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Anonymous 87021

I keep seeing “hot goth girls”and your just run of mill normal ass girls sharing pictures of Allison Harvard/creepy Chan. Honestly I fucking hate it. I’m so sick of normal girls pretending to be all fucked up, like they have mental disorders and stuff. Just admit your normal and get on with your life. Marry a chad and end up in the suburbs. Goth girls need to stop acting like their not attractive and desirable. It’s not middle school anymore you’re literally one of the most sought after kind of girls. Just leave obscurity to the weird girls who are actually the mutants and weirdos of society. Stop trying to act like a fucked up person so it seems like you have substance. Being depressed, having eating disorders and anxiety isn’t cute or trendy. It’s some serious shit. Ugh I just can’t stand it I’ve loved creepy Chan and wanted to look like her since I was like 12.

Anonymous 87026

Already do
Thanks though ʕ •ᴥ-ʔ

Anonymous 87028

I’m talking about goths who became goths because it was cool. I’m talking about the og goth girls, who got bullied in middle school.

Anonymous 87029

*Im not

Anonymous 87031

Say that five times fast
>idk I just hate that being weird is cool now. Because if your actually weird your still not cool but their using your identity for clout.

Anonymous 87035

Idk what do we say??
I wanna make friends with actual weird girls not fakes who are rude to you when your not actually normal and I don’t want people to think I’m a pick me because I idolize creepy chan. (;•༚•) Why can’t pretty girls just go back to being just pretty?

Anonymous 87042

Talking to people is hard enoughhh. It’s hard to differentiate between groups and peoples
Idk Bella delphine made I pretty hefty bag being a pick me

Anonymous 87061

Allison Harvard is a model. Stop pretending she’s such a weirdo and leave that to the femcels.

Anonymous 87073

I mean Allison Harvard literally was on 4chan first.

Anonymous 87075

So? Millions of normal people use that site. It's not the sooper sekret club you think it is. Nor are depression, eating disorders, and anxiety, and often times the people who do deal with these aren't serious about it.

Anonymous 87076

Either is LCF yes we know go back

Anonymous 87077

Not a lolcow, keep projecting. There's nothing anymore real about your fuckedupness than the women you criticize if all it takes to claim that is posting images of some pretty girl you want to pretend is creepy because she opened her eyelids. Your mental disorders aren't more valid than theirs either. Get real.

Anonymous 87079

The point is that a lot of them don’t have mental disorders. Just a need for attention. So they fake having mental disorders online because it’s cool or trendy or whatever. While in reality they are as functional as everyone else. Not only that but to glorify that shit is damaging for young girls who see it. Mental illness isn’t a trend you can just hop on. Allison Harvard was on that site back in the 2000s when it was kind of more underground as well. She’s like I’m her thirties now. Tiktok is becoming like tumblr was back in the 2010s.

Anonymous 87105

cluster bs are literally the most attention seeking people in the world, bpd is more common than you think. I don't get why people always repeat that 'waahhh REAL mentally ill would never be obnoxious or look for attention' shit as if some of the most deranged behaviors online aren't caused by a mental disorder. So many mentally ill glorify their condition and act like it makes them different etc because it's the mental illness talking. I do understand where you're coming from because I thought like that in middle school, I was sick of the shit that got me bullied being fetishized by moids at the same time and that is where we should direct our anger. Moids. Bpd chans doing that shit for male attention are still fucked up. Hell, most of girls I met who had eds were turbo normies. 'Goth girls' being desired isn't a good things, it's moids treating them like porn categories and it's only to an excent until it's considered 'too' alternative.
There are many ugly girls who are normies too and being conventionally attractive now doesn't mean they weren't ugly weirdos in middle school.
Lastly, I think it's stupid to care so much. Pointless, I mean. You seem young anon, most of people who care about it so much tend to be still at school, which is a cliquey and awful environment. I get why you're upset but it's pointless. Once the trends change the actual posers will move on to something else and it sucks for people who are naturally like that but it's not really a big social issue. If I'm wrong and you're older then I think a social media detox would be good for you. Either way, I hope things work for you because it's not worth being angry over this (not trying to be sarcastic btw, I just saw younger me in this post)

Anonymous 87186

nona you're only supposed to post here if you're 18+
I actually think certain cluster Cs (e.g. AvPDemons) are worse than cluster Bs. At least cluster Bs are pretty open with their batshit ways. Cluster Cs have this weird sort of entitlement that cluster Bs don't seem to have - like the world revolves around them and everyone has to tiptoe on eggshells around their insanely fragile self concept. Yuck. I'd take a BPD gf over an AvPD bf any day.

I have always wondered why only ever hot white girls end up having BPD though.

Anonymous 87193

I don’t have BPD because I am ugly.

Anonymous 87197


The inside of me is also ugly.

Anonymous 87199


My ugliness makes me anathema to those who seek companionship.

Anonymous 87203

You're probably a cluster-b fag to act like avpd is worse than bpd tbh.

Anonymous 87221

Why do the hottest goth girls always have the ugliest bfs

Anonymous 87222

t. Malding avpdemon

Anonymous 87261

Where is this image from? Looks interesting

Anonymous 87268


Plastic Girl by Usamaru Furuya.

Anonymous 87271

Why was her schtick trying to dress like a child? Seems like a typical pedo panderer pickme to me.

Anonymous 87272

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think she was dressing in a particularly childish way judging from what I see on google images.

Anonymous 87274

She’s not dressed like a child weirdo.

Anonymous 87276

That anon you quoted is likely a pedophile

Anonymous 87285


It’s clear she’s trying to look like a child/teenager. Opening her eyes wide and staring like she’s dumb, drooling on herself like a baby, wearing hello kitty shirts and babydoll dresses clearly made for kids. Typical creepy pickme and pedo panderer like all ~coquettes~.

Anonymous 87286


Oh and ofc ddlg and ageplay blogs love her shit and reblog it constantly.

Anonymous 87287


>posing with childrens toys and trying to look scared feeble smol and uwu
Yep totally not a pedo panderer.

Anonymous 87288

Calm down, she's just dressing like a scene kid.

Anonymous 87290

She was 14-16 when those pics were taken so she was a child.

Anonymous 87293

Nah she is almost 35 so she was 18 when those pics were taken. She’s purposely trying to look like a toddler or a 10 year old and it’s creepy.

Anonymous 87294

That’s not scene style ya dumb zoomie, not even close. Plus most scene kids were literally 12-14 years old which would make it even creepier if she’s trying to larp as one.

Anonymous 87297


Her infamous pictures were taken around 2002-2004 when she was in that age range.

Anonymous 87298

I’ve never seen these pictures and she’s not even dressing like a kid in them despite being a minor. In her older aged pictures from 2005-2010 she seems to be trying harder to look like a kid and it’s gross. Most people never even heard of her until at least 2009 anyway when ANTM showed her.

Anonymous 87299

>being thin makes you a pedo panderer
Do fatty chans really?

Anonymous 87300


This picture was taken at that time I believe so yes. I don't see how her pictures being used by other people makes her a pedo panderer? Plus coquette as a style itself has nothing to do with pickmeishas nor pedos, it's just a clothing style.

Anonymous 87301

Stop getting mad at women for enjoying things from their youth, start getting mad at actual pedos. Seriously, accusing women of pandering to them for wearing a pink t-shirt just makes you sound unhinged.

Anonymous 87302

>drooling on herself
>surrounding herself with childrens toys then taking pictures with them as an adult to upload online for men to look at
>wearing clothes clearly meant for kids
>trying to look as dumb vacant and childish as possible and seem scared and smol
>bUt sHes nOt tRyInG tO aPpEaL tO pEds!

You’re clearly a brainwashed libfem lol. Women like this literally help normalize ddlg and adult baby aesthetic which are rooted in pedophilia. Then it gives pedos power because then pedo moids can just screech ‘NO IM NOT ATTRACTED TO HER JUST BECAUSE SHES TRYING TO LOOK UNDERAGE AND WEARS CHILDRENS CLOTHING!!!’ Then it degenerates into ‘it’s fine to find pacifiers and diapers sexy’ to ‘drawn CP is harmless’ and then finally into normalising full blown pedophilia. Totally ignoring that ‘petite’ teen play date and babysitter porn with women dressed like little kids in babydoll dresses or childrens outfits in children playparks and such is becoming increasingly mainstream. This is literally all for the male gaze and it’s disgusting.

>coquette has nothing to do with pedos and pickmeishas
Cope. Even other women acknowledge it blatantly is.


Anonymous 87303

Oh yeah shes pedo bait fer sure, no way around it, but that poster is not a lib, they're a republican else they wouldn't be here.

Anonymous 87304

Go back.

Anonymous 87305

Yes, I'm clearly a brainwashed libfem because I have a different opinion than you, of course. You're blowing this way out of proportion, I never said any of those things were ok and I don't think that they are either. I just said that it's a clothing style and it's not inherently pandering to pedos. Allison herself was underage when those pics were taken and has no control over how her pics are used. Get mad at pedos and teenage girls using her pics on Tumblr/TikTok/wherever instead of getting mad at other nonas.

Anonymous 87306

Yes, that pic is scene.

>thick black eyeliner

>pink mcr eyeshadow
>hello kitty
>puffy hair
>trying to look cute

Not every scene kid dyed their hair bright colors or had a million piercings or only took photos at the stupid angle.

The rest of her pics look more coquettish but that one is definitely scene influenced, even if she wasn't normally into that.

Anonymous 87307

No. Bitch. Scene was like emo lite, stfu you're way too young to know wtf you are talking about, clearly.

Anonymous 87308

Lol you sound like you never knew scene kids IRL and think every scene kid was like the over the top famous ones you saw on Myspace.

Anonymous 87310

That doesn’t even make any sense. I said she looked like a more casual scene kid and not a dolled up Myspace one. How can I then only be thinking of Myspace ones?

Be gone troll, back to your basement to look at google images and never actually interact with anyone.

Anonymous 87313

>Women cant like childish things or theyre pickmes
Why do you guys have to frame everything around women being pickmes in some way and defaming them for it? Can you stop already? Are you too blind to see how counter productive that is?
Btw not a huge gap between 16 and 18 in terms of maturity anyway

Anonymous 87323

You can like childish things but it’s a whole other level when you start taking pics with them to make it your aesthetic and try to come across as childish as possible. You’re being super disingenuous and blind here. Shes uploading these pictures for people to view and it’s clear she wants them to see her as a child despite being a grown woman.

Anonymous 87326

And you're suggesting that she's sexualizing herself for existing as a woman on the Internet. Do you really not see how misogynistic that is?

Anonymous 87328

it's not that deep. Creepychan is a thin, blonde, tall woman with big eyes. She's Stacy, so men flock to her. Her weirdo act makes her seem more approachable to them despite being a Stacy, if anything.
That's all there is to it really. Never assume a man has any deep motivations for anything related to women.

Anonymous 87330

>pedo pandering is just ‘existing’
Libfem 101

Anonymous 87331

I don't think it's actually an act. I think she's just awkward, which can happen to naturally pretty girls too.

Anonymous 87333

Do you agree with men who sexualize you for what you wear too? It doesn’t matter what you wear. Men are going to sexualize it. If you adjust your entire life around men that’s your own problem.

Anonymous 87334

She's a complete normie, look at her interviews on YouTube. She is a creative person, and her "creepy chan" persona was an act in that artistic sense. She said herself the pictures were a creative outlet and the clothing were "costumes". The nosebleed thing was blown up by the ANTM production on purpose for views. She also didn't know what 4chan was when her pics were posted there.
She's just a very good looking girl who liked interesting art. Hardly a weirdo or an outcast, as the retarded moids on 4chan would like to thing. They're just salivating over Stacy like the worthless instinct-driven dogs they are.

Anonymous 87349

Who is the girl In the op and what's her story? I've seen her for years but I never learned where this photo came from

Anonymous 87350

I know you guys are talking about her but ive no idea who she was back in the day, i never looked into it

Anonymous 87388

Allison Harvard aka Creepy Chan. She started posting photos of herself online when she was 14 and they ended up on 4chan. She's also been on ANTM.

Anonymous 87389

And she never matured a day passed that.

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