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Stretch marks Anonymous 10046

Do you have any? Do they bother you? Have you managed to fade them?

I got quite a lot from puberty that I've never really managed to fade despite treatment. Thankfully I'm pale enough that they aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them. It's still really annoying though, I think I might try dermarolling them.

Anonymous 10048

I have them from puberty on my inner thighs and boobs. I saw a woman say she got rid of them by simply exfoliating a couple times a week with a pumice stone. Definitely gonna try that.

Anonymous 10050

Why not.

Anonymous 10051

It's not going to work and will damage your skin and look worse. If all it took was a pumice stone it would be well known and well advertised.

Anonymous 10052

pumice stones are rough and might damage your skin and lead to further scars. it also doesnt work, i tried it when i was younger. thankfully i didn't scar any worse but it made no difference to the marks, just got rid of dry skin.

Anonymous 10053

on my arms, breasts, belly, thighs, back, even on the back of my knees.

mine are way too deep to "go away", i just accepted it. unless there are some health risks i'm not aware of i'll forget about it.

Anonymous 10054

Sorry if I'm being stupid but what exactly do you mean - how do you tell how deep the scars go?

Anonymous 10055

I have a few ones myself.
Anti-scar cream is supposed to work well against it, though I have never tried it myself, but I will probably soon, I heard good reviews about it.

Anonymous 10056

>really bad stretch marks on inner thighs
>saw post about girl who did derma rolling and dramatically reduced hers in just 2 sessions
>already did 2 sessions (pen not roller)
>no change visible at all

i sat there and stabbed myself over and over again and bled, for nothing. still going to try a few more times though. also had puffy burn scars i tried it on, similarly no effect. i'll do another session either today or tomorrow.

feels like trying the IPL hair removal laser and it did absolutely nothing. i hate when shit doesn't fucking work

Anonymous 10060

My mom significantly removed her teenage acne scars with a dermapen (it looks like it's a newer version of the dermaroller). But it was done by a professional and she took like 4-5 session.

Anonymous 10065

I've tried bio oil but I never saw much of a difference with it. I don't know if it's because the scars are too old now

Anonymous 10069

>less than a-cup chest
>stretch marks on tiddies
Also on hips, but at least that makes sense. I kind of find the irony of the boob marks funny though.

Anonymous 10091

i disagree about needing to pay $$$$ to get someone else to do it. I have the pens, not the roller. all you do is stab yourself a few times until it looks like enough blood came out, and then smear hyaluronic acid on it. it isn't rocket science.
an anon on 4chan posted about using derma pen stamping to subdue those zits where you feel it forming under your skin but there isn't a head formed yet. i tried it and it worked.

technically that's only my 3rd session. so if it took 4-5 for your mom i just have to keep going. but it needs at least 2 weeks break between sessions.

but i also have scars on my hands and face i can't really get at. doing it on my hand hurts too much and i'm skittish on my face. the one for my face is .5mm and it's just so shallow it's hard to penetrate meaningfully. maybe to clarify, i don't have an electronic pen device, i have the cheapo $7 ones where it's just landing needles on the end of a handle and you press it down yourself.
>c cup
>no tiddy stretch marks
crazy shit.

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