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body hair Anonymous 11087

why THE FUCK am i so fucking hairy dude??? i feel like a man every time i shower or even show my arms in short sleeve shirts. my body hair is dark and it's fucking everywhere, even on my thighs. what the fuck is up with this???

can it be some sort of disease? i cannot fathom how a normal woman can be as hairy as me

Anonymous 11088

>Women also have bodyhair.

Shocking revelations. I know you might think you are hairy like a fat trucker in his 40's but only because you use hairless media women as reference.
In reality a lot of women even have rudimentary facial hair, it just never leaves the vellus hair state. Hairs on your arms are also absolutely normal if you aren't indigene or hyper blonde.
Even hair on the belly down the road is usual. It's just that no one talks about this because for some reason body hair is evil.

Anonymous 11089

Wax your body innit

Anonymous 11117

Your body hair is normal and based.

Anonymous 11121

welcome to my world, who wants leg pics?

Anonymous 11122

wax, laser, whatever. It's genetics. Maybe you are Armenian, your ancestors must be Armenian.

Anonymous 11126

Someone told me the more body hair you have, the higher your sex drive.

Is this accurate in everyone's experience?

Anonymous 11127


>She doesn't love her based natural state capable of striking fear into the very core of moid society by merely existing
Radgang rise up
Of course you can wear long bottoms/skirts/socks when you get self-conscious, but strive towards self-acceptance anyway nonny. The only hair removal I do anymore is plucking stray eyebrow hair.

Anonymous 11128

I don't shave anything because it's more comfortable, but I think my leg hair is ugly as fuck and I always keep my legs covered with pants, tights or leggings unless it's really hot out

Anonymous 11134

i know that feel anon, i just shave every so often with an electric razor
anything sharper and i get covered in ingrown hairs

Anonymous 11135

i feel like that could be related to hormone levels
its accurate to me but thats probably bc im a kissless virgin

Anonymous 11150

uh…by higher you mean easily aroused and in-tuned with your sexuality? Then yes I can confirm that.

Anonymous 11151

Why are you not embracing your natural eyebrows? Surely you're not kowtowing to societies views on what eyebrows should look like right?

Anonymous 11252


I see your point. I do pluck the about 10 stray hairs 1cm away from my brow line and occasionally brush up and trim them with scissors to make them less scruffy looking. But something like 2 weeks pass between pluckings and 1 year for the trim (because I forget it's even possible every time). Which gives people plenty of time to look at them when talking to me, but now I feel like I'm trying to justify giving in to beauty standards. I still have my little stache and dark vellus hair above my brows + near my jaw that I've never touched in my life though. I trim long armpit hair with scissors so deodorant works, not smelling is basic hygiene so I don't feel bad about that.

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