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Anonymous 10931

what do you have to wear to job interviews? I don't have any good clothes and I am unemployed due to coronavirus and I'm not sure if i want to do backroom casting couch yet

Anonymous 10933

everywhere that might take me


Anonymous 10936

A suit if you have one. If you don’t have a suit, I’d at least wear a three piece set (dress shirt, blazer or cardigan, dress pants or skirt). It’s super dependent on the kind of job you’re going for tho — a paralegal at a conservative law firm wears something very different than an instructional aide at an elementary school and both wear something different than a cashier at Dunkin Donuts. Just put your best foot forward and “dress for the job you want” as cliche as it sounds.

Anonymous 11340

A simple little black dress, black blazer, booties. I think a modest lbd is good for most places and you can dress it up or down and accessorize for the place you want to work. Try to find one from a thrift store maybe?

Anonymous 11348

A full proper business suit sans tie.

Anonymous 16022

I'm not sure depending on the job but a nice fitted shirt and formal pants or a knee length formal skirt should be enough, no ?

Anonymous 16023

And neutral colors

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