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loungewear thread Anonymous 10580

What do you femanons wear at home? Any tips on feeling cute and comfy? A lot of loungewear I see is hideous unless you're a stacy who looks fab in anything.

Anonymous 10581

Same stuff I wear outside.

Anonymous 10582

t-shirt + shorts
dressing up indoors just makes me depressed so i keep it simple

Anonymous 10583

a vastly oversized comfort t-shirt (even though i also wear it in public most of the time) and knee high socks bc floor dirty

Anonymous 10584

It’s too cold where I live to wear all the cute Stacy loungewear I always see advertised. I have to wear sweatpants and hoodies minimum. Feels like I’ve given up on life

Anonymous 10589

I like wearing granny nighties.

Anonymous 10591

Nightdress & dressing gown

Anonymous 10612

I just wear a tshirt & undies and if I need to leave my room I put on shorts.

Anonymous 10624

I wear a regular shirt and male shorts[they feel very comfortable ngl]

Anonymous 10639

terrycloth PJs are GOAT

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