destroy your country and endanger women with their repulsive culture. France is another case, we are invaded, muslims are in every city, small villages, in many places you only see muslims. It's easy to act against a minority, but the sad truth in France is that muslims are not a minority anymore. They pop out kids like crazy, every year more muslims emigrate from north africa to France and with the laws in France anytime a man emigrate he can come with his family automatically (wife, children). And the libs are licking their boots for progressive points so there's even less possibility to criticize anything, as if the danger they represent wasn't enough your own people would go against you and defend them. When people say the west is dying, they aren't lying, it's not just an argument of the alt-right.

Anonymous 84453

Grave. Qu'elle aille se balader gare du nord ou à la gare Marseille saint-Charles, ou dans les quartiers et cités. La criminalité existe dans toute société, mais on a atteint un stade ahurissant et elle ne s'en rend pas compte parce qu'on a tous l'habitude de cette vie de merde pleine d'insécurité.

Anonymous 84457

Non parce que je ne parle pas de race comme une autiste, et je n'ai aucun problème à ce que la France accueille des noirs, des bruns, des tout ce que tu veux (je ne suis même pas blanche moi-même). Je parle juste de la pire religion qui soit, et de l'état objectif de la France que je connais bien ayant été très pauvre dans ma vie j'ai connu ces quartiers.

Et je doute que l'autre moid qui spamme sa merde soit féministe radical comme je le suis.

Anonymous 84463

Are these images seriously from France? I love France do you want to trade places with me???

Most of what I've seen of France is gorgeous. Op you are really blessed. I dated a guy from Paris a long time ago and he said Paris was awful and dangerous. I scoured that city on google street view to look for an awful place and I couldn't find any. He was so snooty and spoiled but we had great conversations until I broke up lol… he was so fucking weird god that was a wierd time in my life. I am also fucking wierd so it worked out I guess for a time :v

Anonymous 84464

Yeeeek I can't believe you didn't mention china. But it's hideous the way they do anything in china.

Anonymous 84466

j'ai toujours eu du mal à comprendre les radfem ultra pro-immigration et pro-islam.
Soit elles veulent demontrer leur vertu, soit elle sont tellement bourgeoise qu'elles ont jamais été confronté à l'immigration musulmane, je vois que ça

Anonymous 84468

>Are these images seriously from France?
yes, most of these arent even from paris but from marseille, lyon, perpignan etc.
>I love France do you want to trade places with me???
gladly where are you from, france is a disgusting shithole, only those who dont know the country like it.
>Most of what I've seen of France is gorgeous
no its ugly af, even the "pretty" part are bland compared to other countries

Anonymous 84472

Pas juste marseille, même dans mon bled de montagne de 1000 habitants tu vois des débiles avec le slip sous les couilles qui se battent dans la rue et menaçent de te planter si tu les regarde mal.

Anonymous 84482

Pareil, jamais compris et ça m'a toujours enragée parce que j'ai vécu au milieu de ces déchets moi contrairement à elles. Je pense que c'est les deux en même temps, elles veulent démontrer leur vertu car elles sont trop privilégiées pour avoir constaté par elles-mêmes le danger que c'est. Je refuse de croire qu'une féministe qui a vécu comme moi au milieu de ces gens puisse les défendre, ou alors elle le fait par peur d'être politiquement incorrecte mais sans conviction profonde, y a plein de gens qui osent pas dire qu'ils en ont ras le bol de l'islam.

C'est vrai, t'as raison.


Mais je m'en tape des gens qui se regroupent, je parle de leur culture arriérée et de leur religion misogyne de merde. Quand je vois un groupe d'anglais ou de chinois rester entre eux je m'en tape le coquillard, c'est pas mon problème. Par contre qu'on voile des petites filles (ou des grandes d'ailleurs) parce que leur corps tout entier est péché, qu'on accepte que dans cette culture de cinglés les hommes soient rois pendant que les petites filles apprennent à être des esclaves pour les besoins d'un homme dès 8 ans (homme qui de toute façon a le droit à plusieurs femmes donc t'es l'esclave d'une pauvre merde qui ne te restera même pas fidèle mais son Dieu lui a donné l'autorisation donc ça va), que le viol soit à peine reconnu parce que si tu t'es faite violer c'est la honte pour toi et ta famille, faut que tu sois vierge pendant que les hommes couchent à droite à gauche durant toute leur jeunesse, le mariage forcé existe toujours dans ces cultures en >2022<. T'as pas l'impression que l'islam ça ne va pas avec le féminisme, non, dans ta tête tout va bien t'es cohérente, et moi "je cherche un ennemi facile" ? En quoi il est facile cet ennemi d'ailleurs, vu que si je disais tout ce que je dis là devant ma famille musulmane on voudrait me tuer ? Car oui, je suis métisse marocaine française, et ma famille des deux côtés est ou a été très pauvre pendant la majeure partie de mon enfance/adolescence. La différence entre ma famille française et l'autre partie est gigantesque, bien sûr il n'y a pas que des pourris dans ma famille marocaine et il y a quelques déchets dans ma famille française, mais la culture musulmane est abominable et ils haïssent la France, je pense que c'est aussi ça le cœur du problème la jeunesse immigrée se moque de détériorer le paysage, de tout casser, brûler des voitures, même d'agresser des femmes françaises parce que ce sont des "étrangères". Ils n'aiment pas ce pays, ils s'en foutent de le détruire, c'est un terrain de jeu pour eux. Bien sûr y a toujours des blancs qui se joignent à ça, mais par imitation. Toi ça se voit que t'as vécu loin de tout ça, enlève tes œillères deux secondes et tu verras la calamité. C'est pas la pauvreté qui rend les gens comme ça, les musulmans riches ne sont pas moins des grosses merdes, t'as déjà vu un riche saoudien ? Moi j'en ai vu beaucoup dans le milieu dans lequel je travaille, et ce sont des merdes dont la misogynie et le retard mental transpirent par tous les pores. Va vivre avec eux, tu me feras un compte-rendu on verra si ta grande vertu et tolérance n'est pas mise à rude épreuve.

Anonymous 84484

Je veux aller en France. Quels endroits recommandez vous de visiter ? Mon français c'est un peu (trop) mauvais.

Anonymous 84485

Yeah I honestly think most of the worlds problems are caused by Christians Muslims and Jews lol.

Anonymous 84487

en Bretagne et en Normandie y'a des endroits sympa, dans le sud généralement les gens sont plus marrant mais y'a aussi plus de criminalité. Honnêtement tant que tu restes loins des trop grandes villes tout est cool (à part le nord, c'est triste le nord)

Anonymous 84488

China goes a bit too far, they’re interring people for like 20 years for wearing a hijab or for men growing a beard. But Islamic terrorism in that area is all but abolished now. It’s a shame they went to such extreme lengths, but it goes to show that if you fight fire with fire it can work. I don’t support jailing or killing random Muslims. But to be fair, Muslims in India, Myanmar and China were causing a lot of trouble and the governments are right to crack down on it before they totally take over the place.

Anonymous 84489

>Honnêtement tant que tu restes loins des trop grandes villes tout est cool
Donc Paris ne va pas ?

Anonymous 84498

ça dépend, honnêtement tout les trucs de touristes bullshit style Tour Eiffel c'est un peu nul. Y'a des quartiers qui sont très beau et ou y'a pas trop de touristes (dans le 3eme arrondissement, 6eme aussi). Tant que tu t'aventures pas trop tard et que tu restes dans la ville ça peut être sympa. Paris est quand même une très belle ville de manière générale.
I live in the suburbs and it really sucks, probably the worst place in France, tied with Marseille.

Anonymous 84500

Same, used to live nearby creteil

Anonymous 84512

>this entire country is an eyesore
lmao what a poor falseflag attempt

Anonymous 84513

>britain is better
what ? in which way

Anonymous 84514

Its not france is unironically one of the blandest, ugliest areas in europe.
Safer, better economy, more jobs, more coast, some areas are less crowded than anywhere in france.

Anonymous 84515

Yes? Have you ever seen any latin american country? Who are the ones who group into gangs and cartels, and commit some of the worst atrocities to known to man? It's always the poor and uneducated.
Sorry but being born poor puts you in a shit environment that eventually turns you into a monster because everybody near you is stuck in the cycle of poverty, ignorance, and abuse. That's just how it is, fucking retarded frog.

Anonymous 84522

Yeah well i live in TEXAS the progressive capital of america. I donno if i could trade for your muslim extremists but id trade for some southern france and a decent electrical grid.

Anonymous 84523

show me this place. post a google street view link, and i will show you a hell in houston that will make you want to gouge your eyes out

Anonymous 84524


Anonymous 84525

Anonymous 84530

the suburb in paris looks like this 90% of the time, small houses and appartements buildings with the occasional public housing project:

Houston looks like the worst city to live in if you hate driving, i dont think i've ever seen a city less dense than this

Anonymous 84532

Bien sûr que les autres religions puent la merde aussi, sont misogynes, etc. Mais je dois dire que j'attends encore de voir un juif ou un chrétien moderne décapiter un innocent pour faire plaisir à son Dieu.

This is a gigantic cope the corrupted and unhinged use to excuse being a shitty person. "But they're poor, that's why they are like that!"

No. I've been poor all my childhood and know many very poor people, and none of them would ever entertain the idea of being in a gang, in a cartel, or a muslim terrorist, you deluded freak.

Culture and environment matter in anthropological behaviour, sure, but it has nothing to do with being poor, nothing at all. Many extremely poor people live healthy, virtuous lives and have a good heart, so i would like it if you virtue signalling fools would stop acting like we don't have any sense of agency for our behaviour in this life. We're not puppets. Ultimately even culture and environment don't make choices for you.

But why do i even explain that to someone who couldn't even read properly the post they're responding to.

Anonymous 84555

Southern france is an ugly overpriced hellhole

Anonymous 84556

These are pretty!

Anonymous 84560


>Its not france is unironically one of the blandest, ugliest areas in europe.
says you



Anonymous 84568

If being poor turned you into a criminal the French abandoned countryside would be crime-ridden. This is high level copium. It's a matter of people first and foremost.

Anonymous 84571

Damn you're right I misread your post lmao. Don't agree with the rest tho.

I think you're the one coping. I've also been poor and have lived among a LOT of poor people, and it definitely matters. It does have to do with being poor, because poor people are born in an environment with no/bad values, no good education, harsh living conditions, and abuse. Children raised in those environments are much more likely to turn to crime and extremism.
I don't give a fuck if you and your direct circle of buddies turned out alright, it doesn't change the fact that poor populations and areas are ridden with violent crime, child abuse, rape, substance abuse, domestic abuse, etc.
Obviously not every single poor person is going to be a criminal.


Yes of course it is, but why do you think those people turn out bad? Because they are born bad? No. I'm not saying poor = bad people, I'm saying poor = shit environment growing up + less opportunities = worse people.

Poor people from the countryside will also have negative traits stemming from poverty. But it all depends on what kind of poverty you went through. In the countryside there is no organized crime and they have low population density, so I imagine things are different. I don't know what kind of issues you have in the french countryside.
In my country, crime was also lower in the poor countryside compared to the city. But you still got a lot of petty crimes and degenerate behavior like incest, zoophilia, child abuse. People also have to be armed because you never know when somebody is going to try to break in and steal a chicken or something.

Anonymous 84573


>one of the blandest, ugliest areas in europe

Anonymous 84587

You can strawman all you want, the absurdity of it is clear. You just have to read the rest of my post to get the point. Ultimately you can transcend everything by just being a good person out of your own free will, you know, the thing that makes us humans and not animals. That's my fucking point. I've been surrounded by pieces of shit and i didn't become one. Seethe.

>It does have to do with being poor, because poor people are born in an environment with no/bad values, no good education
This is just absolutely untrue. Kek, do you realize how crazy that sounds that only the rich can have values? Actually i remember reading a study a few years ago explaining the direct opposite; the richer you are, the more detached from your innate sense of empathy you are, was what it highlighted among other things. Comfort does that very naturally to people, you just underestimate life difficulties when you didn't go through it at any point in your life, and it's hard to care about the effects it has on other people when you can't even grasp said effects.

>it doesn't change the fact that poor populations and areas are ridden with violent crime, child abuse, rape, substance abuse, domestic abuse, etc.

That's also incredibly dumb to think rich people don't have these issues, they just hide it because the higher you are economically, the more appearances matter. Rich people rape, beat their wife, etc. Poor people live in misery so they don't have to hide anything because no one around cares anyway and everyone is too busy dealing with their own shitty life. Thus my previous point: the difference is what you decide to do with yourself, being poor or not doesn't matter. I would even argue that being rich makes all those crimes easier because you have less chances to face consequences when you have power and/or money.


Sure it's a disadvantage, but take a good person with strong core values and whether they're rich or not, they will discipline themselves around bad people. Like i've said, it's just easier to see the bad people when you're in poverty because they don't care to hide.

Anonymous 84588


We have the highest crime in europe by far
france is ugly af your pic is a shopped picture of an expat only city (chamonix) not even joking lots of barsare closed to french people and you can get beaten up for nothing there. Also all houses are 800 000 euros starting.

Anonymous 84589

Also our parts of the alps are the ugliest and most overpopulated by far hence proving my point that france is an ugly grim shithole

Anonymous 84591


Isn't it hideous?

Anonymous 84593

Just ler her do her thing and don't bother, she's autistic as fuck and will respond to you that this is also ugly, or photoshopped. For some reason she wants to believe that France is ugly no matter what, and wants to propagate the lie online. France is gorgeous in many places, including the capital (admittedly there are also very ugly and dirty places there).

Anonymous 84616

>Too incompotent to commit colonial attrocities

Anonymous 84617


A cherrypicked picture of an expat only village which already sucks. Great…
No its not its a disgusting shithole. I wish id lived anywhere else but here.

Anonymous 84860

I don't get it either, most of it is probably just cope from Angloids because countries like France have an actual culture beyond consumerism. From an outside perspective it seems like the French are doing a much better job at resisting the Americanisation of their society than any other Western European country. Maybe this is what makes the Angloids seethe about France so much.
I've been to France several times personally, Paris is a shithole but the rural areas are really beautiful, especially in the North. I liked Brittany and Normandy especially. I haven't been to the South much and as a German I don't really vibe with the Mediterranean mentality and weather, but that is a matter of personal taste more than anything.
Muslim extremists are a problem but at least the French seem to have more balls about it than other countries, they ban burqas in public and even hijabs in schools iirc. Several desert caliphate shitholes made France public enemy No. 1 over their treatment of religion. Maybe I'm wrong but France seems better than Germany etc. in that regard.
I'd switch places with you if I could OP.

Anon, city people are cunts literally everywhere. It's a consequence of densely crowded spaces, human social behaviour evolved around tribes of 50 people not cities of 500000+.

Anonymous 84870

>ugly arrogant colonialists asshole
Lol. FYI anon, the reason Paris looks like a 3rd world country and is filled with garbage isn't because of the "colonialists." :)

Anonymous 85168

les juifs remercient Dieu dans leurs prières de ne pas les avoir fait femmes, quand les juives ont leur regles elles sont considérées sales et impures mais leur mari a le droit de les sodomiser à la place, circoncision des gosses, etc.

Anonymous 85169

bah non mdr, des villages j'en ai fait, c'est surtout que les gens y sont nés pour beaucoup. j'ai un ami dans un village adorable et entouré par la nature, ils sont loin d'être riches, sa famille est juste dans le village depuis des générations. c'est le cas de pleins de gens et vu que c'est pas pollué par des populations dégénérées ça reste propre et entretenu. la France c'est pas paris, y'a bcp de grandes villes aussi qui sont quand même magnifiques. Paris c'était beau à une époque aussi. la nature y'en a plein en France, on a tous les genres, qu'est-ce que tu racontes ???? objectivement c'est un beau pays et riche, l'insécurité et la dégradation de tout cela c'est un autre débat, t'es juste de mauvaise foi. oui la vie pue en France mais c'est un beau territoire.

Anonymous 85171

Like all big cities it is mostly ugly with a few nice places in between.
Paris is a special case because the media paints it as this magical place of culture and beauty, while in reality it's just a generic city with all the pollution, trash and crime cities usually have. This dissonance between expectation and reality is what makes Paris so hated, not necessarily the quality of the city itself.

Anonymous 86456

>French seem to have more balls about it than other countries, they ban burqas in public and even hijabs in schools
No there are more burqas here than anywhere in the west. Our army is so cucked it doesnt even enter certain areas.
We are somalia at that point.
>normandy, brittany
Ugly shitholes that are just overpriced inferior versions of the british isles

Anonymous 86458

>sa famille est juste dans le village depuis des générations.
Donc ils ont hérité. Ya pas moyen d'acheter une maison ou de la terre où que ce soit dans ce pays de merde. Tout est trop moche et trop cher.
>la nature y'en a plein en France, on a tous les genres, qu'est-ce que tu racontes
Tu es déjà sortie de ta ville? J'habite dans un des département les moins peuplés et même là ya aucune nature, pas une seule vrai grande forêt, presque plus d'animaux, des habitations tous les 500m et des cars d'étrangers partout.
>c'est un beau pays et riche
C'est un trou surpeuplé qui n'a aucune biodiversité et aucun endoroit veritablement naturel. Surtout comparé à d'autres pays européens comme l'Espagne, l'Italie où la roumanie qui ont encore de vrai forêts avec du gibier, des montagnes pas encore remplies de touristes et d'immigrés.
Ya plus rien ici depuis les années 70.

Anonymous 86472

Eat a baguette instead of a croissant

Anonymous 86490


I want to move to France. How do I find a French bf?

Anonymous 86542

You do know that they are ugly swarthy manlets right?

Anonymous 86544

At least you are not Belgian.
I don't know why they make fun of Belgians, my father does, so I do it too.

Anonymous 86545

the dutch are the worst tho

Anonymous 86547

Belgians can get a decent job. Its impossible here.

Anonymous 87356

>needint to compare France to Somalia and Afghanistan to prove your point
Pretty telling. Enjoy living surrounded by literal sub-humans that ruined our country in less than half a century.

Basé. Tbh the best truthpillers about Islam are ex-muslims themselves.

Anonymous 87371


>muslims are already beheading … in our country
Sounds like they're assimilating well

Anonymous 87381


Anonymous 87383

It’s because every country has a neighbouring (and usually smaller) country they like to bully.

>France bullies Begium

>UK bullies Ireland
>US bullies Canada (and vice versa)
>Argentina bullies Chile
etc etc

Anonymous 87808

>cherrypicks the poorest and shittiest places from x country
>x country is ugly
I dare you to go to poor places in any country

Anonymous 87810

By pretending you're not french online.

Anonymous 87846

There are many developed countries where it's impossible to find anything like OP's pic, much less the shantytown slums of developing countries.

Anonymous 87847

Okay name one then. Because places like Germany, Scandinavia etc all have plattenbau buildings and ghettos.

Anonymous 87850

I don't think France is bad at all but if it's really that bad, use your EU citizenship to move to any other EU country of choice. Why waste this powerful passport you've got if you think it sucks that badly in France?

Anonymous 87851

>posts picture of Germany

Anonymous 87854


Reykjavik is the most densely populated city in Iceland. Iceland has rickety old shacks out in the country I'm sure, but as far as I know, there are no homeless shantytowns in Iceland.
Any Icelandanons feel free to correct me.

Anonymous 87855

>Reykjavik is the most densely populated city in Iceland.
*and even it's nice looking
Forgot that part, oops.

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