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Anonymous 10095

So I have been struggling with this idea for some time now, whether to do it or not do it, but I have been considering changing my hair into wearing dreadlocks/locs.
Are there any miners on here who have this hairstyle? I personally don’t care what race you are (I believe any race is allowed to wear them).
But if you do wear dreadlocks could you please explain why you choose to wear them over regular hair? What inspired you to start wearing them and what have been the pros and cons of wearing dreadlocks for you?

Also, do you have some tips that you might offer to someone who is just starting to wear dreadlocks and what they should do? It would mean a lot to me if someone could help with answering my questions, thank you!

Anonymous 10109

You can never un-dread.
And they stink.
Be prepared to have a Very short next hair cut….
And for everyone to assume you are radical left

Anonymous 10114

I saw a reply here before that someone had sent me a YouTube video and supported me getting dreads, but now I'm looking back on this thread and saw the post got deleted for some reason :/ idk why

Anonymous 10126

honestly, you would be better off getting the fake/yarn type ones, you can't undread them, like the anon above said, especially if you have straight hair or a wavy hair pattern, or if you need to wash your hair every 1-2 days. i've worn fake locs in the past and even considered getting real ones at one point, but i just love staightening and curling my hair too much. it's all up to though you anon

Anonymous 10129

This. Am I the only one who thinks they look ugly as hell?

Anonymous 10143

Most girls with dreadlocks (especially white girls) look like crackheads living with their 5 kids who all have different dads.

I just think they're ugly, but they look much better on black women, but half black but fully black women. I think only very pretty black women can pull them off, otherwise it kind if looks trashy.

And yikes!I couldn't imagine trying to get those out. My scalp is very sensitive I cant imagine the agony of brushing those things out. I've heard of women brushing them out and it takes like 10 hours of brushing and afterwards hours have a super sore scalp.

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