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Living to 100 Anonymous 11143

Does anyone really want to reach 100 years?

What do you do to improve your chances?

I feel that living a long life is the closest thing we have to time travel right now. I’m so curious about the future. Right now I try and keep a healthy diet and avoid things you can die from, even if the risk of death is really small.

Anonymous 11144

no, everyone i love would be either very old or dead themselves. plus i wouldnt have the strength to do anything on my own. someone would have to wipe my butt

Anonymous 11148

i guess everyone travels through time, just only forwards lol

Anonymous 11153

I'm already a weakling with no friends, things can only get better imo

Anonymous 11217

No, not really. It seems like a pain in the ass not being able to do anything for yourself.

Anonymous 11218

Most people who live that long are still in pretty good shape even at 100. The people who become basically crippled by old age don't make it that long.

Anonymous 11231

Heart attacks for men and women are different. Women usually feel tired and weird for a few weeks before. It's not sudden and unexpected like with men.

Anonymous 11238

I do! My goal is to live to see the year 2100. I have good genes for longevity on my mom's side, so I hope that a healthy lifestyle will keep me going for a long time.

>>11218 is right ime. But if I got to the point where I had to live in a nursing home I would probably kms.

Anonymous 11248

I suppose so. I just worry that I'll be one of those elderly people that needs to rely on a caretaker just to perform basic functions. I'd like to be able to read a book and not have my hands be in extreme pain that I can't turn the page.

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