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stretch marks (pic unrelated) Anonymous 10169

I have noticed that on my inner thighs (and quite high up) I've been developing stretch marks. I already have quite a lot of stretch marks on my outer thighs but they happened a few years ago when I started gaining weight.
This time though, I haven't lost or gained any weight and my thighs are still the same size as before the stretch marks started developing.
Does this happen? I thought stretch marks are because the skin can't keep up with the expanding area so it tears. So why would stretch marks happen if the area hasn't been expanding??

I already fucking hate how my thighs are already and I just don't get why this is being added.

Anonymous 10170

If you’re the same weight, you’re probably losing muscle and gaining fat. Fat takes up more volume than muscle so it would explain the stretching.

Anonymous 10171

There was already a thread about stretchmarks

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