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face hate vent Anonymous 9968

I just got a haircut this afternoon (no drastic change) and of course took a bunch of selfies when I got home to see how it looked, send to friend, etc.

I have a really weird face and looking at the selfies started to upset me. All my features are huge – I like my big eyes and big mouth but I hate my big hook nose and big forehead. My eyelids are asymmetrical and I have really dark circles under my eyes. I'm embarrassed to think people look at me everyday. I don't think I can ever afford plastic surgery for my nose, and it feels like a waste of money anyway.

What do you hate about your face? How can I not hate my weird face?

>pic related and also lol pepperoni eyes

Anonymous 9980


Anonymous 9988

>looking at the selfies
Selfies are literal cancer for your self-esteem. They emphasize your features in the worst way when in reality, you don't look like that at all.

See: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/selfies-distort-nose-1.4566113

Anonymous 9992


well, that was a weird rabbit hole to go down…

Anonymous 9993


this was actually pretty comforting to read, thank you

Anonymous 9995

Just asking.

Anonymous 10002


sorry, when i googled that it just took me to weird racist blogs. but nah, i'm super irish/english.

Anonymous 10049


Photographer here, I can confirm this (not that it would be necessary) with my own experience. You hold your phone at an arm's length at most, so your lens has to work around that short distance with sort of a fisheye effect to get your entire face in the frame. This is also why photographers have to use different lenses for different subjects - wide-angle lenses are fine for landscape and such, but if you want to shoot portraits, you need longer lenses for less distortion, and these will require you to increase the distance between yourself and the model to get the whole face in the frame. My current go-to portrait lens is a 85mm and I have to be around 10 feet away from my model for a headshot.

Pic related

Anonymous 10050

Wow what a huge difference.

Anonymous 10057


omg, thank you. this is crazy, that first one (24mm) looks exactly like what mine looked like. MAYBE I AM NOT HIDEOUS.

Anonymous 10070

Look into a mirror, anon, not a camera.

Anonymous 10130


I'll post some more comparisons! You can check the focal length of your selfies by reading the EXIF data or uploading it to http://metapicz.com/ to compare.

Anonymous 10131


Anonymous 10132


Btw the worst thing you can do is use your snapchat camera all the time. Even without the filters, it has tricks to make you look "better", like flipping the image.

Anonymous 10745


I despise viewing most photos of myself because I see my mother's nose and my father's smile and I despise/don't care for them as people. Yeah, I need some more therapy regarding this issue… Maybe just exposure therapy. And new photos taken from five feet away with the right camera, apparently.

Anonymous 10794

exactly, i think i look a lot better when i see myself in the mirror.

Anonymous 10814

I go back and forth on despising my potato nose. Some days i feel normal and others i feel like a monster lol. I also dont believe in plastic surgery, this is the nose i am meant to have and anything else would look strange and unnatural.

Anonymous 30143


>Btw the worst thing you can do is use your snapchat camera all the time. Even without the filters, it has tricks to make you look "better", like flipping the image.

Well, fuck.

Anonymous 30148

my extremely round face coupled with my really square and strong chin. i dislike my skin too, it looks rough, oily and old.
what i hate the most is the tiny hair that grows on my cheeks and nose that makes my face look like its riddled with blackheads

youre dong god's work, anon. thank you so much.

Anonymous 30612

I have been crying for a while and went and tore up almost all old pictures of me, and went through and deleted every picture I could find of myself.

I really hate waking up every day and having to be in this stupid flesh suit 24/7. I can’t stop thinking about grabbing a knife and stabbing myself over and over, but I have a boyfriend now and fuck. It’s just so hard. I’m so fucking tired of myself. I really try to love myself, but I just can’t. I really really wish I was dead.

Even though I feel this way, I also feel so guilty because I know there are people who have it way worse than me. And what I’m crying about is such a first-world problem, so I just feel like a terrible person.

I sound so annoying and immature. I just needed to vent. I’m sorry.

Anonymous 30613

i didn't think much about my face, then i downloaded one of those filter apps and man…seeing it morph into my real face is such a huge insult. i look like a potato. how will i ever recover?

Anonymous 30614

Hey. It's okay. Do the deep breath thing when you feel like that.

I'm an ugly girl too. Or, I think I'm ugly. Sometimes I have these moments that are either clarity or delusion and I think- if I have a boyfriend, I can't be so hideous, right? But then again, men would probably settle with fucking and wedding toothless hobbits, so maybe they're not a good way to tell how attractive you are. I guess my thought's derailing… I just mean that, maybe I'm not ugly. Maybe you're not ugly either. But even if we are, so what? Let's embrace it if that's our hand in life.

To be an ugly girl is only horrible because society tells us our looks are our only worth. But we're worth more than that, and as long as we're good people with good hearts, I think it's gonna be okay.

Or some such shit that'll probably sound stupid to me in the morning. I'm having the worst mood swing right now and feel manic/optimistic.

Anonymous 30618

I really love you, Anon.

Anonymous 30631

oh god this happened to me and made me feel like shit for about an hour so I deleted the app. not today, satan


I find my body dysmorphia and self hatred becomes 100x worse when I have a bf or am getting to know a guy. It doesn’t help that they want nudes and selfies too. Which sends me into a spiral of bdd. I cant relax around guys because I think they are looking at all my flaws, and I dread sex bc I don’t wanna be naked and exposed in front of someone else. But I’m so lonely and depressed while single too. Idk what to do.

Anonymous 58656

I don't like my buck teeth

Anonymous 58663

Are you me? Your face sounds just like my face and I hate it.

Anonymous 58668

>tfw actually look uglier when the camera is far away
Its ogre lmao

Anonymous 58718

>What do you hate about your face?

So many things. In order of what is most offensive:

>jawline too wide. I still have a pointy chin and a small lower third, and as I grow older my cheekbones are becoming more pronounced horizontally so it doesn't look too-too awful. It's still much wider than I would like. Not too inclined toward jaw shaving surgery or anything like that, but I might try to get some masseter botox to slim my face down a bit more.

>eyes too close together. Not a lot I can do about this one, unfortunately. Been looking into what I can do to my eyebrows to ensure that they're optimized to correct this.
>negative canthal tilt. I can sometimes get around this with the correct eyeliner placement.
>undereye hollows. I've had these since I was a kid. I would get filler but I'm kind of embracing the heroin-chic look. Only catch is that it only looks good below a 19 BMI. Also worried that filler will migrate.
>fucked-up teeth. fixing these with invisalign currently. it has actually made my face more symmetrical because my jaw sits properly and has no more malocclusion. that being said, though…
>asymmetrical face. My right side is droopy, not to a billie eilish level, but still enough to bother me quite a lot.
>not a lot of eyelash hairs. I apply castor oil every night to my lashes to encourage growth + retain hairs + thicken the hairs. Seems to be working, but my goal is to look like I have eyeliner on just because of my lashes. it doesn't look like that's feasible for me.
>nose bridge just slightly too wide. Again, not a lot I can do about htis one, and it's a stretch.

Anonymous 58749

My eyes are too close together too and I hate that there’s no real way surgery can fix it.

Anonymous 58810

I hate my thinning hair. I used to be pretty and now I feel repulsive.

Anonymous 58948

>dark skin
>small forehead
>small dark brown eyes
>masculine nose
>hyperpigmentation around lips
>chin too long
>masculine face in general
i just wish i was cute and pretty

Anonymous 59039

i hate that when i smile i look really dorky, like nerdy dorky middle schooler sort of way. i just look so awkward i hate forcing to smile. I think my smile look spretty when i am genuinly smiling but i just look so ugly when i try. I hate the fact that physically i am mixed. i hate it i have no idea what i look like, probably greek, but i dont look american and i dont look spanish and it makes me feel uglier. but despite all this, i am content with my face, sometimes i even think i look cute. but sometimes i feel ugly. im just glad i have a face and i try not to worry about it.

Anonymous 60534

I hate my smile too. I wish I had a sexy or seductive or beautiful smile. Instead my chin drops and my nose widens and I look like a dork.

Anonymous 60536

I wish I could be pretty simply because people make so many more exceptions for you and everything you do automatically becomes charming when you’re a skinny pretty upper class whitebread girl. You can be smoking or dressed like a slob or have vodka in hand or just be a drunken or high mess or getting a DUI, and everyone is like ZOMG YAS AESTHETIC BAD GIRL QUEEN SLAYYYY. Everyone feels sorry for you, everyone wants to help you. Meanwhile if you are ugly or chubby and do these things everyone just thinks you are absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 60562

Chill, I know a girl who looks like a model irl, but in a photo someone took she looks like she crawled out of a chernobyl sewer, cameras just do that sometimes

So true, I mean if you're quiet and ugly you're a creep, but quiet and beautiful means mysterious. Pretty people are seen as kinder, safer, given more sympathy, and pretty and messy = grunge?
If you've been on both sides, it all fits together

Anonymous 60572

Pretty privilege is real and probably the realest privilege there is

Anonymous 60573

That's literally heart breaking. I hope you look after her, I know as another woman I have a lot of heart and care for other women and would help, and as her friend you probably see the beauty in her soul and can connect to her like a guy could never. At least we have that.

Anonymous 60808

My teeth are SO crooked, which happened because I was a dumb ass and didn't want to use my retainer everyday at 15, and now 6 yrs later they're horrible again.
Also i apparently look older, as everyone always likes to point out.
I've got some acne but it's okay since I know it's just hormones from when i quit bc and in about half a year they'll be gone again

Anonymous 60845

Long face syndrome. Need i say more.

Anonymous 60856

Having a big wide ball face sucks too…

Anonymous 60857

I have an anglo potato face, and it makes me want to kms. I look in the mirror, and I genuinely want to throw up, it's even worse on camera because it highlights just how asymmetrical my face is.

Anonymous 61014

>Crooked ass teeth
>long nose
>big forehead
>thin lips
>thin brown hair

Anonymous 61062

I thought I wrote this for a second

Anonymous 61749

It sucks that in order to be pretty I would probably need at least 50K plastic surgery

Anonymous 61754

Being average sucks because no one will ever feel genuinely passionate about you. You’re just the person who gets settled for.

Anonymous 61777

I grew up feeling invisible, plain Jane meek ass bitch background NPC

now I'm a lolcow esque bdd loser who photoshops her images to an uncanny valley doll and has had e-boyfriends who think I'm a ~instagram model kween~ online, but I never meet them in person because I am scared they will think I'm ugly af IRL

the only thing people ever compliment me on is my contacts and wig lmao

~freed by anonymity to admit my cringy behavior~

Anonymous 61806

That’s pretty much 80% of modern alt girl models, I wouldn’t worry about it

Anonymous 61810


i hate being ugly, like…this sucks
i wish i was cute enough to send pictures of myself to my e-friends and i do kind of wish i was pretty enough to convince people to at least stick around, even with my dullard personality, it's like i'm boring as fuck and hideous on top of that…can i catch a break

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