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Anonymous 10907

What is your idea of female physical beauty?

Anonymous 10908


I don't even know anymore, but I'm tired of those boring anglo faces on ad posters everywhere.

Anonymous 10909

That slim-thick body type that only instagram models and really short girls ever have. Like a flat tummy, round bottom, pert breasts, etc. Not so crazy that it looks fake or ridiculous (see fashion nova instagram), but an hourglass that's bigger on the bottom.

As far as facial features go: dark hair and blue-green eyes are my bias for men and women, but I can respect that pretty comes in different shades. I think of it as different recolors of the same object.

Anonymous 10910

pale. when i was rly young i would stay indoors on purpose so my skin would be nice and white. sunscreen isn’t good enough

Anonymous 10911

I wish I knew good skincare.

Anonymous 10912

It's better for you anyway, just make sure you get enough vit D. I'd actually like a tan, but I wear sunscreen every day to prevent wrinkles and stuff.

Anonymous 10913

Thin, having some grace, and some chops with makeup and/or skincare. I can't really get into bigger girls :( just not my pref though I see the beauty and appeal.

A nice routine is easy to start! It takes some trial and error to flesh out what works for you but you could try the basics of mine? Rose water toner, snail mucin essence, and any fragrance-free moisturizer.

Anonymous 10914

>an hourglass that's bigger on the bottom.
I agree. A modest, or even small chest, with round hips and muscular legs looks quite nice. Never thought large breasts looked good, since they take focus away from the lower body.

Anonymous 10915

>an hourglass that's bigger on the bottom.

So a pear then?

Anonymous 10916


Dunno. I like pouty lipped girls that have some weird spark to them. Maybe sad or wild eyes. Marion Davies is very pretty, impossibly pretty.

As long as a girl is clean shaven, about 115lbs, has nice teeth, and laughs a lot then she's really just a 10/10.

Anonymous 10917

It's you OP!

Anonymous 10918


pale skin, blonde hair, light blue eyes, petite, aka basically fauxre

Anonymous 10919


My personal idea of female physical beauty would be:
>dark eyes
>dark hair
>face leans towards cute

But when it comes to other girls, I've found many attractive who didn't meet all the criteria on my list.

Anonymous 10920

Roony Mara

Anonymous 10921


>Fully cyborg (no disgusting biology)

Anonymous 10922

this sounds like something a man would say

Anonymous 10923

Was about to say, lmao.

Anonymous 10924

Aren't you the same person from the /vent/ thread? Why do you hold such a grudge against "anglos"? Lmfao.

Anonymous 10925


Anonymous 10926

Basically the opposite of me.
Big eyes, pouty lips, delicate jaw, maintained hair, clear skin (everywhere), proportionate, good posture, nice teeth.

Anonymous 10927

>only[…]really short girls have
This is true, I have a heavier bottom half and when I lost weight I thought I'd look like those shorter girls. But I somehow just became a long pear…a butternut squash? Yes. Just sorta lanky, which is fine.

But curvy short women are adorable and my type.

Anonymous 10928

i like doll-like features and i tend to shop myself with snow filters cause i like the way big eyes + heart shaped face + porcelain skin looks. some people take it too far tho and end up looking alien like lmao

Anonymous 10929


Stop being so hard on yourselves

Anonymous 10930

short, very thin, really pale and delicate. kind of sickly looking. long dark hair. just generally doll-like. i guess my ideas of beauty are heavily influenced by my ed though.

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