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Anonymous 10809

Do facial exercises actually work as an anti aging measure? What else can you do besides care for your skin and not eat garbage

Anonymous 10810

Have good genetics.

Anonymous 10811

There's nothing wrong with aging. We live in a youth-obsessed culture and it really is a shame, because aging is both natural and inevitable.

Anonymous 10812

>natural and inevitable
Neither of those make it necessarily a good thing

Anonymous 10813

Anonymous 10814

Wow, so it isn't bullshit? I'm gonna do it now, thx for the journal

Anonymous 10815

>16 patients with 11 dropouts
>No control group
>Patients were not blinded

This study is entirely worthless, don't get your hopes up >>10814

Anonymous 10816


And I forgot to mention : If you look at the bottom of the paper in the conflicts of interest session, it mentions that one of the people involved in the design of the study (which is already garbage by itself) is the founder of the facial exercise regimen given to the subjects.

You can now safely throw this study in an active volcano.

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