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How to Dress Cute but Modest Anonymous 10380

I have to follow some strict modesty rules. For example, skirts and dresses have to be at least below the knee, no pants, nothing low cut, shoulders covered etc.

How do I do this without looking like an old lady or amish or weird?
I want to just look cute and normal. I’m already ugly in the face so I don’t want to make myself look any weirder. But these are the rules I have to follow. Any outfit ideas?

Anonymous 10381

Look up the type of things that Dita Von Teese wears casually. She always looks well put together and feminine, yet often doesn't actually show that much skin when she's not preforming or on the red carpet.

Anonymous 10382

This is a cute look, why would you want to change a thing? You have a look that suits this. You look kind but firm

Anonymous 10383

I had a thought: have you considered researching the "cottagecore" style of fashion? It meets most of your criteria but may use some other (still muted) colours and patterns to make things look a little more current. Is that you in your picture?

Anonymous 10384


This is not me in the picture, just an example outfit of the kind of stuff I wear. I think she pulls it off better than me.

I guess I feel okay dressing very modestly at home but if I ever go out and see girls my age wearing cute short skirts or jeans or something I suddenly realize I look weird in comparison

I will try looking into cottage core it sounds like a cute style. I basically want people to look at me and think “that’s a cute outfit” instead of thinking “oh is she amish?” lol

Anonymous 10385

Is your reason religion related? I And a friend tjay had to dress a certain way and we went a public school but nobody ever said anything. Denim skirts, sweaters, cardigans etc. I'm sure you're you're ugly at all. You should post body shot without face if you want to see if any of us can kind of get a better idea of what may suit your particular case

Anonymous 10386


i'm not muslim, but i looked up hijabi style videos/blogs when i had to start dressing modest for work and found some great inspo

Anonymous 10387


Are you headscarf pagan anon?

Anyway, depends on where you live. If you live in a city or more modern area you can get away with dressing "oddly."
I don't dress strictly modest or anything, but on days where I'm feeling loose silhouettes I like to wear toned down mori-inspired fits. The second and fourth ones in pic are close to things I'll take out on the town, and coworkers have even called it cute. If you have rounded features I recommend it.

Cottagecore is also good like other anon mentioned. The fact that it's a zoomer/young millenial trend also means their minds will jump to that instead of grandma/weirdo. You'll be trendy.

The trick is to just add cute details and your own flair. Maybe you like jewelry or cute hats, or maybe you can't get enough plaid.
It may be the plain colours and lack of accessories that make you read amish/old lady. Like you're dressing this way but actually hate it. Dressing in a way you like is what makes it "cute."

Anonymous 10388


I honestly feel like fashion right now is more accessible to people who dress modestly. Uniqlo has some cute skirts and examples for how to wear them(pic related).

I'd say buy a few quality basic pieces that fit well and are made from decent material and add accessories to pull things together.

Also a lot of it is how you carry yourself and how you do your hair/makeup as well.

Anonymous 10394

>high waist jeans

Anonymous 10401

You can wear shrawls, hoods and anything that covers your hair for fashion just never do it for that moid ultra misogynistic religion please thats a world that it's better left to die (hopefully it goes away quick). Thanks.

Anonymous 10402

I don't understand this style or how it's supposed to look flattering or well-fitting on anyone, and I'm so frustrated shopping for clothes nowadays because everything seems kinda like this. I don't mean this in a judgey way, and it's not like people should just wear whatever makes them look like the slimmest hourglass or something. But I just don't see it. Anons who are more knowledgeable about style, what is it about coordinating these two pieces that makes the outfit "work" in your eyes?

Anonymous 10466


The model in >>10388 looks a bit like she rolled out of bed. But it's probably from a product page to sell the skirt or top, not really meant as an outfit. If you compare pic related to the other, there's a clear difference that a little styling can go a long way. Then from there, op can mix and match however, and look cute while being modest.

Anonymous 10467

actual retard

Anonymous 11152

You could try getting into Lolita fashion or Otome kei? Or taking inspiration from those styles. They are very modest and don't include pants.

Anonymous 11154


picrel is an example.

Anonymous 11156

How is an oversized t-shirt tucked into a picnic blanket cute? Modest clothing doesn't have to mean frumpy and ill-fitting.

Anonymous 11158

This. Stick to more structured garments made with quality materials, and make sure they fit just right. That will make you look better, regardless of whether you're dressed modestly or not.

Anonymous 11159

The individual pieces don't go that well together. They'd be fine on their own since they're so inoffensive but they clash. The grey sweatshirt looks like loungewear in contrast to the frilly pleated skirt. I don't even know what's going on with the shoes. They'd look fine in menswear inspired business casual but not in that outfit.

Anonymous 11160

Dressing in alternative fashion is only going to make you stick out even more. If you live in the US, just look up what white conservative fundie Christians wear.

Anonymous 11164

Wouldn't that also make her stand out though? Unless the specific area she lives in has a high population of fundies.
I think the closest you can get to looking totally "normal" while dressing modest in this day and age is wearing skirtsuits or business casual office wear all the time. People will just assume you have a strict dresscode at work.
If you want to look more cute,a more trendy alt-fashion style is the way to go, even though you'll stand out more.
Unfortunately, what's considered "normal" in America is pretty much to dress like you're going to the gym 24/7 or to wear jeans and ugly tshirts.

Anonymous 11171

I meant more like in the style of Girl Defined or Abigail fucking Shapiro rather than full-on Amish.

Anonymous 11174

I would recommend Dear Bethany. She has a gorgeous style but still dresses very modestly.

Anonymous 11241

OT but I used to follow her on instagram as I liked her looks and the type of clothes she has. But when I watched her on yt she seemed to be trying so hard to be an influencer that it turned me off her completely.

Anonymous 11242

Same. Also, I feel like her styling tips are meh and the main thing that makes her look aesthetic is the fact that she dresses in monochrome and sticks to neutrals which suit every skin tone.
Color theory goes a long way. Doing those two things will make almost any outfit look good without much effort.

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