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Anonymous 10206

How to dress cutely and do cute make-up when you're 5'9 (1.75)

But not lolita cutely you know I just want to appear and feel cute but my height doesn't help

Anonymous 10208

Just be urself :)

Anonymous 10211

Just wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in, something that's your own unique style. The idea that taller people need to dress any differently than short people is outdated. If you're a style retard go check out some lookbooks online and copy the stuff you like.

If you want to look cute I'd say the most important thing would be to improve your posture. I'm 174cm and I feel like I stick out too much so I tend to hunch over and make myself feel smaller, which makes me look creepy and weird (probably).

Good luck. Sorry if this wasn't specific enough.

Anonymous 10279

why tf are you guys all concerned about your height? does it really matter that much? i think you can be beautiful and feminine either way, and i dont think that most men really care. im 5'8" and dont have issues dressing feminine.

Anonymous 10324

I'm 5'9 too and honestly you just have to accept you'll never look like tiny doll. However there are lots of similar styles that look amazing on taller women especially if you're thin. Pretty much any girly and soft style will look more elegant and classy on you.
General rule of thumb = short girls wanna be tall, tall girls wanna be short.

Anonymous 10328

very true. im 5’1 and wish i was taller! tall girls are so angelic to me and when you’re short, you can see the smallest weight gain

Anonymous 10329

>short girls wanna be tall, tall girls wanna be short
And mid height girls want to be either :(

Anonymous 10346

just go full Amazon. when tall women try to make themselves appear smaller or like, cutesier, it takes away from the grace of your real appearance. you can be cute in "essence" by wearing a soft silhouette, doing soft makeup, just basically try to look less angular. your height is something to be confidant in, don't try to diminish yourself into a compressed imitation of Snookie. no offense to short girls, I crave the life they live and their hight is also something to be proud of.

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