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Anonymous 10101

What medications are you taking and why?

Anonymous 10102

i'm a basic bitch, starting on zoloft.
pray that all the numbness and despair go away, not just brazillian lifted to my clit.

Anonymous 10105

none i took so many antidepressants that they made me anti psychiatry

Anonymous 10118



I can relate; my parents/psychiatrist forced me to take Paxil. It hurt my mental health and I gained 15 pounds on it.

Anonymous 10133

Viibryd, Risperidone, Valproic Acid (I'm forgetting the actual name right now for whatever reason), and Seroquel.

Anonymous 10146

I'm supposed to take Lithium but I just pop a 300mg Gabapentin whenever I feel irritable and it mellows me out.

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