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Anonymous 10209

Reusable pads

Anonymous 10210

i think thats kind of gross, but its probably sanitary. dont use pads anyways, so idc.

Anonymous 10219

Idk what the point is here BUT I use reusable pads and have no issues with it. Super comfy and better for environment

Anonymous 10221

Back when I had monthly periods I would just use a menstural cup, honestly the easiest and cleanest zero waste option

Anonymous 10222

this. i struggled with the learning curve so badly though but it's all good now. i think i would probably use period underwear or a cloth pad for the heavy days

Anonymous 10235

I used washable pads for a few months and really liked them, but it freaked out my boyfriend that I would wash them in the laundry machine, so I stopped using them.

Anonymous 10248

why should it? it's perfectly clean

Anonymous 10249

to people who use these: can you feel the blood when you wear these like how you can feel it when youre wearing a pad or does it feel dry? im curious about period panties but the feeling of the blood is why i dont wear pads and im wondering if i should just stick with tampons.

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