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Beauty tips thread Anonymous 10233

Post em!

Anonymous 10234

Unless you’re at a photoshoot or you have really bad acne, you don’t need foundation. It’s too heavy and just looks like a mask and rarely matches perfectly IRL. Instead apply blush first and then with a tiny concealer brush cover up any unwanted redness.

Anonymous 10236

i don't have really bad acne (although i do have acne), my main issues are hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone, scarring
i need foundation to look decent

Anonymous 10237

Yes, that makes sense in your case. I should expand on bad acne to mean anything that affecting most of your face.

Anonymous 10245

Another bonus to no foundation is you get really nice skin!

Anonymous 10319

I'm 20 and have only just recently started washing my face, moisturising and so on which is probably why I already have very faint fine lines next to my lips. Is it too late to start using sunscreen to prevent aging? If I get my mam's non-wrinkly genes I may be safe anyway but I hope I haven't already doomed my skin

Anonymous 10322

Never too late. Fine lines are normal as you get older.

Anonymous 10326

V good to know anon, many thanks

Anonymous 10332

Sorry cause people may already know this one quite well but I only just found it out: don't leave your hair exposed to super hot shower water. I like my showers scalding but I've noticed that washing my hair with fairly hot water, then covering it with a shower cap before turning up the heat to what I usually like makes hair turn out so much softer and smoother. Before I had it scalding from start to finish and would stand in there singing and fucking around while exposing my hair to it for ages. Sorry if it doesn't work for everyone but it's worked well for me.

Anonymous 10640

Another related tip I have is shower cold if you can. It helps if you work out first, since that makes you feel hot. I've personally noticed a huge difference in both my skin and hair after doing this. Hot water strips both skin and hair of moisture and can be irritating. It can also cause headaches if you're sensitive to light/heat.

Anonymous 10651

Seems like hair doesn't like heat much. In winter I blow dry my hair straight out of the shower but once I got lazy and let my long hair dry in two different towels instead, when I blow dried after that it took much less time and my hair was soft. Of course in summer I don't blow dry at all

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