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Anonymous 90535

Why does everyone leave me, Am i not worth sticking out for? whats wrong with me

Anonymous 90547

Whst happened?

Anonymous 90563


Anonymous 90569

Don't worry, it gets better, you'll find someone who sticks woth you. I like to remember that most friends come and go into our lives and thats ok. Like a cafe or a diner having vistors, everyone has times when they have lots of friends and times when they have few. But there will always be another person coming along soon. There are many amzing and interesting people in this world

Anonymous 90578

you have to get rid of that attitude and show up for yourself

Anonymous 90644

Basically everyone leaves me sooner or later and idk whats the issue..i feel like shit

Anonymous 90645

Sure :))

Anonymous 90646

I hope so..i just want someone to stick with me like i always do with them

Anonymous 90647

Its so hard to do that when i always get dissapointed

Anonymous 90648

Yep, OP. I am right there with you. I have never felt I belonged in any group or faction. No one but my sister or mom initiates conversation with me. Like I'm left in the dirt. What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous 90650


Anonymous 90676

Wish i knew so i can help you

Anonymous 90677

My email has my real name, do u have dc?



see e-mail field for throwaway

Anonymous 90735


Ah yes i totally forgot about that option lol, heres is my email [email protected] add me :)

Anonymous 90793

it hurts so much when someone you loved and cared about so much just drops you like you're nothing. so easily and out of the blue
wish it were that easy for me to forget about her.

Anonymous 90944

It's tough to say without more context.
1. Who approached who first - you or the guy?
2. What did you initially like about the guy?
3. How long were you together?
4. What are his relationships with his friends or parents like?
5. Who earns more? Who's more educated?
6. Are you racialized?

Anonymous 91065


Everyone wants relationships;of any kind;to be easy. You'll find that a lot of people will not bother to engage with you if you become even slightly inconvenient to be around.

It is better this way. True friends will make time for the people they recognize as valuable, and will make efforts to find friends.

Not everyone makes or has true friends, or can be a true friend, because being a true friend takes work. Don't give up.

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