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shopping and fast fashion Anonymous 10453

I want clothes, but I can't spend a lot on them. Have any of y'all bought from AliExpress? I'm being careful to read reviews and pay attention to sellers' histories. Is it worth? Do you have a noteworthy (or not) experience with the site? Where else can I look (beyond goodwill)?

Anonymous 10454

Depop has been wonderful for me. Ebay and Poshmark are also worth checking out.
I buy most of my clothes secondhand these days.

Anonymous 10455

Check out Shein.

Anonymous 10456

AliExpress can be alright but it takes months to arrive.

Anonymous 10457

Don’t buy from Shien. I bought a lace dress listed as 100% cotton. When it came it was polyester. Had to pay the return to China (and they made me mark the value lower or wouldn’t refund me). Adding up the two postage costs, I got a fraction of my money back.

Anonymous 10458

Seconding Ebay, it saves me so much money on clothes

Anonymous 10459

OP may I please shill my stupid AliExpress thread in here:

I order from there semi-regularly (once every couple of months) and it's pretty good for small stuff that you don't expect to be high quality. Great for tights, accessories, stuff like that. You can also filter your search results for shop location and pick a country that's closer to you, you'll have a smaller selection but it'll come quicker.

Anonymous 10463

I use Vinted for a lot of my wardrobe. Any issues I've had have always been sorted out quickly.

Anonymous 10464

>I want to consume, but I cannot afford to support ethical business. What do y'all think about modern slavery?

OP, either /thrift/, or admit to yourself that you don't care about the suffering of those who make your selfish lifestyle possible and ball out.

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