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Who is your "omg literally me" character Anonymous 86452

Anonymous 86454


She is literally me.

Anonymous 86459


She is literally me

Anonymous 86466

spotted the tranny

Anonymous 86487


Not really anymore, but she was literally me when I was a teenager. Neurotic Catholic girl with OCD scrupulosity, daddy issues and a fear of sex.

Anonymous 86488

spotted the tranny

Anonymous 86496

Anonymous 86516


trannies think they're anime girls not winona rider. anyway here's mine I wanted to be cool like her so bad when she made the sugar sandwich I thought that was so cool

Anonymous 86517

i would say mine but it got extremely appropiated by trannies so if i say who it is im going to get dogpiled

Anonymous 86518


A2 from Nier:Automata.
Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 86522


This is tacky, but her. And Gretchen to some extent.

Anonymous 86526

it's okay, you can say it's lain/madoka.

Anonymous 86527

trinity always. her fashion, hair, and makeup are perfect, and she's not coombait either. shame she's written by troons though.

Anonymous 86537


I feel your pain

Anonymous 86543

rory gilmore. people had great expectations but then my life amounted to nothing in the end. c'est la vie!

Anonymous 86546

stop liking characters that trannies like so its easier to differentiate on the internet. im sorry but tomoko has to go fuck herself, we are at war plus she is a child anyway.

Anonymous 86548

I don't think they make films about boring husks.

Why don't you stop trying to micromanage what people do and don't post online? Don't you have a hobby or a book to read? Maniac.

Anonymous 86551

No one is literally me because I am boring

Anonymous 86552

maud pie.jpg

Anonymous 86560


Mix of these too

Anonymous 86562

If you stop liking things just because a group of strangers you dislike like it you are weak and pathetic and a sheep

Anonymous 86563

Go back to lolcow

Anonymous 86566


Tsukuyomi from FFXIV. Her backstory and bitterness hit close to home.

Anonymous 86571


I won't elaborate.

Anonymous 86580


No, i loved her when i was younger and i still view her fondly because there was never another female anime character at the time that portrayed social anxiety and female awkwardness as accurate as her, trannies can go kill themselves.

Anonymous 86581

Why are there so many weebs on this board now

Anonymous 86591


Based Janis anon. Same, really. People have also said Im like Daria and Jane.

Anonymous 86592

The countless anime banners and anime reaction pictures we've always had didn't make you think that?
Fookin newfag

Anonymous 86602

The imageboard format was popularized by weeaboos, so it makes sense that so many of them are drawn in.

Anonymous 86633


shame it's a tranny magnet

Anonymous 86636


Chiaki Iso from 428: Shibuya Scramble.

She is a girlier version of the socially anxious wreck I have been throughout most of my life. Although either the severity of her social anxiety was either not portrayed consistently/accurately enough, or it is still much more toned down that a person with full blown social anxiety disorder's would be, because no way would a person with a severe case of it actually manage to approach people on the street just asking them something like "Are you happy with your life right now?". (Yes, even if their job is on the line. lol)

It's unfortunate she was just a side-character because I would have loved to see more of her.

Anonymous 86671

I want to be your best friend

Anonymous 86675


maria dgs, i wish i could open up random human bodies for fun too

Anonymous 86680


Anonymous 87212

imageboards are always full of autists

Anonymous 87214

Tomoko is awesome, the anime opening is amazing, and she's relatable. Men trying so hard to be women copying our tastes is not our fault or responsability. If anything it's all ours to reclaim.

My favorite character growing up was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because I too felt dumpy and compensated by getting really into scholasticism.
I also really liked Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson books but only until they started pushing the romance between her and Percy.

Another character I really like is Major from Ghost in the Shell. I grew up with some feelings of paranoia about not being a real person so I was very
>she's just like me fr
about her

Anonymous 87218

Hinata from early Naruto. From a badass family but basically an autist, and ends up marrying with the main character

Anonymous 87336


>she’s not the main character of her own life

Anonymous 87405


>queen of self sabotage
>no friends bc of her bad personality
>severe mommy issues

my autistic ass used to fight with adult men on Tumblr about why they shouldn't sexualize her/consider her a "waifu" bc she would be too traumatized for a relationship

Anonymous 87408

I related to Asuka a lot when I was her age, 14. I think she's a very realistic depiction of a depressed 14 year old girl with mommy issues honestly.
Now I relate the most to Rei.
So when I'm older will I relate the most to Misato?

Anonymous 87409

I personally relate to nobody in that series. nta.

Anonymous 87413

and honestly, you are better off for it

Anonymous 87415

you clearly weren't the target audience for the show

Anonymous 87417


Yeah I kinda knew the point before going in;
1. Don't shove your responsibilities onto children.
2. War is always exploiting and hurting someone, no matter how just the cause may be, it is the nature of the beast.
3. Don't jack off on comatose women.

Anonymous 87532


This anime is so important to me. It does an incredible job of portraying a girl who's kind of autistic & incapable of fitting in but is still very judgemental and preoccupied with how others perceive her. I wish there was more media about this type of character.

I like animes about womens 'inner life' in general– princess jellyfish, tokyo tarareba girls. But watamote is a gem of that niche imo

Deranged gatekeep

Anonymous 87561


Nah she can fit in, just not in the places she tries to and that's the humor in it, her being stubborn.

Anonymous 87593

clearly it’s because we are so unique and cool, … our essence cannot be captured

Anonymous 87627

schizo ashbie.gif

Literally me in the dark.

Anonymous 87628


Literally me shitposting protected from the forces of darkness by the calming computer screen light.

Anonymous 87635


Literally me. I have no idea how I got here. Well I do but it still blows my mind. Everyday is disbelief.

Anonymous 87636

Based af

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