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How do you deal with being harassed online? Anonymous 9904

I've had this group of guys online harass me for the past FOUR years now and they won't stop. I even blocked their accounts on every online media possible but they either target my friends, add them to start shit talking me to them or spam their comment sections with memes or made up stories about me, or they even target random people that I might be interested in, like for example I'd post a random comment on someone's profile, few hours later when I check back in I see a comment from one of the guys either trying to befriend that said person or make some snarky remark about me.

It won't stop, they've even been posting my discord ID and other accounts on 4chan lately in boards dedicated to sex and made the comment that accompanied the post seem as degenerate as possible, saying how I was into furries or into getting fucked by dogs. It feels like they're just destroying any sort of reputation I might have around some of the people that would know me online, or even those who wouldn't know me might still here those made up stories and then think badly of me. They claim I deserve everything I get as well and that I should ''apologize'' for something I've done, but I've never done anything bad or wrong to them to begin with, only thing I can think of is this one time when I remove one of guys who was about 14 or so, because he started being super annoying, he added me back few days later after the remove though, I accepted but he started acting super edgy and aggressive to me so I just removed him again and blocked as well, few weeks after that it's when they all basically started spamming me with porn and harass me.

I mean I can just ignore them I guess but it still makes me feel like shit when I go anywhere and suddenly see some recent comment or post from them that mentions me in it.

Anonymous 9907

They know where I live, I mean it's been 4 years now and they haven't leaked the info about my home address(yet?) but they leaked photos of me, so whenever I see them around I kept being reminded of the fact they could anytime just post where I live on 4chan or god knows where else. One of them threatened to come stab me as well but that was at least 3 years ago and none of that happened.

Anonymous 9910

First thing, just change your Discord. Just switch to a new account, that will already give you a bit of peace. It's something you can do quickly and efficiently. If you vanish, bit by bit, they might think they "won" and will leave you alone.


Been there, done that, they won't do shit. Eve if they start to investigate, nothing will happen. Worst case the harassers will find out (through police or through OP telling them), be scaref for a few weeks, realize nothing ever came out of it, and double down because they know they're untouchable.

Anonymous 9913

My point is police doesn't have the fucks to give and the resources to investigate anonymous internet drama. If OP wants to do this, she needs a lawyer.

Anonymous 9914

I was never involved with the police before so it's difficult for me to try and go to them about it since I feel like they might not take me seriously, the police in here usually claims that unless something physical actually happened to you, like some form of assault, they can't do much else about it, usually they're not interested in following up online stuff either.

I'm also worried about the fact they'll just find a way to victimize themselves instead and make up some shit about me again if anything with the police ever happens, so basically everyone would still be innocent unless proven guilty, they might as well just delete any posts they previously made to try and hide it.

Yeah I thought about that before just changing my Discord, I just always keep postponing it thinking that things might be okay after a while though.


only 2 of them might still be underage, the rest are like 20+ by now so I don't know if that might effect anything or not.

Anonymous 9915

Consider yourself hexed. Endure, anon.

Anonymous 9918

I agree that they should pay for it and OP should do what she can to get peace, but realistically, this could take years to come to a close and until then, OP will have to foot the bill, and might still end up having to pay all of it if the judgement isn't in her favor/guilt won't be proven/OP quits pursuing it because she ran out of money or energy. It's something she really needs to think about hard before she gets law involved. Not to be a downer, just someone who has gone through this before multiple times, and won once. In the case that I won, it got a lot worse before it got better, and I still have all my socials on lockdown because trolls seeking vengeance for their king will still come and go.

Anonymous 10145

GO TO THE POLICE. You need their help.

Anonymous 10149

Just log off. It sucks that they have your address and pics, which is something you shouldn't be giving out in the first place but what are they gonna do with it? The worst they could do is just spam it and nobody will actually care.

If you start getting phone calls or shit mailed to you then call the cops, they'll actually be able to do something more with it at that point.

Anonymous 11139

I don't want to sound like a dick but why haven't you removed your online presence? Surely it's not important enough to keep in this situation.

Anonymous 11142

Tyler the creator …

Anonymous 11162

I wouldn't consider it cyber bullying if they know where she lives and threatened to stab her.

You should definitely go to the police and delete your account. i don't normally advice or support this but if they won't stop after this you can always try to dox them back.

Anonymous 12672

I understand how you feel, more than one person has done this for more than one year,

Two of them confessed and said they ruined their own lives by fixating on me,

also sorry if I sound dumb, there's so many people involved I can't tell who's who.

Have any of them been personally been hurt by you? or was there any negative tension? I had the same issue and I realized I did have negative tension or some sort of one-sided relation, understanding it helped.

Anonymous 12683

I know I'm rambling, but I'm really sorry, you're just living your life and don't deserve this. People who enjoy harming others are the ones wrong, not you.

You seem like a reasonable person and someone level-headed, best of luck,

Anonymous 12699

You’ve got to delete your accounts everywhere I’m sorry hun. I had a similar experience being stalked by several men. I tried everything, reporting them to everyone I knew but the only thing that helped was removing myself from the internet entirely.

Also I’m not trying to be mean or anything but is this Sunny or Ciara?

Anonymous 12707

Heh, I'm really lucky that didn't happen to me, I was literally asking for it back on the other board I was on.

I don't know what to do though. :( Life without social networks would be better anyway…

Anonymous 12716

I feel like this is a roleplay?
I understand what you mean, its really complicated, especially if the "other side" did like you and now they hate you. I know I should childish but it just reminds me of how much of a outcast I really am.

I agree with you though, my life got better without my social media, since all I do is overshare.

Anonymous 12755

what do you do if they find a load of bad comments (or even imitating you on an anonymous chan board making them) and post your info everywhere claiming you made them and also contacting people irl?
what if they post stuff about you online? and your family is all online too and won't delete their presence
i doubt she knows who they actually are.

not her btw but the same thing is happening to me.

Anonymous 13570

I know this post is probably dead, but this happened to me, I forgot to elaborate, people impersonate me for fun and dehumanize me, and more than one person made RP accounts based off me, or at least my mental disorders or "Strangeness"

Ironically enough one of them vagued me in their blacklist, and it was something serious they vagued. which makes the mocking more confusing if they knew I actually am vuleranble and some whiny loser.

It makes me want to interact with people less, I already do the bare minumium and its making me want to move away to a even more isolated area. I usually watch videos of people telling stories to make up for my lack of emotional connections.

Sorry, I'll just get to the point here;
I was and probably still am in your situation, its usually a social circle who does it and they go deeper, make RP accounts, impersonate me, save all my information, save my photos, and doxx me.
I go online to make friends but I am mentally unstable and "Freak out" often, so I assume that's why I get this treatment,

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