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Anonymous 90936

I've been pushed along and coddled by the public school system that lied to me and made me think I was smarter than I really am, and I ended up thrown into the chilly waters of college. It was a sink or swim thing and while I did end up swimming I didn't end up swimming good enough (failed and retook courses which resulted in my graduating with a <3.0 GPA which apparently isn't good enough to earn a callback from hiring managers).
Job prospects are bleak because of how fiercely competitive my field is and the job boards are filled with fake entry-level positions that require 10 years experience.
I just want to give up on engineering now and restart my life but I can't because I have an albatross of nondischargable debt that's going to make me worth less than someone who never tried at all.
If this was twenty years ago I could just go bankrupt and move on with my life. But because it's not, I'm just ruined to the point even incels wouldn't want me for anything but a casual fuck.

Anonymous 91058

what would you do differently now tht you have hindsight.?

Anonymous 91060

I've heard about engineering graduates going into finance or law. If you don't want to work in engineering you don't have to.

Anonymous 91084

Not with a <3.0 GPA they don't. Those types of jobs only take top students from top schools. Getting a finance job as an engineer is harder than getting an actual engineering job.

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