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ADD + Adderall Anonymous 11033

Hello fellow Miners.
For a litany of reasons, I believe I had ADD.
How do I go about securing a (medicated) diagnosis?
Any advice? What I should avoid saying? etc.

Anonymous 11035

why do you want diet meth so bad?

Anonymous 11036

Not OP and I don't take Adderall but I've often though about faking ADHD/ADD to get some. It seems very useful. Makes you a lot more productive and focused and energetic.

Anonymous 11037

If you want the psychiatric paper that says you have ADD, you'll take an attention test(like T.O.V.A.), just fail it (but believably) and you'll be fine. Vaguely reference getting ADD medication as a child, but you don't remember the name, you believe it was adderall or something or other.

If you want you can try and talk to a general practitioner, bemoan the fact that you're suffering from ADHD symptoms, and you have vague memories of medication as a child. That could also work, though some doctors will require you to see a psychiatrist anyway before they give you the pills.

All this and only at the cost of heart damage over time, and possibly nutrition issues if you forget to eat like an idiot and weaken your bones.

Anonymous 11039

If I have obvious symptoms (much of my family has it, typical cant pay attention to anything even things i enjoy, this has been since childhood, impatience, daydreaming problems to the extent it affects my daily function, etc) do I need to suggest I was at one point medicated? I dislike the idea of lying about something my parents could so easily disprove.

Anonymous 11040

im at a point where i struggle to do /anything/ at all, especially anything that takes any degree of actual effort. It's past the point of laziness and to the point of affecting my basic day-to-day.
(also i forgot to add but my main fear is that a doctor wont believe me or believe im struggling as bad as i am)

Anonymous 11041

>obvious symptoms
Obvious symptoms mean jackshit as they can only be observed under psychiatric examination. If you do not have a childhood diagnosis and want to be 100% honest, you are almost certainly going to be asked to get professionally evluated because most doctors don't like prescribing pills that slowly kill you.

Even putting that to aside, if you're self-diagnosed, then I heavily recommend getting professionally diagnosed so you get the piece of paper that tells any doctors you visit over your life your need for the medication. Without it, each new doctor will have their own misgivings giving someone they don't know adderall.

Anonymous 11043

I had a childhood diagnoses.
But you need to just talk to the doctor.
You can be put on medication but without motivation, you’ll still stare at the computer all day. Trust me, I know

Anonymous 11044

I'm at this point too but I'm not sure if it's ADHD or just depression and anxiety.

Anonymous 11047


im talking with my doctor april 28 (long wait, huh). from there i plan on going to a psychiatrist and hopefully getting 1. diagnoses and 2. prescribed pills from her.

worth a shot to get medicated. i just need to make sure i get medicated.

hence the psychiatry visit. maybe you should get checked out too nonny… maybe we are both like this :/ i will report back if i get any diagnosis

Anonymous 11048

Anonymous 11050

I was 'diagnosed' by an adhd coworker/mentor and I just ignored it for a while but I saw an add on Instagram for 'adhd done' and I was like 'fuck it' and signed up. quick and easy, got a virtual appointment. They weren't like suspicious that I was lying, just wanted to make the right diagnoses for the issues I described.

Anonymous 11052

so you got medicated?

Anonymous 11053

You got a prescription adderall over an online appointment? Of the few times I've interacted with digital doctors they outright refused to prescribe anything that is considered Schedule 1. How the fuck did you trick an online doctor into getting you adderall?

Anonymous 11057

yeah I just made an appointment and then listed the reasons I thought I had add. I am only on 5 mg of adderall daily tho, maybe because it's such a low dose? It still seems to help.

Anonymous 11070


Anonymous 11071

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