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Anonymous 10101

What medications are you taking and why?

Anonymous 10102

i'm a basic bitch, starting on zoloft.
pray that all the numbness and despair go away, not just brazillian lifted to my clit.

Anonymous 10105

none i took so many antidepressants that they made me anti psychiatry

Anonymous 10118



I can relate; my parents/psychiatrist forced me to take Paxil. It hurt my mental health and I gained 15 pounds on it.

Anonymous 10133

Viibryd, Risperidone, Valproic Acid (I'm forgetting the actual name right now for whatever reason), and Seroquel.

Anonymous 10146

I'm supposed to take Lithium but I just pop a 300mg Gabapentin whenever I feel irritable and it mellows me out.

Anonymous 10696

Zoloft and bupropion, for depression. They didn't do anything except give me an addiction so I feel even worse when I forget to take them.

Anonymous 10698

Zoloft for depression and lithium for suicidal thoughts.

Anonymous 10699

>>10696 same, only they definitely helped me stop being anxious. i think they mostly just numbed me out, but i can't complain when the alternative was pure hell. hope i can get off them some day

Anonymous 10702


Here we go:
Effexor - depression
Lamictal - depression
Gabapentin - anxiety
Adderall - adhd
Topamax - migraines

Anonymous 11034

Is that all daily? Pretty significant cocktail.

Anonymous 11038

Adderall, to work harder.

Anonymous 11042



Anonymous 11045

Fluoxetine for depression and Modafinil so I can work harder and longer

Anonymous 11072

I take magnesium cuz my eyelid sometimes is shaking

Anonymous 11083

This is a rude question but do you have a sense of how each medication affects you? That's a huge hit every day, are you conscious of the you off-meds vs. the you on-meds in any objective sense? I'm probably not explaining this very well.

For example >>11045 Fluoxetine is what I used to take and (and this doesn't even compare to what you're taking) I was glad to be able to stop because I felt it made me really indifferent even to stuff I should have been happy or sad about. Do you have a sense of that with all your meds?

Anonymous 11137

i've recently reached a high score
buproprion, adderall, tranexamic acid, iron supplements, escitalopram

Anonymous 11161


Sorry I’ve been radio silent.
And girl, you’re not rude, though thanks for asking if you could ask.
Well, I’m actually on a low dose of each.
Also, Lololol a new one just got added to the list: Celebrex for rheumatoid arthritis yay
Lemme break it down:
Effexor XR- 150mg
Celebrex- 100mg

Lamictal -100mg
Gabapentin -200mg
Celebrex -100mg

Anonymous 11163

Also, I didn’t fully answer your question:
Because I’m on such a low dose of the Effexor and the lamictal it doesn’t really effect my personality too much (flattening out).
I was on a very very high dose of lamictal before and various other things including abilify and geodon and that was straight up zombie like at best.
Vyvanse for adhd gave me a seizure.
Abilify made me go from 5’9 120lbs to 220lbs in less than a year mind you I’ve been underweight my entire life up to that point.
Saphris gave me awful migraines. But that’s nothing new.
And Geodon…well…it gave me severe muscle spasms, dizziness, and made me pass out in the mornings. You know all that shit it says to call the doctor about. lol I was living alone and ended up hitting the back of my head really hard then I called my doctor.
Mind you those meds were all over ten years ago.

Well, long story short is that it took a very very long time to find the right psychiatric medications and dosage for me.

I need to go up or go to the extended release for the adderall but for right now that’s no big deal.

I don’t feel like a zombie or over medicated. I feel like myself. Perhaps it is because I’m on such a low dosage of lamictal. But I can defiantly tell when I’m even a few hours late on Effexor cause the brain zaps start.
But being able to tell the medicated me vs the unmedicated me? No. I’ve only been able to tell when I’m either over medicated or delusional/manic. Otherwise, I just feel normal.
Hope that makes sense.
Oh, and with all the other medication…I just want to not hurt man. God my knees fucking hurt all the fucking time

Anonymous 11181

Wellbutrin for atypical depression. (this is a wonder drug)

Anonymous 11182


I take
- 20mg Lexapro (for anxiety)
- 2mg Abilify (for acute irritability, just started this)
- Spiro and birth control (for cystic acne)

How old are you and what mental+physical illnesses do you have?
>atypical depression
What is your depression like, anon? I’ve begun to think that I could have cyclothmia myself, though I don’t want to self dx.

Anonymous 11183

Samefag but I just read upthread and you can ignore my question! >>11161

Anonymous 11187

I’m 33 and a dinosaur.
Technically I have bipolar schizoaffective disorder.
But I haven’t been manic/delusional in like ten years.
We’re thinking the psychosis was brought on by Chantix to quit smoking.
So now I just take lamictal and Effexor for depression.

Anonymous 11188

Oh and adhd. They don’t know if I have rheumatoid arthritis yet. I have to go to a rheumatologist to figure out what’s going on lol

Anonymous 11190

Thanks for taking the time for such a detailed answer. I'm glad that despite all of the side-effects and the struggle of getting to this point of being medicated, you do feel the medications have a positive effect.

Anonymous 11193


I will say the thing I do wish the doctors did do was have a full blood panel done.
Some nutrient deficiencies, hormone problems, etc can cause severe psychological problems.
Even a severe lack of potassium can cause delusions.
But nope, you show up showing signs of any psych issues and the first thing they do is issue an antidepressant even without running blood work.

Anonymous 11195

That's interesting, what country are you in? Because when I (UK) ended up going on antidepressants they did do a blood test and a few other physical tests before they'd sign off on anything.

Anonymous 11197

Oh the good ol’ US of A.

Anonymous 11208

They generally go to the last solution as it costs the patient money to get tested. If money wasn't a concern, why aren't you pursuing a blood work panel? You know you can just ask your doctor to request one right?

Anonymous 11211


lol I’ve totally gotten a blood panel since then. Multiple in fact. Idk if you’ve followed the thread, but the doctors aren’t sure if I have rheumatoid arthritis or something else. My brother has lupus. It might be that. I’ve had a myriad of health issues all my life. My issue is the psychiatric healthcare system in the US and how doctors just jump to medication.

The psychiatric doctors in the US are beyond abysmal.
When you’re in the middle of a psychotic break, you as a patenting asking to get blood work done isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

The only time the did take blood was when I was hospitalized but I highly doubt they did a full blood panel. It was probably to check if I had any contagious illnesses or drugs in my system.

And the money issue, I’ve always had good health insurance by US standards. The doctors knew this. But they were more concerned with prescribing the newest prescription medication on the market because of kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance couldn’t ask for the generic.

I digress. I moved to Germany and my German psychiatrist was appalled that I never had blood work done just because I need regular screening of whatever levels that relate to my kidneys. I had no idea. I knew all the warnings and the information but how the actual chemicals of these medications break down in the body? Apparently some go through the kidneys, others through the liver.

The point of the comment was like was the UK poster said they do there: before they actually prescribe anything they need to run blood work.

Anonymous 11212

>before they actually prescribe anything they need to run blood work.

The entire American healthcare system encourages the exact opposite behavior, where you don't want to do anything unnecessary because it costs more. Yes, if someone else were footing the bill, and you don't mind the wait, it makes far more sense to tackle the problem sequentially, however, if the patient has to pay every single step of the way, the patient (and doctors if they want to keep such patients) are incentivized every step of the way to reduce costs where possible.

Ideally, you wouldn't even need a doctor to be the one to order you bloodtests, you would be able to do that on your own on your own money, but alas, the American healthcare system simultaneously refuses to be centralized or the opposite giving their patients free reign for their health at the same time.

Anonymous 11216

Well. I mean. You can have some tests done out of pocket without a doctor.

But like I said when you’re in a deep psychosis asking for a full blood panel to see if you have a potassium deficiency wasn’t really an option.

Anonymous 11249

I was on blisovi but I dropped that shit because it was making me hungry all the time and depressed. Now I'm just on vitamins, like a prenatal, fish oil pill, and vitamin D.

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