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Anonymous 91061

I like living alone, I'm independent financially but I don't make much money as far as saving for retirement goes. When I'm in a bind my mom is the one who helps me, like recently when I broke my ankle and couldn't get groceries. She's getting older, and so am I. I'm autistic and never made friends that would have my back. The only part of being alone that scares me is having no one to help me when i need it, and being broke when I'm old. I'm bi, and I'd like a wife but I'm obese and drink too much.

Tl;dr is it worth it to try and find a wife just to have someone to have my back (and have theirs too of course).

Anonymous 91067

>don't have much money
>obese and drink too much
anon c'mon I'm not even trying to be mean, if you're worried about health and getting older then you should put some effort to take better care of your body…

Anonymous 91075

You got the money for food you fat fuck

Anonymous 91077

Cheap food is fattening, i don’t doubt shes obese for munching on carbs

Anonymous 91083

I do in home care. Pretty sure you don't need a wife depending on your state. they pay me to go grocery shop for this old woman. you can apply to that when you get old and feeble

Anonymous 91087

Op here

Food isn't that expensive. Raising money for retirement is. Just worried about that. I've been through some crazy shit and yes i have addiction problems

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