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Anonymous 10494

What kind of girl are you?

Anonymous 10497


usually NLOGs ("not like the other girls" girls, a type of pickme) do that because they want approval from the boyim, basically falling for the "cool girlfriend" meme.
the ones that don't wear makeup "because they dun wanna be a scam fur mhen" are utterly retarded, that way they don't get both moids (who choose girlfriends based on their attractiveness and makeup can enhance it by a lot) AND female friendships (from putting other women down).

>>10496 it serves as both a huge ass content farm (notice how the same clips repeat pretty often in their videos) and propaganda

Anonymous 10498

Hot take: women who follow patriarchal standards of femininity and wear makeup are the real pick mes.

Anonymous 10499

true but the women who don't wear makeup not because they're based but because they want to put other women down are also pickmes. can't win as a woman.

Anonymous 10500

The thumbnail just suggests that she gets cold easily. I, too, am a member of low blood pressure gang
I think it depends on reasoning.
If you're doing something for men, it's pickme shit. Since men give mixed signals about what they want the action itself doesn't really matter.
If we stopped all activities affiliated with NLOG shit we're now forbidden from eating both pizza and salads as well.

Just disregard moid opinions and do what you want.

Anonymous 10502

I watched the vid and I'm not sure why people in this thread are saying it's spreading NLOG shit or why they're talking about makeup…Literally both "types" of girls are wearing makeup in the vid and it says to like yourself whichever type you are? That said, I think the video is dumb, confusing, and full of false dichotomies. I eat pizza sometimes and salads during other times, who would've thought that's possible amiright?

Anonymous 10503

We have a word for them: tradthots

Living for male approval makes you a pickme, whether it’s in a trad or NLOG sort of way. It’s not a look, it’s an intention.

Anonymous 10505

most men prefer "natural beauties" and cry about being deceived by women having gold eyelids kek. if anything wearing makeup is based because men hate it.

Anonymous 10524

not all of this infighting…who cares if you wear makeup or not, are traditional or not, dress modestly or not. a pickme is a pickme because of the intentions behind their behavior and influence of the male gaze, not the superficial actions.

Anonymous 10560

i fucking knew it

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