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Anonymous 10551

Anyone else here who just knows they have some illness just because they want the suffering that is existence to not be as bad as it appears? I know im not supposed to feel and look as awful as i do. Its mainly just extreme fatigue and depression and looking way too old for my age. Right now im considering its pcos, which is actually probable. Im gonna go on a keto diet now but not immediately because i have bananas i must eat why the fuck have i bought bananas goddamnit. Please god someone tell me its all treatable

Anonymous 10552

Please don't go on keto,anon, it's been scientifically proven to be bs and increase your body fat. And I've encountered people who end up hospitalized because of low blood glucose and other problems after following keto. Not all carbs are bad, just stick to the ones that have more fiber like whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Also keep a food diary or follow an elimination diet if you suspect a particular food intolerance. Definitely see a doctor about your issues, get checked for pcos if you have other symptoms of that. Also check your iron or hemoglobin if you have fatigue and depression symptoms, since those are commonly low in women but a ton of moid doctors don't bother checking it sadly. Best wishes anon! Hope things get better!

Anonymous 10553

samefag but forgot to mention, try supplementing with vitamin d as well! Unless you take a multivitamin that has that already. It's another common deficiency that can cause depression, and it's safe to take even if you haven't gotten your levels tested.

Anonymous 10554

Thank you for replying to my thread despite it being quite retarded. Yeah, maybe i wont go for a full keto diet before doing some more research, but a low carb one is atleast recommended for pcos. It just would be nice if there was one simple cure for everything instead of the combination of supplements, an overly complex diet, meds and exercise. :/

Anonymous 10571

if you really think it's PCOS, look into inositol. pretty harmless food supplement that can significantly improve symptoms.

Anonymous 10573

>keto increases body fat
Why do you talk so much shit I lost half my body weight from keto and fasting and no I did not put it back on.

Anonymous 10575

weight does not equal fat but ok anon
According to this:
keto resulted in increased protein loss, and loss of other non-fat weight.
Losing muscle isn't healthy anon. Not all weight loss is good for you.
Also I noticed you said "keto and fasting", not just keto. If you did lose fat, don't you think it might have been the fasting? Cuz when you fast, you don't consume fat, like you do when eating keto. Who knows, you might have lost more fat and less muscle if you alternated between fasting and a normal healthy diet rather than alternating between fasting and keto.
Not trying to talk shit, btw, just trying to keep people from following fad diets that are probably unhealthy according to the evidence we currently have.

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