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Anonymous 10232

Hi. Miner with dark skin here.

In high school I had terrible acne, yet to this day in my twenties I'm dealing with the horrible hyper-pigmented acne scars from my past acne.
Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of acne scars? Specifically ones with hyper-pigmentation?

Anonymous 10247

i used tea tree oil a few times in highschool and it got rid of my acne scars. make sure it's diluted and do a patch test (on the inisde if your elbow) before you use it because it's an essential oil and can cause burns

Anonymous 10265

azelaic acid, and wearing sunscreen every day. tretinoin or differin also speed up skin cell turnover dramatically

Anonymous 12392

I have this too, my doctor said it can be removed by laser as soons as acne stops occuring.
I also take zinc pills (zinc is good for skin) or also sunlight helps me (but I have white skin)

Anonymous 12404

You need a couple things.

>alpha hydroxy acid

This can be lactic acid or glycolic acid (I'm sure there are others). You should be using a beta hydroxy acid (e.g., salicylic acid) before using the AHA.


If you don't wear sunscreen, you deserve to have hyperpigmentation. Avoid the sun as much as is suitable for your lifestyle.

I'm not familiar with retinoids, but I assume those help as well (although you'd have to double up on the sunscreen).

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