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Anonymous 10974

>have hairy arms
>someone says i have man arms
>get self conscious
>decide to shave arms
>arms now covered in ingrown hairs and blemishes
this is actually hell
why does everywhere i shave get fucked up
ive tried everything

Anonymous 10982

Do you shave against the hair growth or with? I shave my arms too. I always shave with the hair growth. Keeps me from getting ingrown hairs. Hope that helps

Anonymous 10984

with. i exfoliate too.

Anonymous 10990



Anonymous 10993

Hmm. Try a safety razor. They cause less irritation and ingrown hairs.
Also, I’d try some of these:
Hope this helps anon.

Anonymous 10994

Also, I have a safety razor and it’s amazing. You can find some pretty cheap. The blades are dirt cheap too.
This one is like $19

Anonymous 10995

certain shaving creams can clog your pores or irritate your skin and result in ingrown hairs. Try shaving with just water or with acne body wash instead.

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