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anemia Anonymous 11133

anyone else have this? i get it even when i'm not on my period, i cant even work some days because i'm too dizzy
i try to get enough iron but the supplements really fuck with my digestion

Anonymous 11139

Yes. I suspect I have a genetic iron absorption problem.
It sucks ass, I keep taking the pills every other day though, despite the stomach aches and shit, because the alternative is much worse. The brain fog and fatigue is so bad I can't function.
By the way, if you're currently anemic and not just trying to prevent anemia from returning like I am currently, you need to take the pills daily for a few months before you fully get better. For me it took 6+ months to see results. So don't think it's not working and stop taking them just because it's been a while and you still have symptoms.
Take them with orange juice, if you don't already. It helps.

Anonymous 11142

I have a genetic hemoglobin deficiency. My period started yesterday and I passed out for 8 hrs midday then went back to sleep for another 9.

Anonymous 11147

damn son, that fucking sucks
i had to take the day off yesterday bc i was so faint that i couldnt read or write

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