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Face yoga etc Anonymous 10064

Don't think I see another thread for this. Has anyone tried following those face yoga videos which claim to change your appearance slightly by building muscle? Do they actually work?

They seem super fishy to me as I can't find anything on it except the yoga videos themselves but I'm so desperate and this is the only way I've found to change what I hate without Botox. I just want upturned mouth corners… :(

Anonymous 10068

dunno but I laughed out loud at that pic, thanks OP

Anonymous 10073

I don't think these work.

Anonymous 10084

i messed up my jaw trying these.

Anonymous 10087

Oh shit, like permanently?

Anonymous 10089

yes. there's a slight clicking sound from the right side whenever i open my jaw.

Anonymous 10090

idk abt face yoga, but lymphatic drainage massagges do work i think. i like doing this one, and she has you do one side at a time and theres a certain point she pauses to have you look at the difference of either side of your face. for me one side definetly looks more lifted

Anonymous 10100

That's not a big deal. I've had that on my right side since I was in middle school. Just arose by itself, probably caused by stress, I guess.

Anonymous 10103

That woman is either using Photoshop, had cheek implants or buccal fat removals, or is just very gifted genetically. You are never going to look like that from face exercises.

Anonymous 10104

It's called temporo mandibular joint dislocation, if that's the case

Anonymous 10440

I've tried some face yoga and I think it helped my face become more symmetrical with more even eyelids. It makes sense that it would work imo, since the muscles in your face can be built up or trained to move independently of each other, the same way any other muscles can. the difference is more subtle, though, since the muscles of the face are smaller.

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